Thunderstorm (film)

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Linda Christian and Edmund Purdom 1962 (cropped).jpg
Linda Christian in 1962
Directed by John Guillermin
Produced byBinnie Barnes
Written by Daniel Mainwaring
George St George
Starring Carlos Thompson
Linda Christian
Charles Korvin
Hemisphere Pictures
Distributed by Allied Artists (US)
Release date
6 May 1956
Running time
81 min.
CountryUnited Kingdom

Thunderstorm, also known as Tormenta, is a 1956 British black-and-white drama film directed by John Guillermin and starring Carlos Thompson, Linda Christian, and Charles Korvin. It was made by British Lion Films.


Plot summary

A mysterious beautiful girl Maria (Linda Christian) is discovered unconscious and alone on board a small damaged yacht at sea. Some fishermen including Diego (Carlos Thompson) take Maria back to the nearest coastal Spanish Fishing Village for her to recover and offer to repair her small yacht. While all of the men in the village are infatuated with Maria, the women of the village view her with jealousy and suspicion, saying that she is a curse on their village and blaming her for the recent scarcity of fishing which the village solely relies on for income. When Maria is attacked by a mob of village women tearing her hair and clothes and bruising her, only the local Padre (José Marco Davó) saves her while also reprimanding the village women and telling them that Pablo (Charles Korvin) is the person to blame. The film ends with Maria quietly leaving by setting out to sea in her repaired small yacht with Diego (Carlos Thompson) watching from the small harbor.



In April 1955 it was announced the film would be made by Hemisphere Productions, the company of Mike Frankovich. [1] Filming would take place in London and Spain with Carlos Thompson and Linda Christian starring. Allied Artists were to distribute in the western hemisphere, British Lion in England and Columbia elsewhere. The script was to be by Geoffrey Holmes (the nom de plume for Daniel Mainwaring). [2]

The official producer was Binnie Barnes and Victor Pahlen. [3]

It was John Guillermin's return to features after directing TV for a time. [4]


Monthly Film Bulletin called it "a refreshingly individual and unpretentious production." [5]

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