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Location in Burma
Coordinates: 24°24′N95°33′E / 24.400°N 95.550°E / 24.400; 95.550 Coordinates: 24°24′N95°33′E / 24.400°N 95.550°E / 24.400; 95.550
Country Flag of Myanmar.svg  Burma
Region Sagaing Region
District Katha District
Township Banmauk Township
Time zone UTC+6.30 (MST)

Naunglon is a village in Banmauk Township, Katha District, in the Sagaing Region of northern-central Myanmar about 230 mi (or 369 km) south-east of Nay Pyi Taw, the country's capital, 38 mile from Bamauk and 35 miles from Pinlebu. It has 140 households and one Buddhist monastery, one primary school, and one pre-school. It is a middle sized village in that region. The village economy is mainly farming, digging for gold, and forests (timber, bamboo). Houses are built with timber and bamboo. The villagers are Buddhist and speak Shan (Shan Ni which derives from Tibet) and Kadu. The level of economic development, education and health care of the village is below the average.

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Nansang is a town in Loilen District of Shan State in eastern Burma. It is the seat of Nansang Township. It is the biggest city of the middle eastern of the Shan State in Myanmar. It is 72 miles away from Taunggyi. A pagoda lies in the southern part of the town. It is also known as Taung Paw Pagoda.

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Sidoktaya, also Sitoktaya or Setoketaya is a town and seat of Sidoktaya Township in Minbu District of Magway Division, situated in middle west region of Burma. It is bordered with Salin township to the east, with Pwintbyu township to the south-east, with Ngape township to the south, with Minbya township to the west, with Kanpelek township to the north-west and with Saw township to the north. It is a hilly region of Rakhine. Mount Sun Taung, the highest mountain in Rakhine, 6,527 feet (1,989 m) high, is in Sidoktaya township.

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The Wa States was the name formerly given to the Wa Land, the natural and historical region inhabited mainly by the Wa people, an ethnic group speaking an Austroasiatic language. The region is located to the northeast of the Shan States of British Burma, in the area of present-day Shan State of northern Burma (Myanmar) and the western zone of Pu'er Prefecture, Yunnan, China.


Phongyibyan is a Burmese language term for the ceremonial cremation of high-ranking Buddhist monks, in particular monks from Myanmar's largest Buddhist order, the Thudhamma Nikaya. Controversy has surrounded the expenses involved in financing such expensive ceremonies.