Wausau School District

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Wausau School District
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415 Seymour Street
, Wisconsin
United States
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Type Public
MottoEducating for the future, one child at a time
SuperintendentDr. Michael Schwei
Students and staff
ColorsPurple, White, Gold
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Website wausau.k12.wi.us

The Wausau School District is a public school district serving the Wausau metropolitan area, including the City of Wausau and the Towns of Rib Mountain, Wausau, Stettin, and Texas. It contains two high schools, two middle schools, 14 elementary schools, and one alternative high school.

A school district is a special-purpose district that operates local public primary and secondary schools in various nations.

Wausau, Wisconsin Place in Marathon

Wausau is a city in and the county seat of Marathon County, Wisconsin, United States. The Wisconsin River divides the city into east and west. The city's suburbs include Schofield, Weston, Maine, Rib Mountain, Kronenwetter, and Rothschild.

Rib Mountain (town), Wisconsin Town in Wisconsin, United States

Rib Mountain is a town in Marathon County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 6,825 at the 2010 census. A suburb of Wausau, it is part of the Wausau Metropolitan Statistical Area. The census-designated place of Rib Mountain is located in the town.



Elementary schools

Middle schools

High schools

Wausau East High School Public secondary school in Wausau, Wisconsin, United States

Wausau East High School is a comprehensive public secondary school in Wausau, Wisconsin. Originally named Wausau High School, it became Wausau East with the opening of Wausau West High School in the early 1970s. Part of the Wausau School District, the school enrolled 1,322 students in grades 9 through 12 as of 2007. The principal is Bradley J. Peck.

Wausau West High School is a public high school serving students in grades 9 to 12 of the Wausau School District. It was built in 1970 on the west side of the city of Wausau, Wisconsin to accommodate the growing city population. Its enrollment is approximately 1,775. Its rival school is Wausau East High School.

Schools no longer existing


In 1981 there were 160 Hmong students in the Wausau School District. [19] In the 1990s the Wausau School District received an increase of Hmong students, some of whom came from refugee camps and lacked formal education. In 1993 the Wausau School District began moving students, previously assigned to schools based on attendance zone, to a different scheme intended to equalize the ethnic proportions of Hmong and non-Hmong students. However it reverted to its previous scheme in 1994 after a negative reception from area parents. [20]

By 2002, 12% of the Wausau population was Hmong, and 25% of the students at Wausau public schools were Hmong. [19] Patti Kraus, who worked as a secretary for the WSD, stated in 2016 that the ethnic Hmong successfully adapted to American school life. [21]

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