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Channels Television logo
Launched1992 (1992)
Owned by John Momoh (Executive Chairman) [1]
Olusola Momoh (Executive Vice-Chairman)
SloganYour Home for the News
Broadcast areaWorldwide
Headquarters Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria
UHF Channel 26 (Benin)
UHFChannel 31 (Abuja)
UHFChannel 39 (Lagos)
UHFChannel 45 (Kano)
DSTV Channel 420
GOTV Channel 48
MyTV Channel 7
StartimesChannel 111
Freesat Channel 213
Sky Channel 518
Astra 2G
11082 H 22000 5/6
United KingdomThema TV
United StatesAfrica TV
East AfricaLanciea Broadcasting
Streaming media Watch live
(Available worldwide)
TVPlayer Watch live (UK only)

Channels Television is a Nigerian independent 24-hour news and media television channel based in Lagos, Nigeria. The parent company, Channels Incorporated, was founded in 1992, a year before the Nigerian government deregulated the broadcast media. It began broadcasting in 1995. Its primary focus is producing news and current affairs programs on Nigerian domestic issues. The Channel's mission is to act as a watchdog on governmental policies and activities.


Operating in Nigeria's popular broadcast media market, Channels Television is the first and only thriving national TV brand, dedicated solely to the dissemination of news. It is the first Nigerian broadcaster to stream its television programming live for 24 hours.


Channels Television was founded in 1995 as a private television station [2] with only 15 employees by Nigerian veteran broadcaster and entrepreneur John Momoh and Sola Momoh, also a broadcaster. [3] The company commenced operations in Lagos, south western Nigeria and has since grown to include three other stations in Abuja, Edo and Kano states. It also has bureaus in almost every state in Nigeria, including stringers and affiliates in other parts in Africa, as well as strong relationships with international media organizations which allows access to information around the world.

The channel was licensed in June 1993 and allocated a frequency on UHF (Channel 39). It began transmission two years later under the name, "Channels Television", and the first terrestrial broadcast was on the 1st of July 1995, with John Momoh reading the first news bulletin. Channels TV currently broadcasts to an audience of over 20 million people.

2008 closure

In September 2008, Channels Television was shut down by President Yar'Adua, who sent Nigeria's State Security Service (SSS) to shut down the station and to arrest its senior staff due to channel's report of Yar'Adua's bad health. The report by Channels Television was attributed to information received from News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). However, after the investigation, NAN announced that the channel did not issue any statement regarding the President stepping down, but instead that its computer was hacked into, in protest Channels TV discontinued its of the NANS wire service up to this date. It was proven that e-mail, received by Channels TV, was a hoax sent from a computer in the Ivory Coast. Nigeria's Minister of Information, John Odey, gave the statement to the BBC emphasizing the government was angered by the report. [4] [5]


Channels Television's team has produced feature programs, which have received commendation throughout the country. Video footage of events and happenings in Nigeria, shot by the Channels Television news crews have been used widely by broadcast organizations such as BBC, CNN and ITN. Its flagship program, "News at Ten", is considered as the most popular and most watched news in Nigeria.

Since 2009, Channels Television organizes and hosts "Channels National Kids Cup", a sport event for school children from sixteen Nigerian states held in Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos. [6] General Manager of Channels Television, Steve Judo, stated that Channels Television is socially responsible media and as such chose to engage in the development of football from the roots. [7]

2012 Nigerian bombing

In January 2012, journalist Enenche Akogwu, who worked as a correspondent in Kano for Channels Television, was shot and killed while reporting on coordinated attacks there claimed by the radical Islamist sect known as Boko Haram. According to his colleagues, Akogwu had shown up after a bombing and began filming a crowd gathered there without knowing they were armed sect members. [8]

Channels TV headquarters Channels TV headquarters.jpg
Channels TV headquarters

Awards and recognition


On March 22, 2014, Tezuka Productions partnership with Channels TV to broadcast 8 episode spin-off series of Astro Boy, Little Astro Boy, which was aimed for preschoolers on Channels TV's children's block.

On Friday, August 14, 2015, Deutsche Welle said it had signed a partnership agreement with "Channels TV" to demonstrates the long tradition of airing a positive view of Africa. [12] Peter Limbourg, the Director-General of Deutsche Welle describe Channels TV as a great television station and a perfect partner for Deutsche Welle. Limbourg said "We at Deutsche Welle think that we have to report the great things that happen in Africa, especially in Nigeria. [13]

John Momoh, the Chief Executive Officer of Channels TV described the partnership as "Made from heaven". [14] He said, "This is part of our strategy to tell the African story, especially that of Nigeria, from the African perspective so that we do not leave this key element of definition of who we are, what we do and why, to other people to tell on our behalf". [15] [16]

In August 2015, Channels TV signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations on News coverage. The United Nation was represented by Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nation. [17] [18]


Air daysTimePresenters
Sunrise DailyWeekdays7 a.m.
Chamberlain Usoh
Maupe Ogun
Gimba Umar>
Sunrise SaturdaySaturdays9 a.m.Nneotaobasi Egbe [19]
Alero Edu
Business MorningWeekdays10 a.m.Boason Omofaye/ Chimezie Obi-Iweagu
Politics TodaySundays8 p.m.Seun Okinbaloye
Sport This MorningWeekdays9 a.m.
Cecilia Omorogbe
Austin Okon-Akpan
Yemi Adebayo
Face OffWednesdays8 p.m.Nneotaobasi Egbe
Diplomatic ChannelsMondays8:30 p.m.Amarachi Ubani
Aviation This weekSundays9 p.m.Bukola Joe-Oketumbi

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Kayode Akintemi is a Nigerian Broadcast Journalist, TV Presenter, Subject Matter Expert, Project Management and ICT Consultant. He worked as the General Manager of Channels TV, as well as an ICT and Project Manager Consultant to London Borough of Hillingdon. Kayode left Channels TV in 2016 to set up Plus TV Africa, where he occupied the post of Managing Director and Editor-In-Chief of News Channel.

Peter Limbourg German journalist and news presenter

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Adesewa Hannah Ogunleyimu, known professionally as Adesewa Josh, is a Nigerian broadcast journalist who covers both national and international news for TRT World. Previously she was a correspondent at Channels TV from 2012 to 2017.


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