Grand Manan Community School

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Grand Manan Community School
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Grand Manan Community School
1144 Route 776

New Brunswick
Coordinates 44°41′15″N66°45′57″W / 44.6876°N 66.7659°W / 44.6876; -66.7659 Coordinates: 44°41′15″N66°45′57″W / 44.6876°N 66.7659°W / 44.6876; -66.7659
School type Elementary, Middle & High school
School board Anglophone South School District
PrincipalSally Cogswell
Vice principalHeather Ingalls
Grades K-12

Grand Manan Community School is a K-12 school located on Grand Manan Island in Charlotte County, New Brunswick. Grand Manan Community School is in the Anglophone South School District. [1]

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Charlotte County, New Brunswick County in Canada

Charlotte County is a county of New Brunswick, Canada.

Grand Manan Village in New Brunswick, Canada

Grand Manan is a Canadian island in the Bay of Fundy. Grand Manan is also the name of an incorporated village, which includes the main island and all of its adjacent islands, except White Head Island. It is governed as a village and is part of the province of New Brunswick.

Campobello Island island in Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada

Campobello Island is the largest and only inhabited island in Campobello, a civil parish in southwestern New Brunswick, near the border with Maine. The island's permanent population in 2016 was 872. It is the site of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park and of Herring Cove Provincial Park.

Machias Seal Island Disputed island in the Gulf of Maine

Machias Seal Island is an island in disputed water between the Gulf of Maine and the Bay of Fundy, about 16 km (10 mi) southeast from Cutler, Maine, United States and 19 km (12 mi) southwest of Southwest Head, New Brunswick, Canada on Grand Manan Island. It is a neighbour to North Rock. Sovereignty of the island is disputed. The Canadian Coast Guard continues to staff a lighthouse on the island; the first lighthouse was constructed there in 1832.

Coastal Transport Limited

Coastal Transport Limited is a ferry company operating in eastern Canada on the Bay of Fundy with headquarters in Saint John, New Brunswick. The company began as a wholly owned subsidiary of Marine Atlantic Incorporated (MAI), and in April 1997 was sold to Murray O. Ryder, the former MAI Vice President of Operations.

Rothesay, New Brunswick Town in New Brunswick, Canada

Rothesay is a town located in Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada. It is adjacent to the City of Saint John along the Kennebecasis River.

White Head Island

White Head Island is an island located in the Bay of Fundy. It is off the east coast of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. In 2011 the island had a population of 162. White Head Island is governed as a local service district.

New Brunswick Route 776

Route 776 is a provincial highway in New Brunswick, Canada. It serves as the main road on Charlotte County's Grand Manan Island, following the entire eastern coast of the island.

The Anchorage Provincial Park

The Anchorage Provincial Park is a public park located on the south-east coast of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada. The island, the largest in the Bay of Fundy, is also the primary island in the Grand Manan Archipelago, sitting at the boundary between the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine.

Anglophone East School District is a Canadian school district in South-East New Brunswick. The district is an Anglophone district operating 39 public schools from grades Kindergarten to 12 in Albert and Westmorland counties. The name of the school district was changed from School District 2 in July 2012.

North Head, New Brunswick

North Head is a community on the island of Grand Manan, New Brunswick. Formerly a separate village, it was amalgamated into the newly formed village of Grand Manan in 1995. North Head is the southern terminus of the Blacks Harbour to Grand Manan Island Ferry.

Caledonia Regional High School, is a Canadian secondary school in Hillsborough, New Brunswick. It is a “Centre of Academic Excellence” according to the local news media and the least populated high school in all of Anglophone East School District.

Route 176 is an 10-kilometre (6.2 mi)-long mostly north–south secondary highway in southwest New Brunswick, Canada.

Grand Manan is a civil parish in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada, comprising one village and one local service district (LSD), both of which are members of the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission (SNBSC). The parish includes Grand Manan Island and numerous lesser islands, only one of which has permanent year-round inhabitants.

Anglophone South is a Canadian school district in New Brunswick.

Cambridge-Narrows Community School is a K-12 school located in Queens County, New Brunswick, on the south bank of the Washademoak Lake in the village of Cambridge-Narrows. Cambridge-Narrows Community School is in the Anglophone West School District.

Gannet Rock Lighthouse

The Gannet Rock Lighthouse is a Canadian lighthouse located on a rocky islet 8 miles (13 km) south of Grand Manan in the Bay of Fundy. It was first lit in 1831 and was staffed until 1996. It was solarized in 2002 and remains operational in 2017. It was declared "surplus to requirements" by the Canadian Coast Guard in 2010 and is no longer being maintained.

Swallowtail Lighthouse

The Swallowtail Lighthouse is a Canadian lighthouse located on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. It was the first lighthouse to be built on the island. It was first lit on 7 July 1860 and was automated and de-staffed in 1986.

Lincoln Keith Ingersoll was a Canadian teacher, writer, historian and museum director. He was born in Seal Cove on the island of Grand Manan, New Brunswick. While still in his teens he started contributing local news items to the Saint Croix Courier, a weekly newspaper published in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. In 1934 he became the paper's regular Grand Manan correspondent at a salary of $10 a month. He continued in this role for 21 years. A prolific writer and author of several books, Ingersoll wrote that other than manual labour in the Grand Manan fisheries, "everything I have done by way of employment, or community service, since that early beginning in journalism has been made easier by my intimate acquaintance with the typewriter".


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