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The United States Department of State Executive Secretariat (S/ES) is composed of the Executive Secretary of the State Department and five deputy executive secretaries. [1] It is responsible for coordination of the work of the Department of State internally, serving as the liaison between the department's bureaus and the offices of the Secretary, deputy secretaries, and under secretaries. [2] It also handles the department's relations with the White House, National Security Council, and other executive departments.

The secretariat staff (S/ES-S) works with the various offices of the department in drafting and clearing written materials for the secretary, deputy secretaries, and under secretary for political affairs. This staff also is responsible for taking care of advance preparations for the secretary's official trips—domestic and international—and staffing the "mobile office" and keeping the secretary's schedule on track during the trip.

The State Department Operations Center (S/ES-O) is the secretary's and the department's communications and crisis management center. Working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the operations center monitors world events, prepares briefings for the secretary and other department principals, and facilitates communication between the department and the rest of the world. The operations center also coordinates the department's response to crises and supports task forces, monitoring groups, and other crisis-related activities, and serves as the link for all information flowing between Washington and the secretary of state during his or her travel, both domestically and abroad.

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The United States Department of State’s Operations Center monitors world events, prepares written briefs for the Secretary of State and other U.S. State Department senior officials, and facilitates communication between the State Department and the rest of the world.

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The Executive Secretary of the United States Department of State is the Director of the Executive Secretariat. The position holds a rank equivalent to an Assistant Secretary. Each Executive Secretary is appointed by the Secretary of State.

Carol Z. Perez

Carol Zelis Perez is a career Foreign Service Officer, currently serving as the Director General of the Foreign Service. Previously, Perez served as the U.S. Ambassador to Chile from October 2016 to January 2019.

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Francisco Palmieri U.S. Assistant Secretary of State

As Acting Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Francisco "Paco" Palmieri led the State Department’s efforts to advance U.S. foreign policy goals in the region from January 2017-November 2018. He managed the successful 2018 Summit of the Americas in Peru, U.S. engagement with the Lima Group unifying 15 Western Hemisphere democracies in a multilateral diplomatic response to the crisis in Venezuela, the reorientation of U.S. foreign assistance in support of the Colombia peace process, the formulation and adoption of a new comprehensive U.S. political and economic Caribbean 2020 strategy for the Caribbean, the launch of the renegotiation of the 50-year old Columbia River Treaty with Canada, and the multi-agency response to the ongoing migration challenges emanating from Central America. He also was responsible for the daily management of the Bureau’s 53 overseas U.S. diplomatic missions, 12,000 employees, and implementation of the Hemisphere’s $1.58 billion foreign assistance and $290 million operating budgets.

The Directorate-General of the Police (DGP) is a component of the Spanish Department of the Interior responsible for exercising the direct command of the National Police Corps, the main civil law enforcement agency of Spain. The DGP, integrated in the Secretariat of State for Security, is in charge of organize, direct, coordinate and execute the missions entrusted to the National Police by the provisions in force, in accordance with the guidelines and orders issued by the Minister of the Interior.

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