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ReleasedMarch 14, 2007
Label Sony Music Associated Records
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Yes is the eighth album by Mika Nakashima; it is the fourth album to be released under her own name. It also was the first of her albums to have been released in both a CD only and a CD+DVD Limited Edition format. The album boasts a slower and more gospel-orientated arrangement.


The Limited Edition includes a bonus DVD featuring the videos for 'Cry No More,' 'Black & Blue,' 'All Hands Together,' 'My Sugar Cat,' 'Mienai Hoshi,' 'I Love You,' and a live recording of her cover of Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World.' The album and DVD are housed in a box slipcase with a different cover from the standard release of the album, and included a note with information on pre-ordering tickets to her Japan-wide concert tour, 'Yes My Joy,' before others with purchase of the album.

'Yes' debuted at #2 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart in Japan, but its weekly chart debut was at #3, selling 153,261 copies in its first week. To date it has sold close to 296,000 copies in Japan alone.


"Cry No More" was released on February 22, 2006, and served as the first single from Yes. It replaced Chitose Hajime's "Kataritsugu Koto" as the closing theme for the anime Blood+ . It is a blues-inflected single, and was recorded in the United States.

"All Hands Together" was released on June 7, 2006, and was recorded in Tennessee. It is a gospel and adult contemporary-styled charity single and her tribute to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, with the proceeds of the single going to help the victims of the hurricane. The single went on to sell 35,343 total copies. The reggae-inspired single "My Sugar Cat" was released on July 26 and follows similar styles of Nakashima's previous two singles. The B-side "Koishikute" is a cover of a song by Begin.

Nakashima's 21st single, "Mienai Hoshi", was released on February 21, 2007, and was used as the theme song of the drama Haken no Hinkaku. Its B-side track "I Love You" is a cover of the song by Ozaki Yutaka. "Mienai Hoshi" earned her highest first week sales of any single in two years, and became certified gold for physical shipments and platinum for ringtone sales.

The final single from Yes, "Sunao na Mama", was released in conjunction with the album's release on March 14. It appeared in a DoCoMo commercial and is described as a mid-tempo easy listening ballad. The b-side track "Fever" is a cover of the song sung by Peggy Lee. Nakashima's version of the song, which she recorded with bassist Ron Carter, originally appeared on Ken Shima's Jazz compilation album, Shimaken Super Sessions, in late 2006.

Singles from Yes
Single coverDetails
  • "Cry No More"
  • Released: February 22, 2006
  • Oricon peak: #8
  • "All Hands Together"
  • Released: June 7, 2006
  • Oricon peak: #8
  • "My Sugar Cat"
  • Released: July 26, 2006
  • Oricon peak: #14
  • "Mienai Hoshi"
  • Released: February 21, 2007
  • Oricon peak: #4
  • "Sunao na Mama"
  • Released: March 14, 2007
  • Oricon peak: #18

Track listing

1."I Love You" (Album Ver.) Yutaka Ozaki Yutaka OzakiAkihisa Matsuura4:22
2."Mienai Hoshi" (見えない星; Invisible Star)Hiroki NagaseHiroki NagaseTakefumi Haketa5:16
3."Sunao na Mama" (素直なまま; The State of Honesty) Ryoji Ryoji Yanagiman 5:24
4."Cry No More"Kang Jin-hwaLenseiShin Kōno4:40
5."All Hands Together"Mika Nakashima,
Soul of South
Lori Fine (from Coldfeet)Shin Kōno5:52
6."Dance With The Devil"Mika NakajimaYasunari OkanoToshiyuki Mori4:37
7."Black & Blue"Mika Nakajima,
Lori Fine
Lori FineShin Kōno4:05
8."Joy"Lori FineLori FineColdfeet2:55
9."The Dividing Line"Lori FineLori FineColdfeet5:19
10."My Sugar Cat"Mika NakashimaYoshiko GoshimaShunya Mori5:11
11."Yogoreta Hana" (汚れた花; Stained Flower)Mika Nakashima Taiji Sato Taiji Sato5:17
12."Going Back Home" Kaori Mochida GajinShin Kōno4:49
13."Kinenka" (祈念歌; Song of Prayer) Kazufumi Miyazawa Yasunari OkanoShin Kōno6:20
14."What a Wonderful World" George David Weiss,
Robert Thiele
George David Weiss,
Robert Thiele
2."Cry No More" (Music video) 
3."Black & Blue" (Music video) 
4."All Hands Together" (Music video) 
5."My Sugar Cat" (Music video) 
6."Mienai Hoshi" (Music video) 
7."I Love You" (Music video) 
8."What a Wonderful World" (live) 
9."Ending Roll" 

Charts and sales

Sales and certifications

RegionCertification Certified units/sales
Japan (RIAJ) [2] Platinum296,175 [3]

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A or B 2017 single by Mika Nakashima

"A or B" is a song recorded by Japanese singer Mika Nakashima. It was released as a single by Sony Music Associated Records on October 25, 2017. It was written and composed by Jam Note and arranged by Manaboon. The limited edition of the CD single comes with a DVD including the music video for "A or B" and its making-of. "A or B" was used in televised commercials for Kao's liquid fabric softener "Flair Fragrance", starring actress Satomi Ishihara.

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