List of airports in Nicaragua

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List of airports in Nicaragua , sorted by location.



City served Department ICAO IATA Airport name
International airports [1]
Managua Managua MNMGMGA Augusto C. Sandino International Airport
Bilwi RAAN MNPCPUZ Puerto Cabezas Airport
Bluefields RAAS MNBLBEF Bluefields Airport
Chinandega Chinandega MNCH Chinandega Airport (Germán Pomares Ordoñez)
Corn Island RAAS MNCIRNI Corn Island Airport
San Carlos Río San Juan MNSCNCR San Carlos Airport
Tola Rivas MNCEECI Costa Esmeralda Airport
Domestic airports
Bonanza RAAN MNBZBZA San Pedro Airport
Rosita RAAN MNRTRFS Rosita Airport
San Juan de Nicaragua Río San Juan MNSN San Juan de Nicaragua Airport
Siuna RAAN MNSISIU Siuna Airport
Waspam RAAN MNWPWSP Waspam Airport
Nueva Guinea RAAS MNNGNVG Nueva Guinea Airport - closed
Other airports
Alamikamba, Prinzapolka RAAN MNAL Alamikamba Airport
El Bluff RAAN MNFF El Bluff Airport - Closed
El Castillo Río San Juan MNPA Palcasa Airport
Juigalpa Chontales MNHG Hato Grande Airport
Juigalpa Chontales MNPG Pikin Guerrero Airport
Karawala, Desembocadura de la Cruz de Río Grande RAAS MNKW Karawala Airport
La Cumplida, Matagalpa Matagalpa MNMT La Cumplida Airport
La Esperanza RAAS MNEP La Esperanza Airport
Las Lajas Granada MNLL Las Lajas Airport
León León MNLN León Airport
León León MNPP El Papalonal Airport
Los Brasiles, Mateare Managua MNBR Los Brasiles Airport
Moyogalpa Rivas MNLPOMT Ometepe Airport
San Francisco Libre Managua MNFC Punta Huete Airport (Panchito)
San Juan del Sur Rivas MNRV Morgan's Rock Airport
San Lorenzo Boaco MNAM Altamira Airport
San Rafael del Sur Managua MNMR Montelimar Airport
Airports with unverified coordinates
Estelí Estelí MNES Estelí Airport
Juigalpa Chontales MNFM Fertimar Airport
Waspado, Siuna RAAN MNMP Mapinicsa Airport

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Atlantic Airlines de Honduras

Atlantic Airlines de Honduras was an airline based in La Ceiba, Honduras, which operated domestic and regional passenger flights, mostly out of the city's Golosón International Airport, as well as Toncontín International Airport (Tegucigalpa).

Aerotaxis La Costeña S.A., is an airline based in Managua, Nicaragua. It operates passenger services from Managua to 10 domestic destinations as part of the Avianca regional system. Its main base is Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, Managua.

Waspam Airport airport in Waspam, Nicaragua

Waspam Airport is an airport serving Waspam, a town on the Coco River on Nicaragua's border with Honduras.

Siuna Airport airport in Nicaragua

Siuna Airport is an airport serving Siuna, Nicaragua. The airport is in the southern part of the town.

San Pedro Airport (Nicaragua) airport that serves Bonanza, Nicaragua

San Pedro Airport is an airport that serves Bonanza, Nicaragua.

Puerto Cabezas Airport airport

Puerto Cabezas Airport is an airport serving Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. Also known as Bilwi Airport, it is located on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCN), approximately an hour from Managua by aircraft. Operated by the state of Nicaragua, it mainly serves the city of Puerto Cabezas, located close to the northeast corner of the country.

Rosita Airport airport in Nicaragua

Rosita Airport is a private airport serving Rosita, Nicaragua. The runway is 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) south of town.

Bluefields Airport airport

Bluefields International Airport is an airport serving Bluefields, a harbor city in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua. It is the busiest airport in the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

Corn Island Airport airport in Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Corn Island International Airport is an airport that serves Corn Island, Nicaragua. A new terminal has been built and the runway was refurbished so that medium-sized jet aircraft can land the airport. Buses and taxis are both available for transport around the island. It has x-ray machines, two immigration offices.

Chinandega Airport airport in Chinandega, Nicaragua

Chinandega Airport is an airport serving Chinandega, the capital of the Chinandega Department of Nicaragua. The airport is on the northwest edge of the city.

León Airport (Nicaragua) airport in León, Nicaragua

León Airport is an airport serving León, the capital of the León Department of Nicaragua. The airport is on the southwest side of the city.

Los Brasiles Airport airport in Mateare, Nicaragua

Los Brasiles Airport is an airport serving Mateare, a municipality of the Managua Department of Nicaragua. The airport is 2 kilometres (1 mi) west of the Lake Managua shoreline and 4 kilometres (2 mi) south of the Apoyeque volcano.

San Carlos Airport (Nicaragua) airport in Nicaragua

San Carlos Airport is an airfield serving San Carlos, Río San Juan Department, Nicaragua. The domestic airline La Costeña has daily scheduled flights from Managua to San Carlos.

San Juan de Nicaragua Airport airport in San Juan de Nicaragua, Nicaragua

San Juan de Nicaragua Airport is an airport located in San Juan de Nicaragua, Río San Juan, Nicaragua. The airport was built in 2012 at a cost of almost US$17 million.

Costa Esmeralda Airport airport in Nicaragua

Emerald Coast Airport is an international airport 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) west of Tola, a town in the Rivas Department of Nicaragua. The airport was opened on November 15, 2015 at a cost of almost US$13 million.