Aladdin and His Lamp

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Aladdin and His Lamp
Aladdin and His Lamp.jpg
Directed by Lew Landers
Produced by Walter Wanger
Starring Johnny Sands
Patricia Medina
Monogram Pictures
Walter Wanger Productions
Distributed byMonogram Pictures
Release date
  • 1952 (1952)
CountryUnited States

Aladdin and His Lamp is a 1952 film directed by Lew Landers and starring Johnny Sands and Patricia Medina. [1] [2] [3]



A poor young man finds a lamp with a genie trapped inside. The genie promises to grant the man three wishes if he frees him from the lamp.



Filming started 1 August 1951. Medina went into making Captain Pirate the week after. [4]

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1001 Arabian Nights is a 1959 American animated comedy film produced by United Productions of America (UPA) and distributed by Columbia Pictures. Released to theaters on December 1, 1959, the film is a loose adaptation of the Arab folktale of "Aladdin" from One Thousand and One Nights, albeit with the addition of UPA's star cartoon character, Mr. Magoo, to the story as Aladdin's uncle, "Abdul Azziz Magoo". It is the first animated feature to be released by Columbia Pictures.

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Aladdin's Other Lamp is a 1917 American fantasy-comedy silent film based on the play, The Dream Girl by Willard Mack. It was adapted for the screen by June Mathis and directed by John H. Collins. The film stars Viola Dana and Robert Walker, and was distributed by Metro Pictures Corp., a forerunner of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It is not known whether the film currently survives.

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<i>Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga</i> 2018 Hindi fantasy TV series

Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga is an Indian fantasy television series based on the Arabian Nights character Aladdin. The series premiered on 21 August 2018 on Sony SAB. The series involves Aladdin, a kind-hearted thief, as he falls in love with Princess Yasmine, befriends a wish-granting Genie of the Lamp, and battles Zafar and later the evil enchantress Mallika, and again with Sultan Aiyyar Zafar after his rebirth.


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