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Vision of Disorder
Vision of disorder 2008.JPG
Left to right: Mike Fleischmann (bass), Mike Kennedy (guitar), Tim Williams (vocals), Matt Baumbach (guitar), Brendon Cohen (drums) - May 15, 2008
Background information
Origin Long Island, New York, United States
Genres Metalcore, hardcore punk, alternative metal
Years active1992–2002, 2006, 2008–present
Labels Roadrunner, TVT, Candlelight Records
Associated acts Bloodsimple, The Warped Weeble Wobbles, Karnov
MembersTim Williams
Mike Kennedy
Josh Demarco
Mike Fleischmann
Brendon Cohen
Past membersMatt Baumbach

Vision of Disorder is an American metalcore band from Long Island, New York that initially released three albums before disbanding in 2002. The band garnered attention for blending melody and groove into a traditional hardcore framework, [1] but its attempts to pursue an alternative metal direction on its third album were met with limited commercial success. [2] The band reunited in 2008 and have since released two further albums, The Cursed Remain Cursed in 2012 and Razed to the Ground in 2015.

Metalcore is a fusion genre combining elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. The word is a portmanteau of the two genres. Among other styles blending metal and hardcore, such as crust punk and grindcore, metalcore is noted for its use of breakdowns, which are slow, intense passages conducive to moshing. Pioneering metalcore bands—such as Integrity, Earth Crisis, Converge and All Out War —are described as leaning more toward hardcore, with their style sometimes being called metallic hardcore, whereas later bands—such as Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Bullet for My Valentine, and Parkway Drive—are described as leaning more towards metal. Pantera and Sepultura have been particularly influential to the development of metalcore in the 2000s, which saw many bands in the genre achieve commercial success.

Alternative metal is a rock music fusion genre that infuses heavy metal with influences from alternative rock and other genres not normally associated with metal. Alternative metal bands are often characterized by heavily downtuned, mid-paced guitar riffs, a mixture of accessible melodic vocals and harsh vocals and sometimes unconventional sounds within other heavy metal styles. The term has been in use since the 1980s, although it came into prominence in the 1990s.



Guitarists Matt Baumbach and Mike Kennedy formed the band in 1992 with vocalist/lyricist Tim Williams, drummer Brendon Cohen, and bassist Mike Fleischmann. Vision of Disorder released a series of demos and contributed to several compilations before releasing the Still EP in 1995 on Striving for Togetherness Records. The band appeared in the N.Y.H.C. documentary around the same time. Vision of Disorder gained attention for incorporating different styles into its hardcore framework. [3]

<i>Still</i> (Vision of Disorder EP) 1995 EP by Vision of Disorder

Still is the first EP by New York City metalcore/hardcore band Vision of Disorder, released in 1995.

N.Y.H.C. is a documentary film directed by Frank Pavich about the mid-90s New York hardcore scene. Filmed in mid-1995, it was completed and self-released on VHS by the director in 1999.

The band signed with Roadrunner Records' subsidiary, Supersoul, and released its eponymous full-length debut in 1996. The band was later praised for its impact upon the popularization of hardcore music: the debut album was "metallic hardcore that no one had heard, released for a mass audience on a big label. It had its merits; powerful, screamed vocals often layered over depressing clean vocals combined with fresh 'un-hardcore' guitar sections and unfamiliar drum patterns. For anyone into hardcore at the time, this was the album to have." [3]

Roadrunner Records is an American major record label that concentrates primarily on heavy metal and hard rock bands. It is a division of Warner Music Group and is based in New York City.

<i>Vision of Disorder</i> (album) album by Vision of Disorder

Vision of Disorder is the first album by Roadrunner Records band Vision of Disorder, released on October 22, 1996.

VOD live at Irving Plaza in NYC, 11/16/08 Vod live at irving plaza.JPG
VOD live at Irving Plaza in NYC, 11/16/08

Vision of Disorder's second album, Imprint , was released in 1998 on Roadrunner Records and featured guest vocals by Pantera's Phil Anselmo on the song "By The River". [1] The band was displeased with the raw production quality, which it attributed to the brief window for recording the album. Vision of Disorder also took issue with the purported lack of tour support by its record label. [1] The band and label severed their working relationship acrimoniously, as Williams recalls:

<i>Imprint</i> (Vision of Disorder album) 1998 studio album by Vision of Disorder

Imprint, released on July 14, 1998, is the second album by metalcore, hardcore band Vision of Disorder. It was their last album released while signed to Roadrunner Records; it remains their best-selling album to date. Greg Prato of Allmusic said of the album, "Undoubtedly the best heavy album of 1998" in his review for the prestigious collective. The album is also known for its popular song "By the River", in which singer Tim Williams has a duet with Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo. Imprint was also listed in Kerrang’s “21 BEST U.S. METALCORE ALBUMS OF ALL TIME” in March of 2018.

Pantera American heavy metal band

Pantera was an American heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas. The group was formed in 1981 by the Abbott brothers – drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell – along with lead vocalist Terry Glaze. Bassist Rex Brown joined the band the following year, replacing Tommy D. Bradford, who was the unofficial original. Having started as a glam metal band, Pantera released four albums during the 1980s. Looking for a new and heavier sound, Pantera replaced Glaze with Phil Anselmo in late 1986 and released Power Metal in 1988. With its fifth album, 1990's Cowboys from Hell, Pantera introduced a groove metal sound. Pantera's sixth album, 1992's Vulgar Display of Power, exhibited an even heavier sound. Far Beyond Driven (1994) debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

Phil Anselmo American musician

Philip Hansen Anselmo is an American heavy metal musician who is best known as the lead vocalist for Pantera, Down, and Superjoint Ritual. He is also the owner of Housecore Records and has been involved with several other bands.

Three years ago we were on Roadrunner and Imprint had just come out maybe two, three months ago and they weren't pushing us or doing anything...Roadrunner said "We're yanking your tour support, come home and make another record". But we wanted to go out and support Imprint and just felt insulted that they said that. So we said "Something is going on here, we're getting the fuck off of this label"...We want[ed] to go back to being a hardcore band and playing weekends and they tried to offer us money and a better deal but we were like "Nope, see you". [4]

After the label strife, Vision of Disorder kept a relatively low profile. However, they eventually returned in 1999 with For the Bleeders , a set of nine re-recorded demo songs released on Go-Kart Records.

<i>For the Bleeders</i> album by Vision of Disorder

For the Bleeders is an album by metalcore/hardcore band Vision of Disorder. Released on August 24, 1999, this is the band's only release on Go-Kart Records. It contains a collection of re-recorded songs from various demo's from the early 1990s, along with two new originals.

Go-Kart Records is an independent record label specializing in punk rock located in New York City that was most active from 1995 to 2005. It also has a European division in Mannheim, Germany.

In 2001, Vision of Disorder released From Bliss to Devastation on TVT Records. The album marked a shift towards a traditional verse-chorus-verse songwriting structure. Kennedy described the album as "fitting in with the nu-metal scene" [4] while Williams praised the band's songwriting approach:

The songwriting is much more stuck to the classic boundaries of songwriting as far as a verse and chorus. Before we had no respect for songwriting and that was our style and we liked that. But now we are getting older and we want to be able to make music that you can just sit back hit play and listen to it. [4]

VOD live at Mulcahys, 5-13-17 (Josh Demarco, Mike Fleischmann, Brendan Cohen, and Tim Williams (Mike Kennedy not visible) VOD live at Mulcahys, 5-13-17 (Josh Demarco, Mike Fleischmann, Brendan Cohen, and Tim Williams (Mike Kennedy not visible)).jpg
VOD live at Mulcahys, 5-13-17 (Josh Demarco, Mike Fleischmann, Brendan Cohen, and Tim Williams (Mike Kennedy not visible)

Reportedly frustrated by the lack of support from TVT, Vision of Disorder went on extended hiatus and eventually disbanded. [2] Williams and Kennedy formed the band Bloodsimple while Cohen and Fleischmann played in Karvnov.

Vision of Disorder reunited briefly in order to play three songs during a show with Bloodsimple and Karnov. The band played several one-off shows and shot footage for a DVD before formally reuniting in October 2008. [5] Williams described the material for the reunion album as similar to Imprint. [6] While the album was ultimately delayed several times, in July 2011, the first single, "The Enemy", was released on Candlelight Records. On September 18, 2012, The Cursed Remain Cursed was released. [7] The album was celebrated as "largely a return to the confrontational metallic hardcore that gave Imprint its cult following," although "some elements of From Bliss to Devastation...creep in on occasion". [8]

Around this time Matt Baumbach left the band, and former Mind Over Matter/dayinthelife guitarist Josh Demarco took his place in the line-up. VOD's next album was released on November 27, 2015, 'Razed To The Ground', via Candlelight Records (and was produced by Zeuss). [9] [10] AXS contributor Terrance Pryor named the release one of the best metalcore records of 2015, calling it "a definite rager from start to finish". [11]

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<i>From Bliss to Devastation</i> album by Vision of Disorder

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