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John Struan Robertson QSO (born 6 December 1951 in Auckland) [1] is a former New Zealand politician and current New Zealand government-appointed Commissioner (2013).


Member of Parliament

New Zealand Parliament
19901993 43rd Papakura National
19931995 44th Papakura National
19951996Changed allegiance to: United NZ

He was an MP from 1990 to 1996, representing first the National Party and then United New Zealand. He was first elected to Parliament in the 1990 general election as MP for Papakura, replacing Merv Wellington. He was re-elected in the 1993 general election.

New Zealand National Party Major New Zealand political party

The New Zealand National Party, shortened to National or the Nats, is a centre-right political party in New Zealand. It is one of two major parties that dominate contemporary New Zealand politics, alongside its traditional rival, the New Zealand Labour Party.

United New Zealand

United New Zealand was a centrist political party in New Zealand founded in 1995. It merged with the Christian-based Future New Zealand party to form the United Future New Zealand party in 2000.

1990 New Zealand general election

The 1990 New Zealand general election was held on 27 October to determine the composition of the 43rd New Zealand parliament. The governing Labour Party was defeated, ending its controversial two terms in office. The National Party, led by Jim Bolger, won a landslide victory and formed the new government.

In 1995, he was one of seven centrist MPs who established United New Zealand. [2] Robertson's Papakura electorate was disestablished before the 1996 election; he stood instead for Hunua where he finished second to National's Warren Kyd. [3] United New Zealand did not poll high enough to be entitled to any list MPs, so Robertson left Parliament. [4]

1996 New Zealand general election Election on 12 October 1996

The 1996 New Zealand general election was held on 12 October 1996 to determine the composition of the 45th New Zealand Parliament. It was notable for being the first election to be held under the new mixed-member proportional (MMP) electoral system, and produced a parliament considerably more diverse than previous elections. It saw the National Party, led by Jim Bolger, retain its position in government, but only after protracted negotiations with the smaller New Zealand First party to form a coalition. New Zealand First's position as "kingmaker", able to place either of the two major parties into government, was a significant election outcome.

Hunua (New Zealand electorate) Current New Zealand electorate

The Hunua electorate existed three times for the New Zealand House of Representatives beginning in 1978, based at the south end of the Auckland urban area, and named for the Hunua Ranges. It covered different geographical areas over those periods. The electorate is currently represented by Andrew Bayly of the National Party.

Warren James Kyd is a lawyer and former New Zealand politician.

Mayor of Papakura

He was later elected Mayor of Papakura and served from 2004 [5] to 2007. [6]

The Mayor of Papakura was the head of the municipal government of Papakura, New Zealand, and presided first over the Papakura City (1975–1989) and then Papakura District (1989–2010). The mayor was directly elected using a First Past the Post electoral system.


In the 2008 Queen's Birthday Honours, he was appointed a Companion of the Queen's Service Order for public services and services to local body affairs. [7]

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2008 were appointments by some of the 16 Commonwealth realms to various orders and honours to recognise and reward good works by citizens of those countries. The Birthday Honours are awarded as part of the Queen's Official Birthday celebrations during the month of June.

Queens Service Order an order awarded by the monarch of New Zealand

The Queen's Service Order, established by royal warrant of Queen Elizabeth II on 13 March 1975, is used to recognise "valuable voluntary service to the community or meritorious and faithful services to the Crown or similar services within the public sector, whether in elected or appointed office". This order was created after a review of New Zealand's honours system in 1974. The Queen's Service Order replaced the Imperial Service Order in New Zealand.

Chair of the Kaipara District Commissioners

In August 2012, he was appointed by the national government to be the Chair of the Commissioners for the Kaipara District Council to replace the elected councillors due to the governance crisis the Council faced. The Minister for Local Government said that this role was expected to remain until October 2015. [8]

Kaipara District Territorial authority in Northland, New Zealand

The Kaipara District is located in the Northland Region in northern New Zealand.

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48th New Zealand Parliament

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John Gordon Armstrong was a New Zealand politician of the National Party.

Papakura (New Zealand electorate) New Zealand electorate

Papakura is an electorate in the New Zealand House of Representatives, based in the south Auckland town of Papakura. Historically, the name refers to an electorate that existed between 1978 and 1996, which with the advent of Mixed Member Proportional voting and resulting reduction in the number of constituencies was folded into a new Hunua seat. In 2002 Hunua was modified, pulled northwards and renamed Clevedon.

Grant Robertson New Zealand politician

Grant Murray Robertson is a New Zealand Labour politician who has been the Minister of Finance since 2017 and the Member of Parliament for Wellington Central since 2008.


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