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Album cover
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 30, 2013 (2013-01-30)
Genre J-pop
Label Sony Music Associated
Mika Nakashima chronology
Zutto Suki Datta ~All My Covers~
Singles from Real
  1. "Dear"
    Released: April 27, 2011
  2. "Love is Ecstasy"
    Released: September 14, 2011
  3. "Ashita Sekai ga Owaru Nara"
    Released: September 19, 2012
  4. "Hatsukoi"
    Released: November 28, 2012

Real is a studio album by the Japanese singer Mika Nakashima. The album was first released in Japan on January 30, 2013 (for the Valentine's Day season), in Regular and Limited editions. [1]

Mika Nakashima is a Japanese singer and actress. Five of her studio albums, one of her mini-albums and one of her compilation albums have reached number one in Japan's Oricon album chart. She also embarked on an acting career, most notably as Nana Osaki in the live action film adaptations of Nana. She sold 10 million records in Japan.


The non-single track "Kioku" was used as the Casio Sheen commercial song. [2] "Epilogue" was the ending theme song for the TV program GRACE OF JAPAN ~Shizen no Naka no Kami~. [3]

Casio Japanese electronics company

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and commercial electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Its products include calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and analogue and digital watches. It was founded in 1946, and in 1957 introduced the world's first entirely electric compact calculator. It was an early digital camera innovator, and during the 1980s and 1990s, the company developed numerous affordable home electronic keyboards for musicians along with introducing the world's first mass-produced digital watches.

This album debuted at number 1 in the Oricon weekly charts, and marked the first time in 4 years for the singer to top said chart for either a single or album since Voice (released in November 2008); it was also her first chart topping work in Japan after she made a comeback from the 6-month hiatus resulting from her patulous auditory tube disorder.

Oricon Inc., established in 1999, is the holding company at the head of a Japanese corporate group that supplies statistics and information on music and the music industry in Japan. It started as Original Confidence Inc., which was founded by Sōkō Koike in November 1967 and became known for its music charts. Oricon Inc. was originally set up as a subsidiary of Original Confidence and took over the latter’s Oricon record charts in April 2002.

<i>Voice</i> (Mika Nakashima album) 2008 studio album by Mika Nakashima

Voice is the ninth album by Mika Nakashima, released on November 26, 2008. It contains all of her singles from "Life" up to "Orion". The album had two releases: a CD-only and CD+DVD format. The CD+DVD version comes in a deluxe box.

It has also been released in Taiwan and South Korea.

Some presses of the album come with a bookmark denoting the artist and album name on one side, and a picture of a flower with the words "Be Real...Be Mine" on the other side of the bookmark.


Three of the four singles on this album are songs from motion pictures (an uncommon feature among studio albums).

Japanese television drama, also called dorama (ドラマ), are television programs that are a staple of Japanese television and are broadcast daily. All major TV networks in Japan produce a variety of drama series including romance, comedy, detective stories, horror, jidaigeki, thriller, and many others. Single episode, or "tanpatsu" dramas that are usually two hours in length are also broadcast. For special occasions, there may be a one or two-episode drama with a specific theme, such as one produced in 2015 for the 70-year anniversary of the end of World War II.

<i>Unfair 2: The Answer</i> 2011 film by Shimako Satō

Unfair 2: The Answer is a 2011 Japanese action film directed by Shimako Satō. It is a sequel to Unfair: The Movie, and was followed by Unfair: The End in 2015. The three films are based on the Japanese television drama Unfair.

<i>Resident Evil: Retribution</i> 2012 film by Paul W. S. Anderson

Resident Evil: Retribution is a 2012 action horror film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. A direct sequel to Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010), it is the fifth installment in the Resident Evil film series, which is loosely based on the video game series of the same name, and the third to be written and directed by Anderson after the first film and the previous installment.

Track listing

CD [4] [6]
1."Hatsukoi (初恋; First Love)"Takayuki Mitsuhashi6:02
2."Dear"Katsuhiko Sugiyama5:12
3."Ashita Sekai ga Owaru Nara (明日世界が終わるなら; If the World Ends Tomorrow)"Katsuhiko Sugiyama4:29
4."Passion" 3:58
5."You Knocked Me Out" 3:15
6."Love Is Ecstasy"Mika Nakashima, Nickii3:46
7."Be Real" 4:36
8."Super Woman" 3:27
9."Supreme" 3:57
10."Pierce (ピアス)" 4:46
11."Kioku (記憶; Memory)" 5:25
12."Epilogue (エピローグ)" 4:29
13."Letter" 3:35

Oricon sales charts (Japan)

ReleaseChartPeak positionDebut salesSales total
January 30, 2013Oricon Daily Albums Chart1
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart149,09889,295
Oricon Monthly Albums Chart (January 2013)10


Region Certification
Japan Gold [8]

Release History

JapanJanuary 30, 2013CD (AICL-2499), [4] CD+DVD (AICL-2497) [7] Sony Music Associated
TaiwanFebruary 1, 2013CD+DVD (#88765467852) [9] Sony Music Taiwan
South Korea [10] February 5, 2013CD Sony Music Korea

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The discography of Mika Nakashima includes 11 studio albums, 7 compilation albums, 45 singles and 20 video albums. These have all been released through Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

Happy Life single

"Happy Life" is a song recorded by Japanese singers Mika Nakashima and Salyu. It was released as an exclusively digital single by Sony Music Associated Records on May 12, 2017. It was co-written by Takeshi Kobayashi and Yuko Ando and composed, arranged and produced by Kobayashi. The song was subsequently included as a B-side on the single "A or B". "Happy Life" was used in Tokyo Metro's televised commercial campaign Find My Tokyo, starring actress Satomi Ishihara.

<i>Time</i> (Arashi album) 2007 studio album by Arashi

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Eien no Uta 2007 single by Mika Nakashima

"Eien no Uta" is a single by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima. The title track of the single, a reggae-inflected ballad with producer Stephen McGregor, was used as the theme song of the movie Southbound, released in October 2007. The single's other song, a cover of Cole Porter's "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To," was made with jazz band Katteni-Shiyagare and previously included on the Katteni-Shiyagare tribute album, 'Let's Get Lost.'

Southbound is a 2007 Japanese movie directed by Yoshimitsu Morita and starring Toyokawa Etsushi and Yūki Amami. Based on the novel of the same name by Hideo Okuda, it tells the story of a schoolboy whose family moves from Tokyo to Okinawa.

Orion (Mika Nakashima song) song by Mika Nakashima

"Orion" is Mika Nakashima's 27th single, released on November 12, 2008. It was the insert song for the Japanese TBS drama, Ryūsei no Kizuna, in which Mika co-starred. The "B-side" song, "FOCUS", was used for the television commercial of the Canon IXY Digital 920 IS camera. Orion, a lite rock-influenced ballad, has sold over 1.300.000 digital downloads.

Hi no Tori (song) single

"Hi no Tori" *(火の鳥; "Fire Bird", or "Phoenix") is the 12th single by Mika Nakashima, and was used as the ending theme for the NHK anime Hi no Tori. It reached #9 on the Oricon weekly charts and sold roughly 40,000 copies.

Seven (Mika Nakashima song) song by Mika Nakashima

"Seven" is the 11th single by Mika Nakashima. It was used as the Kanebo Kate CM song. It reached #3 on the Oricon charts and charted for seven weeks, selling around 53,000 units.

Yuki no Hana 2003 single by Mika Nakashima

"Yuki no Hana" is the 10th single by Mika Nakashima. It was used as the Meiji boda advertisement song, as well as the Meiji galbo advertisement song. It peaked on the Oricon weekly charts at #3 and sold roughly 248,000 copies. The song "Yuki no Hana" was composed by Ryouki Matsumoto, and the lyric was written by Satomi.

Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon (Kimi wa Muteki) single

"Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon " is a single release by Japanese boy band Arashi. "Ashita no Kioku" was used as the theme song for the drama The Quiz Show 2 starring Arashi member Sho Sakurai, and "Crazy Moon " was used as the theme song for Kose's Esprique Precious cosmetics line commercial. The single was released in three editions: a regular edition containing a bonus track and instrumental versions of all the songs released in the single, and two limited edition both containing a DVD with a music video of one of the A-side tracks.

<i>All the Best! 1999–2009</i> 2009 greatest hits album by Arashi

All the Best! 1999–2009 is the third greatest hits album by Japanese pop boy band Arashi. The album was released on August 19, 2009 in Japan under their record label J Storm in two editions, a limited 3CD version and a regular 2CD version. The album debuted at number-one on the Oricon album weekly chart, selling 753,430 copies. Thirteen days after the release of All the Best! 1999–2009 the album sold over a million copies. As of September 22, 2009, All the Best! 1999–2009 had overtaken Supermarket Fantasy to claim the title of best-selling album of the year in Japan. On December 18, 2009, Oricon officially ranked All the Best! 1999–2009 as the bestselling album in Japan for 2009, with over 1.43 million copies sold.

Monster (Arashi song) Arashi song

"Monster" is a song recorded by Japanese boy band Arashi. It was released on May 19, 2010 by their record label J Storm. "Monster" is currently being used as the theme song to the drama Kaibutsu-kun starring Arashi member Satoshi Ohno. It was released as a CD single in two formats: a regular edition containing two B-sides and the instrumental of all the songs, and a limited edition containing the B-side "Spiral" and a DVD.

Dear (Mika Nakashima song) Mika Nakashima song

"Dear" is the thirty-third single by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima, released on April 27, 2011. It peaked at number 8 in the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, and sold over 25,000 copies. In May 2011, the song was certified Gold by the RIAJ for digital downloads of over 100,000.

Newtral is the fifth studio album by Ikimono-gakari, released in Japan on February 29, 2012. It has reached number one on the Oricon Weekly charts, and became the group's fourth consecutive number-one album.

<i>One Love, One Rhythm – The 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Album</i> 2014 compilation album by Various artists

One Love, One Rhythm – The 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Album is a compilation album that was released on May 8, 2014 by Sony Music Entertainment. It features songs written and selected for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The music for the Drakengard series, known as Drag-On Dragoon in Japan, has been handled by multiple composers since the release of the original game in 2004. Drakengard's composers were Nobuyoshi Sano and Takayuki Aihara, Drakengard 2 was handled by Ryoki Matsumoto and Aoi Yoshiki, and Drakengard 3 was composed for by Keiichi Okabe, the composer for series spin-off Nier. Sano remained as a sound director for the second game, and his music was used as a reference for the third. Multiple albums have been released for the music of the series: Drag-On Dragoon Original Soundtrack Vol.1 and Vol.2 were released on October and November 2004, while a two-disc re-release titled Drag-On Dragoon Original Soundtrack was released in April 2011. The Drag-On Dragoon 2 Original Soundtrack was released on July 20, 2005. A promotional disc with two tracks from the soundtrack was released in the same year. The official soundtrack for the third game, Drag-On Dragoon 3 Original Soundtrack, was released January 21, 2014. A compilation of chiptune remixes of the previous games and Nier, Drag-On Dragoon Chips Music, was released on December 19, 2013 as part of the Drag-On Dragoon 10 Anniversary Box.

Kiss of Death (song) 2018 song performed by Mika Nakashima

"Kiss of Death" is a song recorded by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima, released as a single by Sony Music Associated Records on March 7, 2018. It was written and produced by L'Arc-en-Ciel's Hyde. The song marks the first collaboration between Nakashima and Hyde in thirteen years, since "Glamorous Sky". "Kiss of Death" is the opening theme to the Tokyo MX anime series Darling in the Franxx. The title track was released digitally in advance after premiering on the series' second episode, on January 20, 2018.

A or B single

"A or B" is a song recorded by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima. It was released as a single by Sony Music Associated Records on October 25, 2017. It was written and composed by Jam Note and arranged by Manaboon. The limited edition of the CD single comes with a DVD including the music video for "A or B" and its making-of. "A or B" was used in televised commercials for Kao's liquid fabric softener "Flair Fragrance", starring actress Satomi Ishihara.


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