Hang-Ups (album)

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Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 9, 1997
Label Mojo
Producer Jay Rifkin and John Feldmann
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Stomping Ground
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Wall of Sound 62/100 [3]

Hang-Ups is the second album by American rock band Goldfinger released by Mojo Records on September 9, 1997. Many of the album's tracks feature more of a ska sound than their debut. The album's first single "This Lonely Place" was not as successful as "Here in Your Bedroom", a single off their debut album, but it did gain them numerous talk show appearances and spins of the video, which parodies the 1979 film Alien.


Like their self-titled debut, the horns on the album are provided by several members of the Orange County ska scene, most notably Dan Regan and Scott Klopfenstein of Reel Big Fish on trombone and trumpet, respectively. The song "Carlita" features Angelo Moore of Fishbone on saxophone and vocals.

"Superman" was used in films Kingpin and Meet the Deedles . [4] Two years after its release, the song gained recognition thanks to the Tony Hawk franchise when it first appeared series Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in addition to the game's HD remake [5] and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 .

Track listing

All tracks are written by John Feldmann, except where noted.

1."Superman" 3:05
2."My Head"Feldmann, Charlie Paulson, Simon Williams 3:03
3."If Only" 2:25
4."This Lonely Place" 3:19
5."20¢ Goodbye" 1:58
6."Question" 2:57
7."Disorder"Feldmann, Paulson3:13
8."Carlita"Feldmann, Paulson3:16
9."Too Late" 2:20
10."I Need to Know" 2:53
11."Authority" 2:41
12."S.M.P. (Skiers Must Perish)" 1:01
13."The Last Time" 2:46
14."Chris Cayton" (The song "Chris Cayton" ends at 3:08. After 2 minutes of silence, at 5:08 begins the hidden track "Chicken McNuggets", that ends at minute 9:10. After 26 minutes and 50 seconds of silence, at 36:00 begins the hidden track "It Isn't Just Me".) 36:31


Additional musicians

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