The Sixth Commandment

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The Sixth Commandment
The Sixth Commandment (1924) - 1.jpg
Directed by Christy Cabanne
Written by Arthur Hoerl(story)
Merritt Crawford(title cards)
Produced byChristy Cabanne
Starring William Faversham
Charlotte Walker
CinematographyPhilip Armand
William H. Tuers
Edited byMerritt Crawford
Distributed by Associated Exhibitors
Release date
  • June 1, 1924 (1924-06-01)
Running time
60 minutes
CountryUnited States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

The Sixth Commandment is a 1924 American silent drama film directed by Christy Cabanne and starring William Faversham. [1]



John Brant, a devoted minister, is in love with Marian Calhoun, but must keep it a secret because she is engaged to Robert Fields—who, unknown to Marian, is playing around with a variety of different women. Marian finds out and breaks the engagement.



With no prints of The Sixth Commandment located in any film archives, [2] it is a lost film.

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