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Northern California Football Union
AbbreviationNorthern California GU
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California; Nevada, United States of America

The Northern California Rugby Football Union (NCRFU) is the Geographical Union (GU) for Adult rugby union teams in Northern California, as well as northern Nevada. [1] The NCRFU is part of USA Rugby.

The NCRFU is traditionally one of the strongest unions in American rugby. Cal Men's Rugby has won over twenty Collegiate Division I national championships, and NCRFU member clubs Stanford Women's Rugby, the Hayward Griffins, the Berkeley All Blues, the Reno Zephyrs, Mission RFC, UCSC Women's Rugby, and the now defunct Old Blue RFC have all won national championships in their respective divisions. SFGG RFC is a perennial Rugby Super League playoff team, winning the national championship in 2009. [2] The NCRFU also administers a large high school rugby division, from which Jesuit High School has won four national championships.

NCRFU select players are eligible to be selected for "Grizzly" Select Sides.

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