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Stephanie tightrope album.jpg
Studio album by
Released11 September 2006
Genre Pop
Label Universal
Producer Tom Nichols, Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk, Peter Zizzo, Greg Kurstin, Klaus Derendorf
Alternative cover
Cover of the album released in the UK.
Singles from Tightrope
  1. "Mistake"
    Released: 29 July 2006
  2. "Tightrope"
    Released: 21 October 2006
  3. "So Do I Say Sorry First?"
    Released: 3 March 2007

Tightrope is the debut album from Australian pop singer Stephanie McIntosh, which was released on 11 September 2006, and re-released on 19 March 2007. It was released to the UK on 20 August 2007 with an alternate track listing and cover, but some Australian editions of the album have been seen in UK music stores such as HMV.

Stephanie McIntosh is an Australian actress and singer. She played the role of Sky Mangel in the Australian soap opera Neighbours from 2003 to 2007. She returned briefly, despite being heavily pregnant, for one episode in 2015 as part of the show's anniversary celebrations initially it had been set up as a one-month role. As a singer, she released her debut album, Tightrope, in September 2006. It peaked at No. 4 on the ARIA Albums Chart.

HMV is a UK-based music and film retailer. The first HMV-branded store was opened by the Gramophone Company on Oxford Street in 1921, and the HMV name was also used for television and radio sets manufactured from the 1930s onwards. The retail side of the business began to expand in the 1960s, and in 1998 was divested from EMI, the successor to the Gramophone Company, to form what would become HMV Group.



McIntosh worked on her debut album with award-winning songwriter/producer Tom Nichols who has written and produced songs for the likes of Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Alistair Griffin, Kylie Minogue, S Club 7 and Atomic Kitten.

Jessica Simpson American singer-songwriter and actress

Jessica Ann Johnson is an American singer, actress, and fashion designer. Simpson signed a recording contract with Columbia Records at age sixteen, and released her debut studio album Sweet Kisses in 1999. It sold over four million copies worldwide, and spawned the top three song "I Wanna Love You Forever" (1999). Hoping to achieve further success with her second album, Simpson adopted a more mature image for the release of Irresistible (2001). The album's title track, which served as the lead single, became her second top twenty entry on the Billboard Hot 100. The album itself earned a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Simpson married singer Nick Lachey on October 26, 2002 after four years of dating. The couple starred in the reality television series Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica (2003–2005) on MTV, chronicling their marriage and careers. The show became a pop culture phenomenon and made Simpson and her husband household names. The marriage did not last, however, and by November 2005 Simpson and Lachey confirmed they were separating; Simpson filed for divorce the following month citing irreconcilable differences.

Lindsay Lohan American actress and pop singer

Lindsay Dee Lohan is an American actress, singer-songwriter, businesswoman, fashion designer, and film producer, best known for her acting roles in films such as Mean Girls (2004), The Parent Trap (1998) and Freaky Friday (2003), as well as her status as a media and tabloid fixture of the mid-to-late 2000s.

Alistair Griffin English singer-songwriter

Alistair Richard Griffin is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Already an established songwriter, he first became famous as a solo artist through his appearances on the BBC television show Fame Academy 2 in 2003, where he was mentored by Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees. He subsequently had two top twenty hit singles and a top twenty album in the UK.

Nichols has co-written and produced McIntosh’s debut album along with Rami, Greg Kurstin, Klaus Derendorf and Guy Roche. The writing and recording process found McIntosh travelling all over the world to studios in LA, London and Sweden along with her hometown of Melbourne. The album, Tightrope was two years in the making, and McIntosh had a film crew following her around the world documenting the journey. The result was The Steph Show which debuted on Channel 10 at 6pm on 28 July 2006

Rami Yacoub, also known by the mononym Rami, is a Swedish-Palestinian music producer and songwriter and former member of the songwriting/production houses Cheiron Studios and Maratone. Yacoub collaborated extensively with Max Martin in the early part of his career. He has worked with acts such as Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Backstreet Boys, Demi Lovato, One Direction, Westlife, The Saturdays, P!nk, Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, Tiësto, Avicii, NSYNC and Weezer.

Greg Kurstin American record producer from California

Gregory Allen Kurstin is an American record producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He has been associated with releases which have cumulatively sold more than 85 million albums worldwide. He has won seven Grammy Awards, including Producer of the Year (Non-Classical) in 2017 and 2018.

Klaus Derendorf American record producer

Klaus Derendorf, also known as "Klaus D," is a Los Angeles–based record producer and songwriter with millions of worldwide record sales to his credit including several Number 1 records on the Billboard charts and around the world.

The album features a cover of the song, "Wishin' and Hopin' ". McIntosh co-wrote one track on the album, "So Do I Say Sorry First?" which is a guitar driven rock track. Most of Tightrope was recorded at the beginning of 2006. The album title, Tightrope was decided by McIntosh and Nichols (producer/co-writer) with McIntosh saying "it's a cliché, but life can be like walking a tightrope sometimes". [1]

"Wishin' and Hopin'" is a song, written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach, which was a Top 10 hit for Dusty Springfield in 1964.

On 5 September the full album was available for play on Ninemsn music. The album leaked onto the internet on 6 September. It was assumed that it leaked because of the Ninemsn first. Tightrope was re-released on 19 March 2007. [2]

McIntosh arranged numerous radio interviews in the UK to promote Tightrope which was released on 20 August 2007. Although, it was supposed to be released earlier, on 2 July. During her promotion campaign Tightrope debuted at #40 on the UK Preorder Top 100 Albums chart and later on rose to its peak of #11. Universal poorly promoted the album, the first UK single "Mistake" debuted at #168 on downloads alone[ citation needed ] and reached its peak a week later at number forty-seven. Follow up single, "So Do I Say Sorry First?" peaked at number 258.

Mistake (Stephanie McIntosh song) 2006 single by Stephanie McIntosh

"Mistake" is a song by Stephanie McIntosh. It was released as the first single from her debut album Tightrope on 29 July 2006.

Critical reception

Reviews of the album were mixed, with Lizzie Ennever of the BBC wrote that "Steph’s voice isn’t bad, it’s just not very memorable or interesting" and that "[she sounds like] a good singer who’s been given a day in a recording studio as a present, rather than a future star in the making". However, tracks such as "So Do I Say Sorry First?" and "God Only Knows" were praised, the former being that "[it], in a kind of teen-angsty, ‘rock out in your bedroom after a fight with your parents’ way is pretty OK" and the latter being described as "going back to the rockier flavour of the opener, but again, it’s just not really very stimulating". In reference to the album overall Ennever wrote "if I had to sum Tightrope up in three words, they would be bland, boring and banal", also adding "I love Sky Mangel, I do not like Stephanie McIntosh the pop star". [3]

Tony Bartholomew of Virgin Media's review was also negative, writing that "McIntosh has pedigree, as well as the prerequisite blonde hair, forgettable voice and complete lack of musical vision" saying that the album was "more Dannii Minogue than Kylie Minogue" [4]

Chart performance and singles

In Australia, the album entered at number four on the ARIA Albums Chart on the issue dated on 18 September 2006 and was the second highest debut for that week. [5] Next week it stayed at number four and was certified gold for shipping 35,000 copies. [6] The album ended up spending fourteen weeks in the top one hundred, [7] nine of which were in the top fifty, [8] and became the ninety-second highest selling album in 2006. [9]

"Mistake" was the album's first single, released on 29 July 2006 in Australia. It made it to the top 3 on the ARIA Singles Chart and was certified Gold in Australia for sales of over 35,000. It was also her debut single in the UK and Ireland, but did not get into the top 40 in either country. The second single, released only in Australia on 21 October 2006, was Tightrope . Although it did not do as well on the charts as Mistake, it did get into the top 20, peaking at #16, and was certified Gold. In late 2006, "Catching My Breath" was officially released to the Australian iTunes Store.

"So Do I Say Sorry First?" was released as the album's third Australian single on 3 March 2007. It is her weakest single to date there and peaked at #34. It was released in the United Kingdom as the second single as a download-only single on 6 August 2007.

Track listing

Original release
1."So Do I Say Sorry First?" Klaus Derendorf, Stephanie McIntosh, Tom NicholsDerendorf, Nichols3:01
2."Mistake" Arnthor Birgisson, Nichols, Rami Yacoub Birgisson, Yacoub3:20
3."Tightrope"Greg Kurstin, NicholsKurstin, Nichols3:19
4."You Should Have Lied"Carl Falk, Savan Kotecha, NicholsFalk, Nichols3:30
5."Wishin' and Hopin'" Burt Bacharach, Hal David Nichols3:20
6."Out in the Rain"Charlie Grant, Nichols, Pete WoodroffeGrant, Nichols, Woodroffe3:26
7."You Don't Love Me"Nichols, Quiz & Larossi Quiz & Larossi3:10
8."A Change Is Coming"Nichols, Guy Roche Nichols, Roche4:03
9."God Only Knows"Falk, NicholsFalk, Nichols2:59
10."Overcome"Nichols, Peter ZizzoNichols, Zizzo3:55
11."Sink like a Stone"Derendorf, Jeeve, NicholsDerendorf, Jeeve, Nichols4:12
12."The Night of My Life" Desmond Child, NicholsNichols3:12
13."I'd Be You" (hidden track)Nichols, Thom Pierce 3:08
UK edition
1."So Do I Say Sorry First?"Derendorf, McIntosh, NicholsDerendorf, Nichols3:01
2."Mistake"Birgisson, Nichols, YacoubBirgisson, Yacoub3:20
3."Tightrope"Kurstin, NicholsKurstin, Nichols3:19
4."You Should Have Lied"Kotecha, Nichols, FalkFalk, Nichols3:30
5."Out in the Rain"Grant, Nichols, WoodroffeGrant, Nichols, Woodroffe3:26
6."You Don't Love Me"Nichols, Quiz & LarossiQuiz & Larossi3:10
7."A Change Is Coming"Nichols, RocheNichols, Roche4:03
8."God Only Knows"Falk, NicholsFalk, Nichols2:59
9."Overcome"Nichols, ZizzoNichols, Zizzo3:55
10."Sink like a Stone"Derendorf, Jeeve, NicholsDerendorf, Jeeve, Nichols4:12
11."The Night of My Life"Child, NicholsNichols3:12
12."Catching My Breath"Derendorf, Nichols, ProneurDerendorf, Nichols4:31
13."I'd Be You" (hidden track)Nichols, Thom Pierce 3:08

Charts and certifications

Release details

Australia 11 September 2006 Universal Music CD 1703889
19 March 20071726345
United Kingdom 20 August 2007 UMTV CD1735817

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"Tightrope" is the second single from singer and actress, Stephanie McIntosh from the album of the same title, Tightrope. "Tightrope" was confirmed as the second single on The Steph Show. It was released on 21 October 2006 in Australia only, as due to poor sales of the album. Included with the single release are a set of free Habbo Hotel stickers.

So Do I Say Sorry First? single by Stephanie McIntosh

"So Do I Say Sorry First?" is a song written by Klaus Derendorf, Stephanie McIntosh and Tom Nichols, produced by Derendorf and Nichols for McIntosh's debut album Tightrope. It was released as the album's third single on 3 March 2007 in Australia. The track was co-written by McIntosh herself and it is the only track on her album written by her.

"Two Hearts", alternatively titled "2 Hearts", is a song first recorded by British electronic duo Kish Mauve, written for their 2005 self-titled extended play and later re-recorded by Australian singer Kylie Minogue for her tenth studio album, X (2007). Both versions were written and produced by Jim Eliot and Mima Stilwell. Minogue's version was released on 9 November 2007 by Parlophone as the album's lead single. The song was Minogue's first commercial single since "Giving You Up" (2005), as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005. After the announcement, Minogue took a hiatus between of two years to recover from her illness.

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