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Westhill Academy
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The exterior of the school building in May 2013.
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Westhill Academy
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Westhill Academy
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Westhill Academy
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AB32 6XZ

Coordinates 57°09′19″N2°16′56″W / 57.1554°N 2.2822°W / 57.1554; -2.2822 Coordinates: 57°09′19″N2°16′56″W / 57.1554°N 2.2822°W / 57.1554; -2.2822
Type Secondary school
Local authority Aberdeenshire Council
Head teacherAlison Reid
Staff110 (approx)
Gender Co-educational
Age11to 18
Enrolment1000 (approx)
Colour(s)Green, dark blue, light blue and purple                 
School yearsS1-S6
Website Westhill Academy

Westhill Academy is an Aberdeenshire Council secondary school in Westhill, near Aberdeen, Scotland, serving the Westhill, Elrick and Skene areas of Aberdeenshire as well as some students from Kingswells. Its main feeder schools are Westhill Primary, Crombie Primary School, Elrick Primary, Skene Primary and Kingswells Primary. School transport, before and after school, is provided for students who live in Skene. Pupils from nearby Kingswells, which is in the neighbouring Aberdeen City council area, are at liberty to use the regular bus services which exist between the two towns.


Westhill Academy opened in the autumn of 1979 with buildings designed to accommodate 500 pupils. The school was extended in 1982 and then again in 1996 raising the capacity of the school to 1000 pupils. The roll of the school, in recent years, has fluctuated between 890 and 1200 pupils. In 2019 the school celebrated its 40th anniversary. It was celebrated by inviting current and ex staff members to look at year books and to see how it has changed through the years. [1]

There has been much talk about expanding the school yet again or even building a new school elsewhere in Westhill due to the town's rising population but no plans have been made official. The 2014 local development plan estimated that the school would be at 91% capacity by 2016. [2]

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