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Mr. Sketch
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Product type Marker pens
Owner Newell Brands
Country United States
Introduced1965;58 years ago (1965)
Previous owners Sanford

Mr. Sketch is a brand of scented markers, currently owned by Newell Brands. Its markers are sold in packages of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 18 and 22 units. Mr. Sketch markers come in both chisel and fine point. The markers have large strokes and can be used for posters and group work. Mr. Sketch markers have many different colors to choose from.


Mr. Sketch markers were originally introduced by the Sanford Manufacturing Co. in 1965, [1] and have been popular with small children. [2]

Colors and fragrances

4 set


12 set (*additional colors)

Dark Green*Apple 
Turquoise*Fruit Punch 

18 set (*additional colors)

Light Yellow*Banana 
Mint Green*Tropical Punch 
Dark GreenApple 
Light Blue*Blue Raspberry Slushy 
Lavender*Cotton Candy 
PinkBubble Gum 

6 set (Ice Cream)

PinkBubble Gum 
Brown cinnamon  

6 set (movie night; *additional colors)

OrangeNacho Cheese 
YellowButtery Popcorn 
BlueBlue Raspberry Slushy 
MagentaHard Candy 
Light BrownRoot Beer 
Dark Brown*Chocolate Mint 

6 set (intergalactic; *additional neon colors)

Neon Orange*Smokey Cinnamon Rocket Fuel 
Neon Yellow*British peoples teeth 
Neon Green*Rotten Melon Alien Ooze 
Neon Blue*Galactic Fruit Punch 
Neon Purple*Black Raspberry Moon Rocks 
Neon Pink*Cosmic Pink Lemonade 

6 set (holiday)

RedCandy Cane 
Light YellowSanta's Cookie 
GreenChristmas Tree 
MagentaSugar Plum 


On the 18 pack of Mr. Sketch crayons, there are 2 flavors (with additional colors that haven't been remained on the markers):

BlackBlack Raspberry 
WhiteWhite Vanilla Icing 

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