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Primary road between Paramaribo and Brownsweg. Primary road between Paramaribo and Brownsweg.JPG
Primary road between Paramaribo and Brownsweg.

The Republic of Suriname (Dutch : Republiek Suriname) has a number of forms of transport. Transportation emissions are an increasing part of Suriname's contributions to climate change, as part of the Nationally Determined Contributions for the Paris Agreement, Suriname has committed to emissions controls for vehicles and increased public transit investment. [1]




Main roads in Suriname
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East-West Link
Southern East-West Link
Desire Delano Bouterse Highway
Road to Pokigron Suriname main roads.png
Main roads in Suriname
The Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge over the Suriname River near Paramaribo. Paramaribo, Jules Wijdenboschbrug.JPG
The Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge over the Suriname River near Paramaribo.
The Coppename Bridge over the Coppename River near Boskamp. Coppename River.jpg
The Coppename Bridge over the Coppename River near Boskamp.
Bailey bridge over the Coppename River near Bitagron. Bailey-Coppename River.jpg
Bailey bridge over the Coppename River near Bitagron.


The Afobakaweg is a paved 2-lane road connecting Paranam with Afobaka, the location of the Afobaka Dam. The road connects northwards to Paramaribo and the East-West Link. [5] The Afobakaweg has two major branches: One paved branch leads to Brokopondo, [6] and another paved [7] branch leads to Pokigron via Brownsweg. [8] A further extension of the Pokigron branch to Brazil via Vier Gebroeders is as of May 2020 still in the planning phase. [9]

Desiré Delano Bouterse Highway

On 15 May 2020, the Desiré Delano Bouterse Highway opened, and is the first motorway of Suriname, providing a faster connection between Paramaribo and the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport. [10] [11]

A major road is the 2-lane East-West Link connecting Albina to Nieuw Nickerie. The road was fully paved on 17 December 2009. [12] There is a Southern East-West Link connecting Paramaribo with Apoera via Bitagron, however it is mainly unpaved. [13]


NOTE: Driving is on the left. [16] Suriname and its neighbour Guyana are the only two countries on the (in-land) American continent which still drive on the left.


1,200 km; most important means of transport; oceangoing vessels with drafts ranging up to 7 m can navigate many of the principal waterways. [2]

Ports and harbours

Merchant marine


Paved runways

Unpaved runways

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Brokopondo District District of Suriname

Brokopondo is a district of Suriname. Its capital city is Brokopondo; other towns include Brownsweg and Kwakoegron.

Para District District of Suriname

Para is a district of northern Suriname. Para's capital city is Onverwacht, with other towns including Paranam, and Zanderij. Para has a population of 24,700 and an area of 5,393 km2. The district is the mining and forestry centre of Suriname, with many large bauxite mining operations operating. The district is a mixture of forest and savannas.

Sipaliwini District District of Suriname

Sipaliwini is the largest district of Suriname, located in the south. Sipaliwini does not have a regional capital as it is directly administered by the national government in Paramaribo.

Nieuw Nickerie Resort and City in Nickerie, Suriname

Nieuw Nickerie is the third largest city in Suriname with a population estimated at 12,818. It is the capital city of the Nickerie district, and the terminus of the East-West Link.

Brokopondo Place in Brokopondo District, Suriname

Brokopondo is the capital town of the Brokopondo District, Suriname. It is located on the west shore of the Suriname river, just north of the Afobaka dam. Brokopondo can be reached via the Afobakaweg from Paranam to Afobaka.

Suriname River

The Suriname River is 480 km long and flows through the country Suriname. Its sources are located in the Guiana Highlands on the border between the Wilhelmina Mountains and the Eilerts de Haan Mountains. The river flows below the reservoir along Brokopondo, Berg en Dal, the migrant communities Klaaskreek and Nieuw-Lombé, Jodensavanne, Carolina, Ornamibo and Domburg, before reaching the capital Paramaribo on the left bank and Meerzorg on the right bank. At Nieuw-Amsterdam it is joined by the Commewijne and immediately thereafter at the sandspit Braamspunt it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Brokopondo Reservoir

The Brokopondo Reservoir, officially named Professor Doctor Ingenieur W. J. van Blommestein Meer, and also called the Brokopondostuwmeer, is a large reservoir in Suriname. It is named after the Surakarta-born Dutch hydrological engineer Willem Johan van Blommestein. With a surface area of approximately 1,560 km2 (600 sq mi), depending on the current water level, it is one of the largest reservoirs in the world, flooding nearly one percent of the country.

Brownsweg Town and Resort in Brokopondo, Suriname

Brownsweg is a town and resort in Suriname in the Brokopondo District. Its population at the 2012 census was 4,793.

Pokigron Place in Sipaliwini, Suriname

Pokigron is a town in Suriname located on Brokopondo Reservoir. It is located in the Boven Suriname municipality (resort) in the Sipaliwini District. It has a population of approximately 400 people in 2018. Pokigron is located at the end of a paved road via Brownsweg to the Afobakaweg. Pokigron is often referred to as Atjoni which is the nearby quay, and literally the end of the road. Villages to the South of Pokigron have to be accessed by boat. The village is home to Maroons of the Saramaka tribe.

Resorts of Suriname

The ten districts of Suriname are divided into 63 resorts. Within the capital city of Paramaribo, a resort entails a neighbourhood, in other cases it is more akin to a municipality, consisting of a central place with a few settlements around it. The resorts in the Sipaliwini District are especially large, since the inlands of Suriname are sparsely inhabited.

Baikoetoe Place in Brokopondo District, Suriname

Baikoetoe is a village in Sarakreek resort in Brokopondo District in Suriname. It is located on Brokopondo Reservoir.

Centrum, Brokopondo Resort in Brokopondo District, Suriname

Centrum is a resort in Suriname, located in the Brokopondo District. Its population at the 2012 census was 4,482. Centrum can be reached by car via the Afobakaweg from Paranam to Afobaka, or by boat via the Suriname River.

Boven Suriname Resort in Sipaliwini District, Suriname

Boven Suriname is a resort in Suriname, located in the Sipaliwini District. Its population at the 2012 census was 17,954. Almost its entire population consists of Maroons

The (northern) East-West Link is a road in Suriname between Albina in the eastern part of the country to Nieuw Nickerie in the western part, via the capital city of Paramaribo. The southern East-West Link connects Paramaribo with Apoera via Bitagron. Construction of the road link started in the 1960s.

Jules Sedney Surinamese politician

Jules Sedney was a Surinamese politician, and Prime Minister of Suriname from 20 November 1969 to 24 December 1973. In 1980, he became governor of the Central Bank of Suriname, but had to flee the country in 1983 after a dispute with Dési Bouterse. Sedney returned to Suriname in 1989.

2015–16 SVB Eerste Klasse

The 2015–16 Surinamese Eerste Klasse is the 60th season of the Eerste Klasse, the second highest football league competition of Suriname. The season will begin in November 2015, and will finish in June 2016.

Desiré Delano Bouterse Highway

The Desiré Delano Bouterse Highway is the first motorway in Suriname between Afobakaweg connecting Paramaribo and Brokopondo to the John F. Kennedyweg near Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport. The motorway opened on 15 May 2020 12:00.

Jaw Jaw Village in Sipaliwini District, Suriname

Jaw Jaw, also Yaw Yaw, is a village of Saamaka Maroons in the Boven Suriname resort of the Sipaliwini District of Suriname. The village is located on the Suriname River.


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