Black Is the Night: The Definitive Anthology

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Black Is the Night: The Definitive Anthology
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Released1 November 2019 (2019-11-01)
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Black Is the Night: The Definitive Anthology
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Black Is the Night: The Definitive Anthology is a 2-CD, career-spanning compilation album by the British rock band the Damned, [4] released on 1 November 2019. [3] [5] It collects tracks from most of the band's studio albums between 1977 and 2018, as well as selected non-album singles and B-sides. It also includes the new track "Black Is the Night". Of the band's eleven studio albums to date, Not of This Earth (1995) and So, Who's Paranoid? (2008) are not represented on the anthology. [6] All tracks were chosen by the band themselves, [7] [8] and sequenced thematically instead of chronologically. [3]



AllMusic felt that "the track listing does make sense of the often elusive through line of the Damned's history, as Dave Vanian's showman's vocals, Captain Sensible's clever melodies, and their smarter-than-you-think wit unites the music as they travel from punk to garage rock to hard rock to pop to goth to a few pit stops in between." AllMusic noted that the inclusion of some of the band's more recent material "shows they're still in touch with their various muses, and for all their sonic shape-shifting, this is a far more consistent listening experience than one would expect." [3]

With no tracks represented from Not Of This Earth and So, Who's Paranoid?, the Big Takeover wrote that the anthology was "not fully representative" and "omissions from these albums is questionable." [7]

Track listing

Disc one
No.TitleWriter(s)Place of OriginLength
1."Love Song" Rat Scabies, Captain Sensible, Dave Vanian, Algy Ward Machine Gun Etiquette , 19792:21
2."Wait for the Blackout"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, Paul Gray, Billy Karloff The Black Album , 19803:51
3."Generals"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, Gray Strawberries , 19823:23
4."I Just Can't Be Happy Today"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, Ward, Giovanni Dadomo Machine Gun Etiquette3:43
5."Bad Time for Bonzo"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, GrayStrawberries3:48
6."Democracy?"Sensible Grave Disorder , 20013:21
7."White Rabbit" Grace Slick Non-album single, 19803:17
8."Anti-Pope"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, Ward, Phillip BurnsMachine Gun Etiquette3:21
9."Ignite"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, GrayStrawberries4:52
10."Melody Lee"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, WardMachine Gun Etiquette2:07
11."Smash It Up Pt 1 & 2"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, WardMachine Gun Etiquette5:13
12."New Rose" Brian James Damned Damned Damned , 19772:42
13."Neat Neat Neat"JamesDamned Damned Damned2:40
14."Stretcher Case Baby"James, ScabiesNon-album single, 19772:12
15."Sick of Being Sick"JamesB-side to "Stretcher Case Baby", 19772:29
16."Born to Kill"JamesDamned Damned Damned2:35
17."Rabid (Over You)"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, Andy Le VienB-side to "White Rabbit", 19803:41
18."Problem Child"James, Scabies Music for Pleasure , 19772:12
19."1 of the 2"JamesDamned Damned Damned3:06
20."So Messed Up"JamesDamned Damned Damned1:50
21."Machine Gun Etiquette"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, WardMachine Gun Etiquette1:48
22."Disco Man"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, Gray Friday 13th EP, 19813:19
23."Fan Club"JamesDamned Damned Damned2:55
24."Suicide"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, WardB-side to "Love Song", 19793:16
Total length:1:14:16
Disc two
No.TitleWriter(s)Place of OriginLength
1."Eloise" Paul Ryan Non-album single, 19865:08
2."Plan 9 Channel 7"Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, WardMachine Gun Etiquette5:08
3."Grimly Fiendish"Vanian, Scabies, Roman Jugg, Bryn Merrick, Clive Jackson Phantasmagoria , 19853:49
4."The Shadow of Love" (10 Inches of Hell Mix)Vanian, Scabies, Jugg, MerrickPhantasmagoria6:33
5."Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"Scabies, Sensible, Gray, Vanian, DadomoThe Black Album4:32
6."Street of Dreams"Vanian, Scabies, Jugg, MerrickPhantasmagoria5:36
7."The History of the World (Part 1)"Scabies, Sensible, Gray, VanianThe Black Album3:49
8."Curtain Call"Scabies, Sensible, Gray, VanianThe Black Album17:10
9."Alone Again Or" Bryan MacLean Anything , 19863:28
10."Lively Arts"Scabies, Sensible, Gray, VanianThe Black Album2:55
11."Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow"Vanian Evil Spirits , 20184:14
12."Stranger on the Town"Scabies, Sensible, Gray, VanianStrawberries5:13
13."Fun Factory"SensibleNon-album single, 1991; recorded 19824:21
14."Under the Floor Again"Scabies, Sensible, Gray, VanianStrawberries5:21
15."Black Is the Night"VanianNew track4:09
Total length:1:21:37


Credits adapted from the liner notes of the original albums and singles, except where noted. [9]

The Damned
Additional musicians


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UK Albums (OCC) [12] 63

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