Let's Make a Night of It

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Let's Make a Night of It
Directed by Graham Cutts
Produced by Walter C. Mycroft
Written byHenrik Ege (play)
F. McGrew Willis
Hugh Brooke
Starring Charles Rogers
June Clyde
Claire Luce
Music by Harry Acres
Cinematography Claude Friese-Greene
Otto Kanturek
Edited by Flora Newton
Distributed byAssociated British Picture Corporation
Release date
28 June 1937
Running time
67 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English

Let's Make a Night of It is a 1937 British musical comedy film directed by Graham Cutts and starring Charles Rogers, June Clyde and Claire Luce. [1] The screenplay concerns a husband and his wife, who acquire rival nightclubs at the same time. It was based on the play The Silver Spoon by Henrik Ege.



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