Sehnsucht 202

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Sehnsucht 202
Directed by Max Neufeld
Produced by Arnold Pressburger
Gregor Rabinovitch
Written by Emeric Pressburger
Karl Farkas
Irma von Cube
Starring Magda Schneider
Luise Rainer
Music by Richard Fall
Cinematography Otto Kanturek
Anton Pucher
Edited byElse Baum
Distributed by UFA
Release date
  • 9 September 1932 (1932-09-09)(Austria)
  • 15 September 1932 (1932-09-15)(Germany)
Running time
86 minutes
CountryWeimar Republic

Sehnsucht 202 (English title: Longing 202 [1] ) is a 1932 German musical comedy film directed by Max Neufeld and distributed by UFA. Sehnsucht 202 was Luise Rainer's film debut.



Set in Vienna, the film focuses on Magda and Kitty, two young women who reply to a newspaper advertisement and are contacted by the two young owners of a parfume store. Because their replies were confused with that of a flirtatious stenographer, the two men have different intentions than the girls and complications ensue. [2]



The film was received generally well. [1] The New York Times praised Magda Schneider, calling her "impersonally pleasing as ever". [1] The reviewer furthermore said: "Fritz Schulz did not let a comedy point get by and the cast was rounded smoothly by Rolf van Goth and Paul Kemp. Richard Fall has composed a song, "Mein Schatz, ich bin in Dein Parfüm verliebt" ("Sweetheart, I'm in Love With Your Perfume"), which will have a bad break if it remains within Central European dance orchestra borders. I have spent many worse two hours with camera and microphone." [1]

Because of the film's success, two alternate versions were made and released shortly later: Une jeune fille et un million  [ fr ] (1932), a French version, and Milyon avcilari (1934), a Turkish version.

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