Robin Hood of Monterey

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Robin Hood of Monterey
Robin Hood of Monterey.jpg
Directed by Christy Cabanne
Written by
Produced by Jeffrey Bernerd
Cinematography William A. Sickner
Edited by Roy V. Livingston
Music by Edward J. Kay
Distributed byMonogram Pictures
Release date
September 6, 1947
Running time
55 minutes
CountryUnited States

Robin Hood of Monterey is a 1947 American adventure film directed by Christy Cabanne and starring Gilbert Roland, Chris-Pin Martin and Evelyn Brent. The film was part of the long-running Cisco Kid series produced by Monogram Pictures. [1] The Cisco Kid travels to Monterey, California (then part of Mexico), where he clears the son of an old friend of a charge of murder.




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