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Forbidden Zone
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RecordedNovember 1978/October 1979[ citation needed ]
Genre Jazz, musical, new wave, soundtrack
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The Forbidden Zone OST is the soundtrack album to Forbidden Zone , the 1982 cult film directed by Richard Elfman, with music by Danny Elfman and performed by The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.


The album marked the soundtrack debut of composer Danny Elfman, who was frontman to the Mystic Knights at time of recording. [3]

The soundtrack album is the only public release accredited to The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, recorded between 1978 and 1979—during which time the band was transitioning into Oingo Boingo. Initial tracks were recorded by the Mystic Knights before their disbanding and completed by members of Oingo Boingo a year later, resulting in the mix of musicians credited on the album. [1] [4] In the liner notes, Danny Elfman writes that "sixty minutes of original music in a dozen different styles needed to be created in and around various older, and often uneven, pre-recorded pieces," and were composed, arranged and recorded in a period of two weeks. [1]

While the original Varèse Sarabande LP version contained 22 tracks, the label reissued the album in 1990 with the tracks "Pico and Sepulveda" and "La Petite Tonkinoise" removed. [5] [6] Two additional tracks, "Some of These Days" and "Bim Bam Boom", were removed for the French release. [7]

Track listing

All music is composed by Danny Elfman and the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, except where otherwise indicated.

Side one
1."Forbidden Zone" Danny Elfman2:45
2."'Hercules' Family Theme"  1:37
3."Some of These Days" Shelton Brooks Cab Calloway, Kipper Kids 2:50
4."Journey Through the Intestines"  0:55
5."Squeezit's Vision of His 'Sister'"  0:30
6."Queen's Revenge" Danny Elfman, Marie-Pascale Elfman, Susan Tyrrell2:40
7."Pico and Sepulveda"Eddie Maxwell / Jule Styne Boulevard Stompers2:28
8."Factory"  0:58
9."Love Theme - Squeezit and the Chickens"  0:42
10."Flash and Gramps"  0:56
11."Squeezit the Moocher (Minnie the Moocher)"Cab Calloway / Irving Mills (Lyrics by D. Elfman)Danny Elfman, Toshiro Boloney4:48
Side two
1."Alphabet Song" Cast1:58
2."La Petite Tonkinoise" Henri Christiné / Vincent Scotto Josephine Baker 2:11
3."Cell 63"  1:20
4."Witch's Egg"George Mishalsky / Susan TyrrellSusan Tyrrell2:22
5."Yiddishe Charleston" Billy Rose / Fred Fischer R. Yossele Elfman, Susan Tyrrell1:33
6."Bim Bam Boom"Nino Morales / Johnny Comacho Miguelito Valdés, Kipper Kids1:53
7."Chamber Music"  1:58
8."Pleure" Jérôme Savary Marie-Pascale Elfman0:37
9."Battle of the Queens"  3:04
10."Love Theme - King and Queen"  1:08
11."Finale"  3:20


Principal musicians are: [1]

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