Tokyo International Women's Marathon

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The Tokyo International Women's Marathon was a marathon for female elite runners held in Tokyo from 1979 until 2008 in November.


It was first held in November 1979, and this race was the first women's marathon officially sanctioned by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF). [1] After Adriaan Paulen, the IAAF president, watched this event, he announced his support for the women's Marathon to be included in the Olympic Games. [1]

After the 30th edition the organisers (Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF), Asahi Shimbun and TV Asahi) discontinued the race, because the new Tokyo Marathon held since 2007 is open for general runners of both sexes and Metropolitan Police Department deemed it difficult to care for two different city marathons within one year.

The place of the Tokyo Women's Marathon in the Japanese race calendar was taken by the Yokohama Women's Marathon whose first edition was held on November 15, 2009.


Key:  Course record

1stNovember 18, 1979 Joyce Smith Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom 2:37:48
2ndNovember 16, 1980Joyce SmithFlag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom 2:30:27
3rdNovember 15, 1981 Linda Staudt Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada 2:34:28
4thNovember 14, 1982 Zoya Ivanova Flag of the Soviet Union.svg  Soviet Union 2:34:26
5thNovember 20, 1983 Nanae Sasaki Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:37:09
6thNovember 18, 1984 Katrin Dörre Flag of East Germany.svg  East Germany 2:33:23
7thNovember 17, 1985Katrin DörreFlag of East Germany.svg  East Germany 2:34:21
8thNovember 16, 1986 Rosa Mota Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal 2:27:15
9thNovember 15, 1987Katrin DörreFlag of East Germany.svg  East Germany 2:25:24
10thNovember 20, 1988 Aurora Cunha Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal 2:31:26
11thNovember 19, 1989 Lyubov Klochko Flag of the Soviet Union.svg  Soviet Union 2:31:33
12thDecember 9, 1990 Xie Lihua Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China 2:33:04
13thNovember 17, 1991 Mari Tanigawa Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:31:27
14thNovember 15, 1992 Liz McColgan Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom 2:27:38
15thNovember 21, 1993 Valentina Yegorova Flag of Russia.svg  Russia 2:26:40
16thNovember 20, 1994Valentina EgorovaFlag of Russia.svg  Russia 2:30:09
17thNovember 19, 1995 Junko Asari Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:28:46
18thNovember 17, 1996 Nobuko Fujimura Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:28:58
19thNovember 30, 1997 Makiko Ito Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:27:45
20thNovember 15, 1998Junko AsariFlag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:28:29
21stNovember 21, 1999 Eri Yamaguchi Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:22:12
22ndNovember 19, 2000 Joyce Chepchumba Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 2:24:02
23rdNovember 18, 2001 Derartu Tulu Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 2:25:08
24thNovember 17, 2002 Banuelia Mrashani Flag of Tanzania.svg  Tanzania 2:24:59
25thNovember 16, 2003 Elfenesh Alemu Flag of Ethiopia.svg  Ethiopia 2:24:47
26thNovember 21, 2004 Bruna Genovese Flag of Italy.svg  Italy 2:26:34
27thNovember 20, 2005 Naoko Takahashi Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:24:39
28thNovember 19, 2006 Reiko Tosa Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:26:15
29thNovember 18, 2007 Mizuki Noguchi Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:21:37
30thNovember 16, 2008 Yoshimi Ozaki Flag of Japan.svg  Japan 2:23:30

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">2015 Tokyo Marathon</span> Running event in Tokio

The 2015 Tokyo Marathon was the ninth edition of the annual marathon race in Tokyo, Japan and was held on Sunday, 22 February. An IAAF Gold Label Road Race, it was the first World Marathon Majors event to be held that year and represented the third occasion that the Tokyo race was part of the elite-level marathon series.

The Saitama International Marathon is a women's marathon held in Saitama, Japan, and hosted by Japan Association of Athletics Federations, Saitama Prefecture, Saitama City, Nippon Television Network and the Yomiuri Shimbun. The event is an IAAF Silver Label Road Race.

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The 2018 Tokyo Marathon was the twelfth edition of the annual marathon race in Tokyo and was held on Sunday, 25 February. An IAAF Gold Label Road Race, it was the first World Marathon Majors event to be held that year. The men's race was won by Dickson Chumba in 2:05:30 hours while the women's race was won by Birhane Dibaba in 2:19:51. The men's runner-up Yuta Shitara set a Japanese national record time of 2:06:11 hours. This was also an Asian record. The host nation featured prominently in the men's race, with two runners in the top five and six of the top ten being Japanese. The Japanese women fared less well, with sixth-place Hiroko Yoshitomi being the best national performer.


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