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Map of Uruguay

This is a list of airports in Uruguay , sorted alphabetically by ICAO code.


Uruguay, officially known as Oriental Republic of Uruguay (Spanish : República Oriental del Uruguay), is a country located in the southeastern part of South America. Uruguay's only land border is with Brazil, to the north. To the west lies the Uruguay River, to the southwest lies the estuary of Río de la Plata, with Argentina only a short commute across the banks of either of these bodies of water, while to the southeast lies the South Atlantic Ocean. Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America, being larger only than Suriname.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

Airport name IATA code ICAO codeCity servedDepartmentCoordinates
Ángel Adami International Airport SUAA Montevideo Flag placeholder.svg  Montevideo 34°47′21″S56°15′53″W / 34.78917°S 56.26472°W / -34.78917; -56.26472
Artigas International Airport ATISUAG Artigas Flag of Artigas Department.svg  Artigas 30°23′57″S56°30′39″W / 30.39917°S 56.51083°W / -30.39917; -56.51083
Estancia Presidencial Anchorena Airport SUAN Barra de San Juan Flag of Colonia Department.svg  Colonia 34°16′13″S57°57′51″W / 34.27028°S 57.96417°W / -34.27028; -57.96417
Cap. Juan Manuel Boiso Lanza Air Base SUBL Montevideo Flag placeholder.svg  Montevideo 34°48′40″S56°09′50″W / 34.81111°S 56.16389°W / -34.81111; -56.16389
Placeres Airport BUVSUBU Bella Unión Flag of Artigas Department.svg  Artigas 30°19′10″S57°33′33″W / 30.31944°S 57.55917°W / -30.31944; -57.55917
Laguna de los Patos International Airport CYRSUCA Colonia del Sacramento Flag of Colonia Department.svg  Colonia 34°27′05″S57°46′01″W / 34.45139°S 57.76694°W / -34.45139; -57.76694
Zagarzazú International Airport SUCM Carmelo Flag of Colonia Department.svg  Colonia 33°57′58″S58°19′31″W / 33.96611°S 58.32528°W / -33.96611; -58.32528
Santa Bernardina International Airport DZOSUDU Durazno Flag of Durazno Department.svg  Durazno 33°21′23″S56°29′46″W / 33.35639°S 56.49611°W / -33.35639; -56.49611
Villa Independencia Airport SUFB Fray Bentos Flag of Rio Negro Department.png  Río Negro 33°08′35″S58°17′38″W / 33.14306°S 58.29389°W / -33.14306; -58.29389
C/C Carlos A. Curbelo de Laguna del Sauce International Airport PDPSULS Maldonado and Punta del Este Flag of Maldonado Department.png  Maldonado 34°51′30″S55°05′30″W / 34.85833°S 55.09167°W / -34.85833; -55.09167
Ricardo Detomasi Airport SUME Mercedes Flag of Soriano Department.svg  Soriano 33°14′55″S58°04′22″W / 33.24861°S 58.07278°W / -33.24861; -58.07278
Campo Municipal de Aterrizaje Airport SUMI Minas Flag of Lavalleja Department.svg  Lavalleja 34°20′43″S55°13′37″W / 34.34528°S 55.22694°W / -34.34528; -55.22694
Cerro Largo International Airport MLZSUMO Melo Flag of Cerro Largo Department.PNG  Cerro Largo 32°20′33″S54°13′19″W / 32.34250°S 54.22194°W / -32.34250; -54.22194
Carrasco Gral. Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport MVDSUMU Montevideo Flag of Canelones Department.svg  Canelones 34°50′02″S56°01′41″W / 34.83389°S 56.02806°W / -34.83389; -56.02806
El Jagüel Airport SUPE Maldonado and Punta del Este Flag of Maldonado Department.png  Maldonado 34°54′47″S54°55′09″W / 34.91306°S 54.91917°W / -34.91306; -54.91917
Tydeo Larre Borges International Airport PDUSUPU Paysandú Flag of Paysandu Department.svg  Paysandú 32°21′47″S58°03′59″W / 32.36306°S 58.06639°W / -32.36306; -58.06639
Río Branco Airport SURB Río Branco Flag of Cerro Largo Department.PNG  Cerro Largo 32°34′54″S53°27′14″W / 32.58167°S 53.45389°W / -32.58167; -53.45389
Pte. Gral. Óscar D. Gestido International Airport RVYSURV Rivera Flag of Rivera Department.png  Rivera 30°58′10″S55°28′24″W / 30.96944°S 55.47333°W / -30.96944; -55.47333
Nueva Hespérides International Airport STYSUSO Salto Flag of Salto Department.svg  Salto 31°26′05″S57°59′03″W / 31.43472°S 57.98417°W / -31.43472; -57.98417
Tacuarembó Airport TAWSUTB Tacuarembó Flag placeholder.svg  Tacuarembó 31°45′01″S55°55′26″W / 31.75028°S 55.92389°W / -31.75028; -55.92389
Treinta y Tres Airport TYTSUTR Treinta y Tres Flag of Treinta y Tres Department.svg  Treinta y Tres 33°11′42″S54°20′50″W / 33.19500°S 54.34722°W / -33.19500; -54.34722
Vichadero Airport VCHSUVO Vichadero Flag of Rivera Department.png  Rivera 31°44′21″S54°35′16″W / 31.73917°S 54.58778°W / -31.73917; -54.58778

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