Tore O. Sandvik

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Tore Onshuus Sandvik
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County Mayor of Trøndelag
Assumed office
1 January 2018
Governor Frank Jenssen
Preceded byPosition established
County Mayor of Sør-Trøndelag
In office
1 January 2003 31 December 2017
Preceded byArnt Frøseth
Succeeded byPosition abolished
Personal details
Born (1969-08-31) 31 August 1969 (age 50)
Trondheim, Norway
Nationality Norway
Political party Labour Party

Tore Onshuus Sandvik (born 31 August 1969) is a Norwegian politician. Since 2018, he has been County Mayor of Trøndelag. [1]


Sandvik grew up at Kolstad in Trondheim and was as a young adult County Youth Secretary in the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions and later Vice President of ETUC Youth. In 2001 he was appointed State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry. Before he was elected County Mayor in 2003 he also worked as a project director for Extend. He was reelected in the 2007, 2011 and 2015 elections.

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Nationwide local elections for seats in municipality and county councils were held throughout Norway on 12 September 2011. Several municipalities also opened the polling booths on 11 September. For polling stations this meant that two elections, the municipal elections and the county elections ran concurrently. In addition, an advisory referendum was held in Aust-Agder to determine whether to merge the county with Vest-Agder.

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Arnt Frøseth
County mayor of Sør-Trøndelag
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County mayor of Trøndelag
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