Tiong Bahru Single Member Constituency

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Tiong Bahru SMC is a single member constituency between 1955 and 1991 in Tiong Bahru.

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Tiong Bahru is a housing estate located within the Bukit Merah Planning Area, in the Central Region of Singapore. Tiong Bahru was constructed in the 1920s by the Singapore Improvement Trust, the predecessor to the Housing Development Board and an entity of the British colonial authority providing mass public housing in Singapore and is the oldest housing estate in Singapore. The main estate consists of 30 apartment blocks with over 900 units of two to five rooms. There are also high-rise Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats and condominiums along Boon Tiong Road, Jalan Membina and Kim Tian Road which surround the main estate.

Bukit Merah Planning Area and HDB Town in Central Region ----, Singapore

Bukit Merah, often abbreviated as Bt Merah and also known as Redhill, is a planning area and new town situated in the southernmost part of the Central Region of Singapore. The planning area borders Tanglin to the north, Queenstown to the west and the Downtown Core, Outram and Singapore River planning areas of the Central Area to the east. Bukit Merah also shares a maritime boundary with the Southern Islands planning area located beyond its southernmost point. Bukit Merah is the most populated planning area in the Central Region, and the 12th most populated planning area in the country overall, being home to more than 150,000 residents.

Tiong Bahru MRT station MRT station in Singapore

Tiong Bahru MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station on the East West Line in Bukit Merah, Singapore. For trains travelling westwards, this is the last underground station.

Redhill MRT station MRT station in Singapore

Redhill MRT station is an above-ground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station on the East West Line (EWL) located in Bukit Merah, Singapore.

Tanjong Pagar United FC

Tanjong Pagar United Football Club is a football club in Singapore that competes in the Singapore Premier League, the top division of football in Singapore. The men's team of the club took part in Singapore's professional S.League from 1996 to 2004, and from 2011 to 2014. The club withdrew from the S.League after the 2004 season because of financial problems but returned to the S.League in 2011. They withdrew from the S.League for the same reason again for the 2015 season.

Saint Matthew's Church is a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. Of the 26 Anglican parishes in Singapore, the St Matthew's Church Chinese congregation has the longest history among all the congregations.

Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency

Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency is currently a five-member Group Representation Constituency (GRC) in Central and Western Singapore. The five divisions consists of Buona Vista, Queenstown, Moulmein-Cairnhill, Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru and Henderson-Dawson. It is helmed by Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, Second Minister of Finance and National Development Indranee Rajah and Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing.

Tiong Bahru Plaza Shopping center in Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Tiong Bahru Plaza is a shopping mall located in Tiong Bahru Estate, in Bukit Merah, Singapore, near Tiong Bahru Road, Jalan Membina and Bukit Ho Swee Crescent, which is where the entrance to the mall is located. It consists of a 20-storey office tower block, and a 6-storey shopping and entertainment complex, with 3 basement carparks. The mall is also directly linked to Tiong Bahru MRT Station of the East West Line, which is easily accessible from Exit B of the station.

Tiong Bahru Park

Tiong Bahru Park is a public park between Henderson, Bukit Merah and Lower Delta Road in Singapore. First developed around 1967, it combined with a nursery site in 1977 and in 2000, it was redeveloped to give it an image which suited the theme of 'Old frame, New images'.

Bukit Ho Swee Subzone of Bukit Merah Planning Area in Central Region, Singapore

Bukit Ho Swee is a subzone within the planning area of Bukit Merah, Singapore, as defined by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Its boundary is made up of the Alexandra Canal in the north; Kim Seng Road and Outram Road in the east; Zion Road and Jalan Bukit Ho Swee in the south; Delta Road and Lower Delta Road in the west.

The 1997 edition of the Singapore League Cup was a football tournament involving the teams in the S.League. It was renamed the Singapore Cup in 1998. The Singapore League Cup launched in 2007 is a different competition.

Tanjong Pagar Single Member Constituency was a former single-member constituency in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore from 1955 to 1991 and absorbed into Tanjong Pagar GRC. It was one of the longest-surviving wards since the pre-independence era, and has been a People's Action Party stronghold.

Koo Tsai Kee is a Singaporean associate professor and former politician. He was a Member of Parliament from 1991 to 2011, representing the Tiong Bahru division under the Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency. While he retired, his constituency was merged into Tanjong Pagar and renamed to Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru.

Henderson Single Member Constituency was a constituency in Singapore. It used to exist from 1972 to 1988, and it was merged into Tiong Bahru GRC. It carved out of Tiong Bahru.

Tiong Bahru GRC was a defunct three-member group representation constituency that from 1988 to 1991, comprised Henderson, Radin Mas, and Tiong Bahru, in Singapore. Once it is dissolved, it was quickly replaced by Tanjong Pagar GRC.Tiong Bahru GRC was led by Ch'ng Jit Koon and Co-led by S.Vasoo.

The 1996 S.League season is Geylang United's 1st season in the top flight of Singapore football and 21rd year in existence as a football club.

Tiong Bahru Secondary School, established in 1966 and merged with Delta Secondary School in 1991, was one of the first bilingual integrated (混合中学) secondary schools built after Singapore Independence. It had both Chinese and English streams, attracting students from nearby primary schools in Tiong Bahru, Bukit Ho Swee and Delta Road areas.

Kampong Tiong Bahru is a subzone within the planning area of Bukit Merah, Singapore, as defined by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Its boundary is made up of the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) in the south; Kampong Bahru Road in the east; Jalan Bukit Merah in the north; and Lower Delta Road in the west.

<i>Tiong Bahru Social Club</i> 2020 Singaporean comedy drama film

Tiong Bahru Social Club is a 2020 Singaporean black comedy art film. The film tells the story of a simple man who accidentally becomes a happiness agent in an artificial intelligence cult community named Tiong Bahru Social Club, who aims to become the happiest neighbourhood in town.