Loft (2008 film)

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Loft 675.jpg
Shooting of the film Loft in the casino of Ostend
Directed by Erik Van Looy
Written by Bart De Pauw
Produced byHilde De Laere
CinematographyDanny Elsen
Edited byPhilippe Ravoet
Music byWolfram de Marco
Distributed byIndependent Films
Release date
  • 22 October 2008 (2008-10-22)(Belgium)
Running time
118 minutes
Budget 3.2 million

Loft is a 2008 Belgian erotic mystery film directed by Erik Van Looy and written by Bart De Pauw, starring an ensemble cast of notable Flemish actors.



Five married men share ownership of an upmarket loft, which they use to discreetly meet their respective mistresses. When the body of a murdered woman is found in that loft, the men begin to suspect each other of having committed the gruesome crime, as they are the only ones with keys to the premises. Through flashbacks, which are intertwined by scenes from the present, the story is unravelled.



Portions of the movie were shot in Ostend in January 2008. The building where the loft is situated is in Antwerp, next to the river Scheldt. A teaser trailer was released in May.


By 19 February 2009, Loft was the most successful Flemish film ever at the box office with at the time 1,082,480 visitors, passing the previous record holder, Stijn Coninx' Koko Flanel . [1]


In 2010, a Dutch remake was made and released - directed by Antoinette Beumer, which was also named Loft.

In 2011, Van Looy himself began production on an American remake. The Loft was completed in 2014 and stars Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet and Schoenaerts exceptionally reprising his role from the original film. The Loft was released theatrically on 30 January 2015.

In 2021, Netflix India announced an untitled hindi remake of Loft directed by the director-duo Abbas Mustan, starring Sharman Joshi, Arjun Rampal and Bobby Deol. The film was later titled Penthouse and released in 2022.

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