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Timpuri Noi
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Metro station in 2017
General information
LocationPiaţa Timpuri Noi
Sector 3, Bucharest
Platforms2 side platforms
Structure typeUnderground
Opened19 November 1979
Preceding station Bucharest Metro Following station
Piaţa Unirii
towards Dristor 2
Line M1 Mihai Bravu
towards Republica
Piaţa Unirii
towards Preciziei
Line M3 Mihai Bravu

Timpuri Noi (New Times in English) is a subway station in Bucharest. The name was taken from the nearby mechanical factory. The factory has since been demolished, making way for a planned office and residential development. The station has yellow, red and white tiling. It was originally the eastern terminus of the M1, being opened on 19 November 1979 as part of the inaugural section of Bucharest Metro, between Semanatoarea and Timpuri Noi. On 28 December 1981, the line was extended east to Republica. [1]

In September 2023, the Metrorex's board of directors announced the intention to rename the station in honor of Octavian Udriște, a former railwayman and one of the Metrorex's first technical engineers and longtime employees, who was among the people who played a vital role to the development of the metro network. The board of directors voted unanimously to rename the station, citing that the Timpuri Noi factory was long gone, but this sparked backlash from residents living nearby who said that the name of the area still lives on despite the relocation of the factory. [2] [3] Shortly after the decision to rename the station, a plaque was unveiled at the station commemorating his work. Metrorex states that the name change will be subjected to public consultation. [4]

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Tudor Arghezi is a metro station in Bucharest, Romania. It was opened on 15 November 2023, and is the newest terminus of the M2 Line from Pipera.


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