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Tord Erik Stefan Henriksson (born 13 April 1965 in Karlstad, Värmland) is a retired Swedish triple jumper, best known for his bronze medal at the 1991 World Indoor Championships. His personal best was 17.21 metres, achieved in July 1993 in Bad Cannstatt. He is married to middle-distance runner Maria Akraka.

International competitions

Representing Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
1989 Universiade Duisburg, West Germany2ndTriple jump 16.94 m
1990 European Indoor Championships Glasgow, United Kingdom3rdTriple jump 16.69 m
European Championships Split, Yugoslavia17thTriple jump 16.00 m (wind: +0.9 m/s)
1991 World Indoor Championships Seville, Spain3rdTriple jump 16.80 m
World Championships Tokyo, Japan5thTriple jump 17.12 m
1992 Olympic Games Barcelona, Spain37thTriple jump 15.66 m
1995 World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden9thTriple jump 16.92 m

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