German Individual Speedway Championship

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The German Individual Speedway Championship is a Motorcycle speedway championship held each year to determine the German national champion. [1]



Before the German reunification champions of West Germany and East Germany were declared. [2] [3]

West Germany


YearWinnersRunner-up3rd place
1969 Manfred Poschenrieder
1970 Gottfried Schwarze
1971 Manfred Poschenrieder
1972 Hans Siegl
1973 Egon Müller
1974 Alois Wiesböck
1975 Egon Müller
1976 Alois Wiesböck
1977 Egon Müller
1978 Alois Wiesböck
1979 Egon Müller Georg Hack Christian Brandt
1980 Georg Gilgenreiner Egon Müller Josef Aigner
1981 Egon Müller Karl Maier Georg Hack
1982 Josef Aigner Egon Müller Georg Hack
1983 Egon Müller Karl Maier Stefan Deser
1984 Egon Müller Klaus Lausch Karl Maier
1985 Egon Müller Klaus Lausch Gerd Riss
1986 Gerd Riss Klaus Lausch Karl Maier
1987 Tommy Dunker Gerd Riss Karl Maier
1988 Klaus Lausch Tommy Dunker Karl Maier
1989 Klaus Lausch Andre Pollehn Tommy Dunker
1990 Klaus Lausch Tommy Dunker Andre Pollehn

Before 1979 the West German Individual Championship was known as the German Track Championship & was held on Grasstrack & Long tracks only

East Germany


YearWinnersRunner-up3rd place
1962 Jürgen Hehlert Gunter SchelenzWolfgang Krug
1963 Jochen Dinse Gunter SchelenzJurgen Rudolph
1964 Jochen Dinse Gunter Schelenz Hans Jürgen Fritz
1965 Jochen Dinse Hans Jürgen Fritz Jürgen Hehlert
1966 Jürgen Hehlert Bruno BulauGunter Schelenz
1967 Jochen Dinse Peter Liebing Jürgen Hehlert
1968 Jochen Dinse Gerhard Uhlenbrock Jürgen Hehlert
1969 Peter Liebing Jochen Dinse Gerhard Uhlenbrock
1970 Hans Jürgen Fritz Jürgen Hehlert Peter Liebing
1971 Hans Jürgen Fritz Jürgen Hehlert Jochen Dinse
1972 Hans Jürgen Fritz Clemens Bever Dieter Tetzlaff
1973 Jochen Dinse Clemens Bever Peter Liebing
1974 Dieter Tetzlaff Hans Jürgen Fritz Wilfried Schneider
1975 Clemens Bever Dieter Tetzlaff Rolf Perner
1976 Dieter Tetzlaff Clemens Bever Jochen Dinse
1977 Hartmut Ernst Clemens Bever Dieter Tetzlaff
1978 Dieter Tetzlaff Werner Mell Joachim Mell
1979 Dieter Tetzlaff Dietmar Lieschke Clemens Bever
1980 Dieter Tetzlaff Diethelm Triemer Dietmar Lieschke
1981 Diethelm Triemer Clemens Bever Dieter Tetzlaff
1982 Diethelm Triemer Werner MellDietmar Liechke
1983 Diethelm Triemer Jurgen SchumannThomas Frobel
1984 Diethelm Triemer Norbert GummerThomas Frobel
1985 Diethelm Triemer Ralf Peters Herbert Mussehl
1986 Diethelm Triemer Joachim Mell Ralf Peters
1987 Diethelm Triemer Herbert Mussehl Ralf Peters
1988 Herbert Mussehl Thomas Frobel Diethelm Triemer
1989 Joachim Mell Mike Ott Ralf Peters
1990 Mike Ott Thomas Diehr Thomas Hopp
1991 Thomas Diehr Herbert Mussehl Frank Leonhardt


Post 1990 [4]

YearWinnersRunner-up3rd place
1991 Zoltan Adorjan Flag of Hungary.svg Gerd Riss Klaus Lausch
1992 Gerd Riss Robert Barth Jorg Pingel
1993 Marvyn Cox Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Gerd Riss Mike Ott
1994 Gerd Riss Marvyn Cox Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Andre Pollehn
1995 Marvyn Cox Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Gerd Riss Robert Barth
1996 Gerd Riss Robert Barth Robert Kessler
1997 Todd Wiltshire Flag of Australia (converted).svg Matthias Kroger Robert Kessler
1998 Todd Wiltshire Flag of Australia (converted).svg Steffen Mell Aleš Dryml Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
1999 Mirko Wolter Gerd Riss Robert Barth
2000 Robert Barth Mathias Kroger Lukas Dryml Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
2001 Robert Barth Aleš Dryml Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Mirko Wolter
2002 Mirko Wolter Robert Kessler Martin Smolinski
2003 Mathias Schultz Matthias Kroger Christian Hefenbrock
2004 Mirko Wolter Mathias Schultz Christian Hefenbrock
2005 Mathias Schultz Christian Hefenbrock Georg Pingel
2006 Christian Hefenbrock Tobias Kroner Thomas Stange
2007 Martin Smolinski Mathias Schultz Tobias Kroner
2008 Kevin Wölbert Martin Smolinski Richard Speiser
2009 Martin Smolinski Christian Hefenbrock Frank Facher
2010 Martin Smolinski Tobias Kroner Tobias Busch
2011 Kevin Wölbert Kai Huckenbeck Martin Smolinski
2012 Tobias Kroner Christian Hefenbrock Kevin Wölbert
2013 Kai Huckenbeck Mathias Schultz Martin Smolinski
2014 Kai Huckenbeck Martin Smolinski Tobias Kroner
2015 Martin Smolinski Kevin Wölbert Tobias Busch
2016 Martin Smolinski Kevin Wölbert Mathias Schultz
2017 Kai Huckenbeck Kevin Wölbert Max Dilger
2018 Martin Smolinski Kai Huckenbeck Erik Riss
2019 Martin Smolinski [5] Erik Riss Kevin Wölbert
2020cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic [6]

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