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AMA National
Speedway Championship
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Most titles Billy Janniro (10)

The AMA National Speedway Championship is an annual speedway championship to decide the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) North American speedway champion. [1] This event is separate from the United States National Championships which is restricted to riders from the United States only. [2]


Roll of honour

1925 Sprouts Elder
1926Not Held
1927 Art Pecher
1928-1929Not Held
1930 Miny Waln
1931 Miny Waln
1932 Miny Waln
1933 Wilbur Lamoreaux
1934 Cordy Milne
1935 Cordy Milne
1937 Benny Kaufman
1938-1945Not Held
1946 Wilbur Lamoreaux
1947 Cordy Milne
1948-1967Not Held
1968 Rick Woods
1969 Steve Bast (14) John Carter (13) Rick Woods (11)
1970 Rick Woods (15) Steve Bast (13) Mike Bast (11)
1971 Mike Bast (13) Mike Konle (13) Larry Shaw (12)
1972 Rick Woods (15) Scott Autrey (13) Mike Bast (13)
1973 Mike Bast (14) Mike Curoso (13) Larry Shaw (12)
1974 Steve Bast (13) Jeff Sexton (12) Mike Bast (10)
1975 Mike Bast (15) Dubb Ferrell (12) Steve Nutter (11)
1976 Mike Bast (14) Larry Shaw (13) Bruce Penhall (12)
1977 Mike Bast (14) Bruce Penhall (13) Steve Bast (13)
1978 Mike Bast (13) Gene Woods (12) Bobby Schwartz (11)
1979 Mike Bast (15) Alan Christian (13) Larry Costa (12)
1980 Bruce Penhall (15) Alan Christian (11) Dubb Ferrell (11)
1981 Bruce Penhall (14) Mike Bast (12) John Sandona (12)
1982 Shawn Moran (14) Mike Faria (12) Dubb Ferrell (11)
1983 Kelly Moran (14) Mike Faria (13) Dubb Ferrell (11)
1984 Kelly Moran (14) Bobby Schwartz (13) John Sandona (11)
1985 Alan Christian (14) Bobby Schwartz (12) Mike Faria (11)
1986 Bobby Schwartz (14) Robert Pfetzing (14) Gary Hicks (10)
1987 Brad Oxley (14) Bobby Ott (14) Steve Lucero (12)
1988 Steve Lucero (12) Phil Collins ( Flag of the United Kingdom.svg ) (11) Sam Ermolenko (10)
1989 Bobby Schwartz (14) Billy Hamill (13) Phil Collins ( Flag of the United Kingdom.svg ) (13)
1990 Mike Faria (13) Alan Christian (13) Billy Hamill (12)
1991 Mike Faria (14) Steve Lucero (13) Robert Pfetzing (12)
1992 Chris Manchester (15) Bobby Schwartz (13) Steve Lucero (11)
1993 Sam Ermolenko (15) Chris Manchester (12) Charlie Venegas (11)
1994 Sam Ermolenko (14) Josh Larsen (13) Gary Hicks (12)
1995 Greg Hancock (13) Bobby Schwartz (13) Steve Lucero (12)
1996 Steve Lucero (18) Mike Faria (17) Louis Kossuth (11)
1997 Mike Faria (15) Greg Hancock (14) Charlie Venegas (13)
1998 Greg Hancock (14) Bart Bast (12) Mike Faria (12)
1999 Billy Hamill Charlie Venegas Mike Faria
2000 Greg Hancock Charlie Venegas Billy Hamill
2001 Billy Hamill Billy Janniro Ryan Fisher
2002 Billy Hamill (55) Billy Janniro (53) Mike Faria (42)
2003 Greg Hancock (35+3) Ryan Fisher (35+2) Billy Janniro (34)
2004 Greg Hancock (58) Billy Hamill (56) Billy Janniro (52)
2005 Greg Hancock (62) Billy Hamill (55) Charlie Venegas (46)
2006 Greg Hancock (57) Billy Hamill (53) Mike Faria (45)
2007 Billy Hamill (60) Greg Hancock (55) Bart Bast (49)
2008 Billy Janniro (62) Bart Bast (42) Bryan Yarrow (38)
2009 Greg Hancock (62) Billy Janniro (53) Bart Bast (40)
2010 Billy Janniro (41) Charlie Venegas (37) Bart Bast (28)
2011 Billy Janniro (24) Bryan Yarrow (20) Charlie Venegas (15)
2012 Billy Hamill (23) Charlie Venegas (22) Bryan Yarrow (14)
2013 Billy Janniro (56) Billy Hamill (54) Gino Manzares (42)
2014 Billy Janniro (81) Bart Bast (51+3) Max Ruml (51+2)
2015 Billy Janniro (76) Max Ruml (60) Bart Bast (51)
2016 Billy Janniro (77) Max Ruml (63) Dillon Ruml (46)
2017 Billy Janniro (72) Max Ruml (65) Broc Nicol (52)
2018 Billy Janniro (78) Luke Becker (67) Austin Novratil (65)
2019 Billy Janniro (59) Max Ruml (46) Gino Manzares (36)
2020 Max Ruml [3] Broc Nicol Billy Janniro

Medals classification

(Since 1968)

PosRiderTotal Gold medal icon.svg Silver medal icon.svg Bronze medal icon.svg
1. Billy Janniro 161033
2. Greg Hancock 1082
3. Mike Bast 11713
4. Billy Hamill 10442
5. Mike Faria 11335
6. Rick Woods 431
7. Bobby Schwartz 7241
8. Steve Lucero 6213
9. Steve Bast 4211
Bruce Penhall 4211
11. Sam Ermolenko 321
12. Kelly Moran 22
13. Max Ruml 514
14. Alan Christian 413
15. Chris Manchester 211
16. Shawn Moran 11
Brad Oxley 11

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Maxwell Ruml is a speedway rider from the United States.


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