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Toast Records
FounderGiulio Tedeschi, Carla Celsa
Country of originItaly
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Toast Records is an independent record label based in Turin, Italy.


Company history

Toast Records is a recording company founded in 1985 by producer Giulio Tedeschi and operated by Italian Rock. It all started in 1979 in a very “underground” style. The city of Turin saw and witnessed the birth of Meccano Records. The initial idea was to promote the Righeira project. In spring 1985, out of Meccano Records, sprang Toast sas soon to become Toast Records a project that would make history in the Italian independent musical scene. First title to be produced (summer 1985): "Trasparenze e suoni" by No Strange.

Partial list albums released


1985No StrangeTrasparenze e suoni
1986Carl Lee & The Rhythm RebelsCarl Lee & The Rhythm Rebels
1987No StrangeL'universo
1988AfterhoursAll the Good Children Go to Hell
1989No Strange, Afterhours, Max Casacci, Ghigo Agosti and othersOracolo (album)
1989Vegetable MenIt's time to change
1989StatutoSenza di lei
1993BarbieriMondi diversi
1994Fleurs du MalIndian-world


1995Fleurs du Mal3
1997Alma MaterIl Parco Degli Arcobaleni
1998No StrangeMedusa
1998 Marcello Capra Danzarella
1999Steve Sperguenzie & the Incredible Lysergic Ants5 Investigators
2002KarmablueErratico Estatico
2004Roulette CineseChe fine ha fatto Baby Love
2007TrenincorsaLa Danza dei sogni
2009JambalayaQuando vola lo struzzo

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