Imagine (TV series)

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Genre Documentary
Presented by Alan Yentob
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series22
Executive producer Alan Yentob
Original network BBC One
Picture format 576i (16:9 SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release11 June 2003 (2003-06-11) 
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Imagine is a wide-ranging arts series first broadcast on BBC One in 2003, hosted and executive produced by Alan Yentob. Each series usually consists of 4 to 7 episodes, each on a different topic. Episodes have been directed by, among others, Geoff Wonfor, Lucy Blakstead, Roger Parsons and Zoë Silver.


List of episodes

Series 1 (from 11 June 2003):

Series 2 (from 12 November 2003):

Series 3 (from 2 June 2004):

Series 4 (from 24 November 2004):

Series 5 (from 11 May 2005):

Series 6 (from 22 June 2005):

Series 7 (from 23 November 2005):

Series 8 (from 17 January 2006)

Series 9 (from 23 May 2006)

Series 10 (from 17 October 2006)

Special (27 December 2006)

Series 11 (from 8 May 2007)

Special (4 July 2007)

Series 12 (from 23 October 2007)

Series 13 (from 23 May 2008)

Series 14 (from 5 October 2008)

Series 15 (from 23 June 2009)

Series 16 (from 17 November 2009)

Series 17 (from 5 April 2010)

Series 18 (from 15 June 2010)

Series 19 (from 16 November 2010)

Special (23 February 2011)

The Trouble with Tolstoy (from 27 March 2011)

Series 20 (from 28 June 2011)

Series 21 (from 1 November 2011)

Series 22 (from 26 June 2012)

Series 23 (from 19 September 2012)

Series 24 (from 28 March 2013)

Series 25 (from 5 Nov 2013)

Series 26 (from 18 May 2014)

Series 27

Series 28

Series 29

Series 30

Other (2006)

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