Tiferet Israel Congregation

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Tiferet Israel Congregation
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Rite Sephardic
Location756 Sheppard Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M3H 2S8
Toronto map.svg
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Location in Toronto
Geographic coordinates 43°45′15″N79°26′49″W / 43.754050°N 79.447032°W / 43.754050; -79.447032
Completed1988 (1988)

Tiferet Israel Congregation is a Sephardic synagogue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Sheppard Avenue West in the former city of North York.

Tiferet Israel Congregation follows Moroccan Jewish tradition and is an Orthodox synagogue. [1] Regular services are held during the week, on Shabbat, and on Jewish holidays. The synagogue contains a sanctuary on the main floor with separate seating for men and for women, and in the basement there is a kitchen and a room for luncheons, festive meals, and parties.


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