Thousands of Evils

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Thousands of Evils
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EP by
ReleasedSeptember 30, 2013 (2013-09-30) [1]
Recorded2012–2013 in Hudiksvall [2]
Genre Progressive metal, djent [3]
Label Century Media [1]
Producer Daniel Bergström
Vildhjarta chronology
Thousands of Evils
Måsstaden under vatten
Professional ratings
Review scores
The Circle Pit9.5/10 [4]
Heavy Blog Is HeavyStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svg [5]
Ultimate Guitar 7.5/10 [3]

Thousands of Evils is an EP by Swedish progressive metal band Vildhjarta. It was released digitally in Europe on 30 September 2013, and worldwide in digital form and on a limited 1,000 copy 12" vinyl press on 29 October 2013. [6] The EP was made available on Spotify on 3 October 2013. [7] The band released a "forte" version of the EP, as limited gatefold marbled LP (vinyl), limited CD, and digitally on 28 January 2022. [8] It is the last release to feature drummer David Lindkvist, bassist Johan Nyberg, and co-lead vocalist Daniel Ädel.



On 13 September 2013, Vildhjarta released a music video of the track 'Dimman' and announced their participation in a North American tour with Veil of Maya, Here Comes the Kraken, Northlane, and Structures. [9] On 1 October 2013, Terrorizer premiered the track 'Regnar Bensin'. [10]

Critical reception

Ultimate Guitar gave the album a 7.5/10, [3] concluding their review by saying "As far as djent goes, Vildhjarta is a pretty interesting group. They do a lot of things right, such as creating very ambient compositions and mixing a lot of "hard" and "soft" sounds so the EP isn't like a non-stop full-on assault from beginning to end. The band shows they aren't afraid to occasionally use clean and acoustic guitars, which really adds a lot of character to their music."

The Circle Pit praised the album, awarding it 9.5/10 [4] and writing that "Thousands of Evils rages and fumes and stomps through a good 20+minute long spiral road in five different directions. The only thing common between the record and its predecessor is the same foreboding in the guitar tones, the same unmerciful chugging riffs- but then again, it’s a “DIFFERENTLY DARK" fable."

Heavy Blog Is Heavy also gave the album a positive review, awarding it 4/5. [5] They wrote that "Hopefully they can take all of the critiques and constructive criticism into consideration when making their follow up LP next year, because this band has extremely high amounts of potential, and are on the right track to reaching it at the fullest. Vildhjarta have found their niche and are sticking with it, and their next album will definitely be an example of that."

Premiering the track 'Regnar Bensin', Terrorizer were positive about the EP as well, writing that "Veering from crushing heavy to eerily calm, ‘Thousands of Evils’ is quite a journey indeed." [10]

Forte edition

A remixed/remastered edition of Thousands of Evils was released on January 28, 2022. The reissue is titled Thousands of Evils (forte), and features revamped/redone drums and bass guitar. Most production and mixing was done by the band's current drummer Buster Odeholm, with assistance from Sworn In drummer Chris George. [11]

Track listing

1."Introduction: Staos"2:39
3."Dimman" (Instrumental)4:07
4."Regnar Bensin"2:21
5."En mörk vit lögn"2:11
6."Dimman från lützen"3:57
7."Intermezzo" (Instrumental)1:52
8."Mist förståndet"4:00
Total length:24:10


Adapted from vinyl liner notes. [2]

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