List of airports in Suriname

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Map of Suriname

This is a list of airports in Suriname , sorted by location.


Suriname, officially the Republic of Suriname, is a country in northern South America. It is situated between French Guiana to the east and Guyana to the west. The southern border is shared with Brazil and the northern border is the Atlantic coast. Suriname is the smallest sovereign state in terms of area and population in South America. The country is the only Dutch-speaking region in the Western Hemisphere that is not a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served / location District ICAO IATA Airport name
Afobaka Brokopondo SMAF Afobaka Airstrip
Alalapadu Sipaliwini SMDU Alalapadu Airstrip
Albina Marowijne SMBNABN Albina Airstrip
Amatopo Sipaliwini SMAM Amatopo Airstrip
Anapaike Sipaliwini SMLA Lawa Anapaike Airstrip
Antino / Benzdorp Sipaliwini SMAN Lawa Antino Airstrip
Apetina Sipaliwini SMPT Apetina Airstrip
Avanavero Sipaliwini SMVO Avanavero Airstrip
Bakhuys Sipaliwini SMBG Bakhuys Airstrip
Groot Henar Nickerie SMAL Alupi Airstrip
Botopasi Sipaliwini SMBOBTO Botopasi Airstrip
Cabana / Heidoti Sipaliwini SMCB Cabana Airstrip
Cayana Sipaliwini SMCAAAJ Cayana Airstrip
Kuruni (Coeroenie) Sipaliwini SMCI Coeroenie Airstrip
Cottica Sipaliwini SMCT Lawa Cottica Airstrip
Djoemoe (Djumu) / Asidonhopo Sipaliwini SMDJDOE Djoemoe Airstrip
Donderskamp Sipaliwini SMDK Donderskamp Airstrip
Drietabbetje Sipaliwini SMDADRJ Drietabbetje Airstrip
Gakaba Sipaliwini SMGA Gakaba Airstrip
Godo Holo (Godo Olo) Pikienkondre de Miranda Sipaliwini SMGH Godo Holo Airstrip
Rosebel Gold Mine Brokopondo SMGR Gross Rosebell Airstrip
Peperhol Saramacca SMHA Henri Alwies Airstrip
Jarikaba (Saramacca) Saramacca SMJA Jarikaba Airstrip
Kabalebo Sipaliwini SMKA Kabalebo Airstrip
Tapanahony ressort Sipaliwini SMKM Kami Kami Airstrip
Kayser Mountains Sipaliwini SMKE Kayser Airstrip (Eilerts de Haan Airstrip)
Kwamelasemoetoe Sipaliwini SMSM Kwamelasemoetoe Airstrip
Laduani (Ladouanie) Sipaliwini SMDOLDO Laduani Airstrip
Langatabbetje Sipaliwini SMLT Langatabbetje Airstrip
Lelygebergte (Lely Gebergte) Sipaliwini SMLI Lelygebergte Airstrip
Moengo (Mungo) Marowijne SMMOMOJ Moengo Airstrip
Nieuw Nickerie Nickerie SMNIICK Major Henk Fernandes Airport
Nieuw Jacobkondre Sipaliwini SMJK Njoeng Jacob Kondre Airstrip
Oelemari (Ulemari) Sipaliwini SMOL Oelemari Airport
Paloemeu (Palumeu) Sipaliwini SMPAOEM Vincent Fayks Airport (Vincent Fajks)
Paramaribo (Kwatta) Paramaribo SMHP Gummels Heliport
Paramaribo Paramaribo SMZOORG Zorg en Hoop Airport
Poeketi Sipaliwini SMPE Poeketi Airstrip
Poesoegroenoe (Pusugrunu) Sipaliwini SMPG Poesoegroenoe Airstrip
Raghoebarsing Sipaliwini SMRN Raghoebarsing Airstrip
Ralleighvallen / Voltzberg Sipaliwini SMRA Raleigh Airstrip
Sarakreek Brokopondo SMSK Sarakreek Airstrip
Sipaliwini Sipaliwini SMSI Sipaliwini Airstrip
Stoelmanseiland Sipaliwini SMSTSMZ Stoelmans Eiland Airstrip
Tabiki / Benzdorp Sipaliwini SMTA Lawa Tabiki Airstrip
Tafelberg Sipaliwini SMTB Tafelberg Airstrip (Rudi Kappel Airstrip)
Tepoe (Tepu) / Kasikasima Sipaliwini SMTPKCB Tepoe Airstrip
Totness / Coronie Coronie SMCOTOT Totness Airstrip
Vier Gebroeders Sipaliwini SMVG Vier Gebroeders Airstrip
Wageningen Nickerie SMWAAGI Wageningen Airstrip
Washabo (Wasjoba) / Apoera (Apura) Sipaliwini SMWSWSO Washabo Airport
Zanderij Para SMJPPBM Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

Airports with unverified coordinates:

City served / location District ICAO IATA Airport name
Baitali Sipaliwini SMBA Baitali Airstrip
Satrio Nickerie SMSA Satrio Airstrip
Tosso Kreek Sipaliwini SMRB Tosso Kreek Airstrip


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