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Gridiron Developmental Football League
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Sport American football
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The Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL) is a low-level minor professional football league based in Memphis, Tennessee using the franchise model. [1] [2] The league has a partnering agreement with the EFLI for player development. [3]


As of January 2020, the league has 46 teams, including two former indoor teams: The Tampa Bay Warriors (formerly the Florida Scorpions) and the Myrtle Beach Sharks (previously from the Arena Pro Football). [4]

History of GDFL

The league was founded in 2009 and formed in 2010, with Charles Thompson as the founder and first president, as representatives of several Regional Minor Pro Football teams. [1] [5] [6]

GDFL Inaugural Teams

Memphis Blast, Arkansas Pirates, Carolina Warriors, Mississippi Raiders, Huntsville Hurricanes, Derby City Thunder, Hopkinsville Marauders, River City Raptors, Kentucky Wolverines, Ohio Browns, Columbus Gladiators ,Tristate Sharks, Goshen Rampage, North Carolina Bengals, Lumberton Razorbacks, Carolina Cougars, Carolina Lions, Carolina Warhawks, Carolina Warriors, Port City Snipers, Beaufort Broncos, Palmetto Havoc, Palmetto State Spartans, CSRA Cobras, Georgia Crush, Rock Hill Scorpions, Lake Norman Fear, Ashville Grizzlies.

GDFL National Champions

GDFL Commissioners

George Burch (2017-)

Devin Richardson (2015- 2017)

Steven Roper (2014-2015)

Charles Thompson (2010-2014)

Notable players

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The Dallas Diesel is an American football team, founded in 1997, which plays in the Midwest Division of the Impact Conference in the Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL). The team is also known as the DTF Diesel. The team is the 2006 NAFL champion. The Diesel defeated the Nashville Storm 24-19 in the championship game played at the Wide World of Sports complex at Walt Disney World in October 2006. Kicker Sean Riley was the leading scorer for 2006.

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The Oklahoma Thunder are a professional American football team based in Bixby, Oklahoma. Starting with the 2011 season, the team competes in the Gridiron Developmental Football League, playing in the Midwest-North Division in the GDFL's Impact Conference. Players have included Bacone College alumni, former major college standouts, and former NFL players including Willie Ponder. The team was founded by Bruce Madden, Daniel Cornelison, and Gary Joice in 2007. James Ashford later bought a piece of the team. The team originally competed in the World Football League. The league was formed as a minor league for players to work on their skills in hopes of making an NFL team. During the team's time in the WFL the Thunder had players signed by several teams including the New Orleans Voo-Doo and the Colorado Crush of the AFL The team's name pre-dates the relocation of the Seattle SuperSonics to Oklahoma City to become the Oklahoma City Thunder. The team's official colors are silver and blue. The team's cheerleaders are known as the Thunder Girls.

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The American Arena League (AAL) is a minor professional indoor football league that began playing in 2018. The league was initiated by a merger between Arena Pro Football (APF) and the Can-Am Indoor Football League (Can-Am), although it claimed only the APF history after the former Can-Am founder left the league. Teams from both leagues, new teams, and later teams from Supreme Indoor Football and National Arena League constituted the new league for its inaugural season.


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