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Astro Mustika HD
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Country Malaysia
Broadcast area Malaysia
Network Astro
Picture format 16:9 HDTV (1080i)
Owner Astro
Sister channels Astro Ria
Astro Prima
Astro Oasis
Astro Citra
Astro Warna
Astro Maya HD
Astro Awani
Astro Bella
Astro Ceria
Launched21 May 2012
ReplacedAstro @15 (CH109)
Closed1 October 2018
Replaced by Astro Citra HD

Astro Mustika HD was a television channel by the Malaysian satellite provider Astro. It was the first in-house channel by Astro for telenovelas, movies, specials, telemovie & reality in High Definition in Malaysia. Astro Mustika HD was included in the network's Mustika Pack.


When it launched on 21 May 2012 [ when? ], it broadcast original programs and contents from almost all of Astro's Malay channels, but programs from channels such as Astro Ria, Astro Prima and most other channels were moved to Astro Maya HD when it launched on 24 June 2013. Despite this, some programs such as The Band were broadcast on this channel, although they were also shown on Astro Ria for the SD version. Astro Ria would start broadcasting their own HD channel on 29 May 2015. Since then, most of their content broadcast were simulcast with other channels within the Mustika package. The content of Astro Warna were moved to its own HD channel when it began broadcasting on 11 May 2017, [1] including their older programs. They continued to broadcast content from Astro Bella until the last programs simulcast with this channel during April–May 2018, leaving the channel to focus on Astro Citra. Starting 1 October 2018, this channel changed its name to Astro Citra HD and moved to channel 126 instead.

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