Sistema Plastics

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Sistema Plastics
Type Subsidiary
Industry Food
Founded1987;35 years ago (1987)
FounderBrendan Lindsay
FateAcquired by Newell Brands
Products Plastic food containers
Parent Newell Brands

Sistema Plastics is a New Zealand company which manufactures food storage containers. It is based in Auckland and owned by Newell Brands. [1] [2] [3]



Brendan Lindsay founded Sistema Plastics from his home in Cambridge, New Zealand in 1987. The company name Sistema comes from the Italian word for systems. [4] The company is focused on BPA-free plastic kitchen storage containers under the brand names KLIP IT and Klipo.

Newell Brands bought the company in 2017 for NZ$660 million (US$470 million). [5]


In 2018, Sistema was named Plastics Training Company of the Year by the New Zealand Plastics Industry. [6] In 2019, Sistema won the Technology Innovator award in the Epicor Customer Excellence Global Awards programme, for its use of automated processes. [7]

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