List of airports in Panama

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This is a list of airports in Panama , sorted by location. International and domestic airports included.

Airport location where aircraft take off and land

An airport is an aerodrome with extended facilities, mostly for commercial air transport. Airports often have facilities to store and maintain aircraft, and a control tower. An airport consists of a landing area, which comprises an aerially accessible open space including at least one operationally active surface such as a runway for a plane to take off or a helipad, and often includes adjacent utility buildings such as control towers, hangars and terminals. Larger airports may have airport aprons, taxiway bridges, air traffic control centres, passenger facilities such as restaurants and lounges, and emergency services. In some countries, the US in particular, they also typically have one or more fixed-base operators, serving general aviation.

Panama Republic in Central America

Panama, officially the Republic of Panama, is a country in Central America, bordered by Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The capital and largest city is Panama City, whose metropolitan area is home to nearly half the country's 4 million people.


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Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

Panama City Tocumen airport is the hub, and the busiest airport in all of Central America.

City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name
Achutupo Guna Yala ACU Achutupo Airport
Aguadulce Coclé Aguadulce Airport
Ailigandi Guna Yala (San Blas)AIL Ailigandí Airport
Arraiján Panamá Province MPPABLB Panamá Pacífico International Airport , former Howard Air Force Base [1]
Bocas del Toro Bocas del Toro Province MPBOBOC Bocas del Toro "Isla Colón" International Airport [2]
Cartí Guna Yala CTE Cartí Airport
Chame Panamá Oeste MPCM Chame Airport
Changuinola Bocas del Toro Province MPCHCHX Changuinola "Capitán Manuel Niño" International Airport [3]
Chitré Herrera Province MPCECTD Chitré Alonso Valderrama Airport
Colón Colón Province MPEJONX Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Airport
Calzada Larga Panamá Province MPCL Calzada Larga Airport
Contadora Island Panamá Province MPRAOTD Contadora Airport
Coiba Island Veraguas Province Coiba Airport
Corazón de Jesús Guna Yala CZJ Corazón de Jesús Airport
David Chiriquí Province MPDADAV David "Enrique Malek" International Airport [4]
El Porvenir Guna Yala MPVRPVE El Porvenir Airport
El Real Darién Province MPREELE El Real Airport
Fuerte Sherman Colón Province MPFS Fort Sherman - Closed [5]
Garachiné Darién Province MPGAGHE Garachiné Airport
Jaqué Darién Province MPJEJQE Jaqué Airport
La Palma Darién Province MPLPPLP Captain Ramon Xatruch Airport - Closed
La Palma Darién Province MPMF Miraflores Airport
Los Santos Los Santos Province MPNU Augusto Vergara Airport
Mulatupo Guna Yala MPP Mulatupo Airport
Punta Patiño Darién Province Punta Patiño Airport
Panama City Panamá Province MPMGPAC Albrook "Marcos A. Gelabert" International Airport [6] Formerly Albrook AFB
Panama City Panamá Province MPTOPTY Tocumen International Airport [7]
Pedasí Los Santos MPPDPDM Capt. J. Montenegro Airport
Playón Chico Guna Yala PYC Playón Chico Airport
Puerto Obaldia Guna Yala MPOAPUE Puerto Obaldia Airport
Puerto Piña Darién Province BFQ Bahía Piña Airport
Río Hato Coclé Province MPSMRIH Scarlett Martínez International Airport
Sambú Darién Province MPSBSAX Sambú Airport
San Miguel Panamá Province (Pearl Islands)MPMINMG San Miguel Airport
Isla San José (Panama) Panamá Province (Pearl Islands)SIC San José Airport
Isla Pedro Gonzalez Panamá Province (Pearl Islands)MPFE Fernando Eleta Airport
Santiago Veraguas Province MPSASYP Ruben Cantu Airport
Tonosí Los Santos Province Tonosí Airport
Tubala Guna Yala TUW Tubualá Airport
Ustupo Guna Yala UTU Ustupo Airport
Ustupo Guna Yala OGM Ustupu-Ogobsucum Airport
Wannukandi Guna Yala MPWNNBL Wannukandi Airport
Yaviza Darién Province PYV Yaviza Airport

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