Orion (Mika Nakashima song)

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Single by Mika Nakashima
from the album Voice
A-side "Orion"
B-side "Focus"
ReleasedNovember 12, 2008
Genre J-pop, Adult contemporary music, Rock music
Label Sony
Mika Nakashima singles chronology
"I Don't Know"
"Over Load"

"Orion" is Mika Nakashima's 27th single, released on November 12, 2008. [1] It was the insert song for the Japanese TBS drama, Ryūsei no Kizuna , in which Mika co-starred. [2] The "B-side" song, "FOCUS", was used for the television commercial of the Canon IXY Digital 920 IS camera. Orion, a lite rock-influenced ballad, has sold over 1.300.000 digital downloads.


The single is certified Gold [3] by RIAJ for shipment for 100,000 copies and Million for digital downloads. [4]

Track listing

1."Orion"Rui MomotaRui MomotaRui Momota 
2."Focus"Mika NakashimaAkihisa MatsuuraYoshito Tanaka 
3."Orion" (Instrumental)Rui MomotaRui MomotaRui Momota 
4."Focus" (Instrumental)Mika NakashimaAkihisa MatsuuraYoshito Tanaka 


Oricon sales chart (Japan)

ReleaseChartPeak positionSales total
12 November 2008Oricon Daily Singles Chart3
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart663,218
Oricon Monthly Singles Chart20
Oricon Yearly Singles Chart142

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