With a Smile (film)

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With a Smile
With a Smile (film).jpg
Directed by Maurice Tourneur
Written by Louis Verneuil
Produced byJosé Marquis
Starring Maurice Chevalier
Marie Glory
André Lefaur
Cinematography Armand Thirard
Louis Née
Edited byHarold Earle
Music by Marcel Lattès
Charles Borel-Clerc
Les Films Marquise
Distributed byMétropole Distribution
Release date
4 December 1936
Running time
98 minutes

With a Smile (French: Avec le sourire) is a 1936 French comedy film directed by Maurice Tourneur and based on an original screenplay by Louis Verneuil. The film stars Maurice Chevalier and the title of the film is taken from one of his comic songs "With a Smile" (Avec le Sourire, 1907). [1]


It was shot at the Joinville Studios in Paris. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Lucien Carré and Émile Duquesne.


A smooth talking but penniless vagrant (Maurice Chevalier) arrives in Paris and sets out to make it to the top with nothing more than his smile, charm and cunning mind.


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  1. Rae Beth Gordon Dances with Darwin, 1875-1910: Vernacular Modernity in France 2009 "In 1907, when Maurice Chevalier was still an Idiot Comic, he performed the comic monologue and song, "With a Smile," in which his usual grimaces and poses are combined with fantasies of Africa: "Strolling along in Africa one day, I was ..."