Timba Timba Island

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Timba Timba Island
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Timba Timba Island
Coordinates 4°33′20″N118°55′16″E / 4.55556°N 118.92111°E / 4.55556; 118.92111
State Flag of Sabah.svg  Sabah

Timba Timba Island (Malay : Pulau Timba Timba) is an island located near Semporna in Sabah, Malaysia.


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Ligitan is a small island in Tawau, Sabah, located east of the island of Borneo, in the Celebes Sea. In the past, the island was at the centre of a territorial dispute between Malaysia and Indonesia. The matter was brought for adjudication before the International Court of Justice and, at the end of 2002, the Court awarded the island along with the island of Sipadan to Malaysia, on the basis of the "effective occupation" displayed by the latter's predecessor and the absence of any other superior title. The Philippines had applied to intervene in the proceedings on the basis of its claim to Northern Borneo, but its request was turned down by the Court early in 2001.

Pemanggil Island is an island in Mersing District, Johor, Malaysia.

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Kapas Island is an island in Marang District, Terengganu, Malaysia, with a smaller island, Pulau Gemia, located north of it. It measures roughly 1.5 by 2.5 km. Its name, Pulau Kapas, refers to the island's white beaches. The island has tropical jungle, clear seawater, white sand beaches and coral reefs in the surrounding waters. It is promoted as a "diving and snorkeling paradise". The island is reached by ferry from Marang. Kapas is the location where most of the research on the enigmatic Amphidromus snails is carried out.

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Pulau Ketam is an island located off the coast of Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. The island is in the intertidal zone and the chief vegetation is mangrove.

Tenggol Island is an island off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia. It is the last island in a string of islands that include Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. It is connected by ferry to Kuala Dungun on the mainland.

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Pulau Indah is an island in Klang District, Selangor, Malaysia with a population of around 20,000 people overall. Malaysia's largest port, West Port, Port Klang, is on the island.

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Aman Island is an islet in South Seberang Perai District, Penang, Malaysia, located off the coast of Seberang Perai.

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Betong Island is a group of islets in Southwest Penang Island District, Penang, Malaysia, located off the western coast of Penang Island. Consisting of two uninhabited islets, Betong Island has a combined land mass of 7 acres (0.028 km2).

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Banggi Island</span> Largest Malaysian island

Banggi Island is located within the Kudat Division of Sabah in Malaysia. With an area of 440.7 square kilometres, it is the largest island in Malaysia followed by Bruit Island, Langkawi Island and Penang Island. It is located off the northern coast of Sabah near Marudu Bay. The highest elevation on the island is Bukit Sinambung with height of 529 metres. As of 2016, it has an estimated population of 30,000. Banggi's largest settlement is Limbuak. In 2014, a new township was proposed to be built in the island. The island is also part of the gazetted area of Tun Mustapha Marine Park.

Pulau Pisang is a small island in Pontian District, Johor, Malaysia.

Undan Island Lighthouse is a lighthouse on the summit of the uninhabited islet of Undan Island, located 25 kilometres (16 mi) off the coast of mainland Malacca in Malaysia.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Bait Island</span> Island in Malaysia

Bait Island is an island located near Tawau in the Tawau Division, Sabah, Malaysia. The predominant languages spoken in this island are Javanese and Malay language and its currency is Malaysian ringgit (MYR).

Kalampunian Damit Island also known as Snake Island is an island located in the West Coast of Sabah, Malaysia. This island is part of the Tiga Island National Park along with the Kalampunian Besar Island and Tiga Island.

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Mataking Island is a Malaysian island located in the Celebes Sea on the state of Sabah. Mataking Island is home to the first 'Underwater Post Office' in Malaysia and is connected to Pulau Mataking Kecil via a narrow sand bank. Mataking Island is a private island belonging to the Reef Dive Resort featuring luxury chalets and a dive center serving divers visiting Sipadan.

North Guhuan Island is a Malaysian island located in the Sulu Sea near Banggi Island on the state of Sabah. It is one of the extreme points of Malaysia.

Bakubang Island is an island located near Lahad Datu in Sabah, Malaysia.

Bankawan Island is an island located on Kudat district in Sabah, Malaysia.

Buwaning Island is an island located near Pitas district in Sabah, Malaysia.

Konet Island is an islet located 100 metres off the shores of Telok Gong in Kuala Sungai Baru, Malacca, Malaysia. It is connected to the mainland by a tombolo and is accessible by foot at low tide. Similar to Besar Island and according to local legends, the island is also believed to be the home of the elves known as Orang bunian.

Jarak Island is an island in the straits of Malacca. It is administrated as part of Perak, Malaysia. The island is granitic, heavily forested, and has a rocky shoreline. Jarak has been described as being 8 hectares in size.