Through the Trees

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Through The Trees
Studio album by
Genre Country [1]
Label Carrot Top, Loose Music
Producer Dave Trumfio, Brett Sparks
The Handsome Family chronology
Invisible Hands
Through The Trees
Down in the Valley
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Review scores
AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar half.svg [1]
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Tom Hull – on the Web B+ ( Five Pointed Star Solid.svg Five Pointed Star Solid.svg ) [3]

Through the Trees is the third full-length album released by The Handsome Family. [4] It was released 1998 by Carrot Top Records (North America) / Loose Music (Europe).


Through the Trees was nominated by Mojo readers as one of the most important Americana CDs of the 1990s. [5]

Track listing

All music by Brett Sparks; all lyrics by Rennie Sparks, except as noted.

1."Weightless Again" 3:40
2."My Sister's Tiny Hands" 3:27
3."Stalled" 2:28
4."Where The Birch Trees Lean" 3:22
5."Cathedrals" 3:24
6."Down In The Ground" 2:45
7."The Giant Of Illinois" 3:05
8."Down In The Valley Of Hollow Logs" 3:31
9."I Fell" 4:16
10."The Woman Downstairs" 4:49
11."Last Night I Went Out Walking"Brett Sparks4:26
12."Bury Me Here" 2:46
13."My Ghost"Brett Sparks, Rennie Sparks2:26
Total length:44:25

Personnel [6]

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<i>Last Days of Wonder</i> 2006 album by the Handsome Family

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