List of cathedrals in the United Kingdom

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This is a list of cathedrals in the United Kingdom.

NK = Not known

NameFull NameLocation
Length (m)Height (m)Organ [1] Notes
Western Tower
Crossing Tower
Birmingham Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Philip 52°28′52″N1°53′56″W / 52.481225°N 1.898907°W / 52.481225; -1.898907 (Birmingham Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury17111715190546 [2] NKN/A664NicholsonThere is 1 Western tower, surmounted by a dome.
Bristol Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity 51°27′06″N2°36′03″W / 51.451654°N 2.600799°W / 51.451654; -2.600799 (Bristol Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury1220187715429138NK16NKNK684WalkerStatus as cathedral removed between 1836 and 1896
Bury St Edmunds Cathedral Cathedral Church of St James 52°14′38″N0°43′01″E / 52.244015°N 0.716944°E / 52.244015; 0.716944 (Bury St Edmunds Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury150315031914NKNKNKNKN/ANK594Harrison & Harrison
Canterbury Cathedral Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ 51°16′47″N1°04′59″E / 51.279689°N 1.083183°E / 51.279689; 1.083183 (Canterbury Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury10701077597160545524NK72603Willis, ManderMother church of the Province of Canterbury and of the Anglican Communion worldwide
Chelmsford Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Mary, St Peter and St Cedd 51°44′07″N0°28′20″E / 51.735172°N 0.472219°E / 51.735172; 0.472219 (Chelmsford Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury120015201914NKNKNKNKNKN/A524Hill, Norman & BeardSingle West tower with spire
Chichester Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity 50°50′11″N0°46′50″W / 50.836305°N 0.780576°W / 50.836305; -0.780576 (Chichester Cathedral) AnglicanCanterburyNK11081080124NKNK19NK84554ManderCrossing tower has a spire. There is also a separate bell tower.
Coventry Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Michael 52°24′31″N1°30′25″W / 52.408483°N 1.506940°W / 52.408483; -1.506940 (Coventry Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury195619621918NKNKNKNKN/A24744Harrison & HarrisonIs a non standard layout. The ruins of the previous cathedral are considered part of the cathedral, but are not included here to allow direct comparison.
Derby Cathedral Cathedral Church of All Saints 52°55′29″N1°28′39″W / 52.924810°N 1.47739°W / 52.924810; -1.47739 (Derby Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury153017251927NKNKNKNK65N/A984ComptonNK
Ely Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity 52°23′55″N0°15′48″E / 52.398632°N 0.263205°E / 52.398632; 0.263205 (Ely Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury108313751109163.7NKNK21.96652804Harrison & HarrisonSingle West tower. Crossing tower is a lantern.
Exeter Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Peter 50°43′21″N3°31′47″W / 50.722476°N 3.529796°W / 50.722476; -3.529796 (Exeter Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury111214001050117NKNKNKN/ANK694Harrison & HarrisonCrossing tower replaced by 2 towers at the ends of the transepts.
Gloucester Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Holy and Indivisible Trinity 51°52′03″N2°14′48″W / 51.867549°N 2.246590°W / 51.867549; -2.246590 (Gloucester Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury108914991541130534221N/A68.6604Hill. Norman & Beard
Guildford Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit 51°14′28″N0°35′24″W / 51.241155°N 0.590054°W / 51.241155; -0.590054 (Guildford Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury193619611965NKNKNKNKN/A48.8774Rushworth and Dreaper
Hereford Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin and St Ethelbert 52°03′15″N2°42′58″W / 52.054292°N 2.716096°W / 52.054292; -2.716096 (Hereford Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury10791250676104.248.222.919.5N/A50.3674Willis
Leicester Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Martin 52°38′05″N1°08′13″W / 52.634679°N 1.137053°W / 52.634679; -1.137053 (Leicester Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury108610861927NKNKNKNKN/A67.1504Harrison & HarrisonCrossing tower is a spire.
Lichfield Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Chad 52°41′08″N1°49′49″W / 52.685549°N 1.830270°W / 52.685549; -1.830270 (Lichfield Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury119513401048113NKNKNK60.576.8824Norman & BeardPreviously a cathedral 669–803. All 3 towers are spires.
Lincoln Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Mary 53°14′04″N0°32′11″W / 53.234435°N 0.536329°W / 53.234435; -0.536329 (Lincoln Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury118513111070147NKNK24NK83644Willis
St Paul's Cathedral, London Cathedral Church of St Paul 51°30′50″N0°05′54″W / 51.513774°N 0.098426°W / 51.513774; -0.098426 (St Paul's Cathedral) AnglicanCanterburyNK16751300158NKNKNK671111095WillisCommonly known as St Paul's Cathedral. The crossing tower is a dome.
Norwich Cathedral Cathedral Church of Holy and Undivided Trinity 52°37′54″N1°18′02″E / 52.631650°N 1.300651°E / 52.631650; 1.300651 (Norwich Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury109611251094140NKNKNKN/A961054Hill, Norman & BeardCentral tower is a spire
Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford The Cathedral Church of Christ, Oxford 51°45′03″N1°15′16″W / 51.750839°N 1.254330°W / 51.750839; -1.254330 (Oxford Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury116012001542NKNKNKNKN/ANK434Rieger
Peterborough Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew 52°34′20″N0°14′18″W / 52.572337°N 0.238315°W / 52.572337; -0.238315 (Peterborough Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury111812371541147NKNKNKNK44864Harrison & HarrisonSeveral West towers
Portsmouth Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Thomas of Canterbury 50°47′26″N1°06′15″W / 50.790514°N 1.104233°W / 50.790514; -1.104233 (Portsmouth Cathedral) AnglicanCanterburyNKNK1927NKNKNKNKNK37603Nicholson
Rochester Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary 51°23′20″N0°30′12″E / 51.388953°N 0.503266°E / 51.388953; 0.503266 (Rochester Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury10791238604NKNKNKNKN/ANK664WalkerCrossing tower is a spire
St Albans Cathedral Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban 51°45′02″N0°20′34″W / 51.750620°N 0.342915°W / 51.750620; -0.342915 (St Albans Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury107710771877167.885NK20.2N/A43.9734Harrison & Harrison
Salisbury Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary 51°03′53″N1°47′51″W / 51.064769°N 1.797499°W / 51.064769; -1.797499 (Salisbury Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury122013201227135NKNKNKN/A123654WillisCrossing tower is a spire.
Southwark Cathedral Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Saviour and St Mary Overie 51°30′22″N0°05′23″W / 51.506118°N 0.089660°W / 51.506118; -0.089660 (Southwark Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury110618971905NKNKNKNKN/ANK614Harrison & Harrison
Truro Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Mary 50°15′51″N5°03′04″W / 50.264141°N 5.051179°W / 50.264141; -5.051179 (Truro Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury188019101880NKNKNKNK6176454WillisTowers are spires
Wells Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Andrew 51°12′37″N2°38′38″W / 51.210245°N 2.643757°W / 51.210245; -2.643757 (Wells Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury117614901239126.5NKNK20.5NK55674Willis
Winchester Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, St Peter, St Paul and St Swithun 51°03′36″N1°18′44″W / 51.060009°N 1.312180°W / 51.060009; -1.312180 (Winchester Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury1079NK650170.1NKNKNKN/A46804Willis, Harrison & Harrison
Worcester Cathedral Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary 52°11′19″N2°13′15″W / 52.188510°N 2.220870°W / 52.188510; -2.220870 (Worcester Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury1084150474313053NK20N/A62574Tickell
Blackburn Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Mary 53°44′50″N2°28′53″W / 53.747271°N 2.481387°W / 53.747271; -2.481387 (Blackburn Cathedral) AnglicanYork1820NK1926NKNKNKNKNKNK614David WoodCrossing tower has a small spire
Bradford Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Peter 53°47′43″N1°44′52″W / 53.795391°N 1.747824°W / 53.795391; -1.747824 (Bradford Cathedral) AnglicanYork1400NK1919NKNKNKNKNKN/A724WalkerSingle West tower.
Carlisle Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity 54°53′41″N2°56′19″W / 54.894713°N 2.938607°W / 54.894713; -2.938607 (Carlisle Cathedral) AnglicanYork1122NK1113NKNKNKNKN/ANK724WalkerMost of nave has been demolished.
Chester Cathedral Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary 53°11′31″N2°53′25″W / 53.191853°N 2.890308°W / 53.191853; -2.890308 (Chester Cathedral) AnglicanYork1093NK1541108NKNK24N/A39714Rushworth and Dreaper
Durham Cathedral Cathedral Church of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Cuthbert 54°46′23″N1°34′36″W / 54.773093°N 1.576667°W / 54.773093; -1.576667 (Durham Cathedral) AnglicanYork10931133997143NKNK224466984Harrison and Harrison
Liverpool Cathedral Cathedral Church of Christ 53°23′51″N2°58′24″W / 53.397616°N 2.973336°W / 53.397616; -2.973336 (Liverpool Cathedral) AnglicanYork190419781904188.7NKNK35.3N/A100.81525Willis
Manchester Cathedral Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George 53°29′06″N2°14′40″W / 53.485103°N 2.244365°W / 53.485103; -2.244365 (Manchester Cathedral) AnglicanYork1421NK1847NKNKNKNK41N/A814TickellThere is only 1 western tower
Newcastle Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Nicholas 54°58′12″N1°36′40″W / 54.970101°N 1.611128°W / 54.970101; -1.611128 (Newcastle Cathedral) AnglicanYork108015001882NKNKNKNKNKN/A934NicholsonThere is only 1 western tower, surmounted by a crown steeple
Peel Cathedral Cathedral Church of St German 54°13′31″N4°42′00″W / 54.225353°N 4.699917°W / 54.225353; -4.699917 (Peel Cathedral) AnglicanYork187918841980NKNKNKNKNKN/A252Brindley and FosterThere is only 1 western tower
Ripon Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Wilfrid 54°08′06″N1°31′13″W / 54.134968°N 1.520158°W / 54.134968; -1.520158 (Ripon Cathedral) AnglicanYork116015471836NKNKNKNKNKNK594Harrison and Harrison
Sheffield Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul 53°22′59″N1°28′09″W / 53.383089°N 1.469293°W / 53.383089; -1.469293 (Sheffield Cathedral) AnglicanYork120019661914NKNKNKNKNKNK645ManderOrgan noted as having been removed, but no replacement indicated
Southwell Minster Cathedral and Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary 53°04′36″N0°57′15″W / 53.076664°N 0.954180°W / 53.076664; -0.954180 (Southwell Minster) AnglicanYork110813001884NKNKNKNKNKNK514Hill. Norman and BeardWestern towers are spires
Wakefield Cathedral Cathedral Church of All Saints 53°40′59″N1°29′48″W / 53.682928°N 1.4966847°W / 53.682928; -1.4966847 (Wakefield Cathedral) AnglicanYork1300NK1888NKNKNKNK75N/A905ComptonThere is only 1 Western tower, surmounted by a spire
York Minster Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter 53°57′45″N1°04′55″W / 53.962366°N 1.081848°W / 53.962366; -1.081848 (York Minster) AnglicanYork12201472300159.9NKNK306072844 J.W. Walker and Sons Mother church of the province of York
Christ Church Cathedral (Falkland Islands) Christ Church Cathedral (Falkland Islands) 51°41′32″S57°51′31″W / 51.692222°S 57.8586111141°W / -51.692222; -57.8586111141 (Falkland Islands Cathedral) AnglicanCanterbury189018921892NKNKNKNKNKNKNK2Built in IrelandBishop is the Archbishop of Canterbury
Brentwood Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Mary and St Helen 51°37′11″N0°18′24″E / 51.619625°N 0.306560°E / 51.619625; 0.306560 (Brentwood Cathedral) CatholicWestminsterNKNK1917NKNKNKNKNKNK483Percy DanielNK
St John the Baptist Cathedral, Norwich Cathedral Church of St John the Baptist 52°37′45″N1°17′02″E / 52.629104°N 1.283888°E / 52.629104; 1.283888 (Norwich RC Cathedral) CatholicWestminsterNKNK1976NKNKNKNKNKNK152NKNK
Northampton Cathedral Cathedral Church of Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury 52°14′53″N0°53′55″W / 52.248029°N 0.898486°W / 52.248029; -0.898486 (Northampton Cathedral) CatholicWestminsterNKNK1850NKNKNKNKNKNK102BrugengateNK
Nottingham Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Barnabas 52°57′17″N1°09′26″W / 52.954671°N 1.157097°W / 52.954671; -1.157097 (Nottingham Cathedral) CatholicWestminsterNKNK1850NKNKNKNKNKNK433Hill Norman and BeardNK
Westminster Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Most Holy Blood, St Mary, St Joseph and St Peter 51°29′45″N0°08′23″W / 51.495923°N 0.139599°W / 51.495923; -0.139599 (Westminster Cathedral) CatholicWestminsterNKNK1910NKNKNKNKNKNK784WillisNK
Birmingham Cathedral Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Chad 52°29′08″N1°53′55″W / 52.485523°N 1.898714°W / 52.485523; -1.898714 (Birmingham RC Cathedral) CatholicBirminghamNKNK1839NKNKNKNKNKNK403NicholsonNK
Clifton Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul 51°27′35″N2°36′59″W / 51.459723°N 2.616356°W / 51.459723; -2.616356 (Clifton Cathedral) CatholicBirminghamNKNK1973NKNKNKNKNKNK283ReigerNK
Shrewsbury Cathedral Cathedral Church of Our Lady Help of Christians and St Peter Alcantara 52°42′19″N2°45′14″W / 52.705288°N 2.753993°W / 52.705288; -2.753993 (Shrewsbury Cathedral) CatholicBirminghamNKNK1850NKNKNKNKNKNK272ManderNK
Lancaster Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Peter 54°02′49″N2°47′38″W / 54.046820°N 2.793757°W / 54.046820; -2.793757 (Lancaster Cathedral) CatholicLiverpoolNKNK1924NKNKNKNKNKNK433WillisNK
Leeds Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Anne 53°48′02″N1°32′49″W / 53.800622°N 1.546999°W / 53.800622; -1.546999 (Leeds Cathedral) CatholicLiverpoolNKNK1878NKNKNKNKNKNK494Hill, Norman and BeardNK
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ the King 53°24′17″N2°58′06″W / 53.404841°N 2.968385°W / 53.404841; -2.968385 (Liverpool RC Cathedral) CatholicLiverpoolNKNK1967NKNKNKNKNKNK884WalkerNK
Middlesbrough Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Mary 54°31′22″N1°12′49″W / 54.522774°N 1.213692°W / 54.522774; -1.213692 (Middlesbrough Cathedral) CatholicLiverpoolNKNK1983NKNKNKNKNKNK162SchumacherNK
St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne Cathedral Church of St Mary 54°58′09″N1°37′09″W / 54.969085°N 1.619271°W / 54.969085; -1.619271 (Newcastle RC Cathedral) CatholicLiverpoolNKNK1882NKNKNKNKNKNK463TickellNK
Salford Cathedral Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist 53°29′01″N2°15′40″W / 53.483669°N 2.261027°W / 53.483669; -2.261027 (Salford Cathedral) CatholicLiverpoolNKNK1850NKNKNKNKNKNK302ComptonNK
Sheffield Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Marie 53°22′53″N1°28′05″W / 53.381303°N 1.468070°W / 53.381303; -1.468070 (Sheffield RC Cathedral) CatholicLiverpoolNKNK1980NKNKNKNKNKNK243LewisNK
Arundel Cathedral Cathedral Church of Our Lady and St Philip Howard 50°51′19″N0°33′33″W / 50.855161°N 0.559069°W / 50.855161; -0.559069 (Arundel Cathedral) CatholicSouthwarkNKNK1965NKNKNKNKNKNK393WellsNK
Plymouth Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Mary and St Boniface 50°22′25″N4°09′06″W / 50.373672°N 4.151628°W / 50.373672; -4.151628 (Plymouth Cathedral) CatholicSouthwarkNKNK1858NKNKNKNKNKNK293HeleNK
Portsmouth Cathedral Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist 50°48′01″N1°05′38″W / 50.800415°N 1.093998°W / 50.800415; -1.093998 (Portsmouth RC Cathedral) CatholicSouthwarkNKNK1882NKNKNKNKNKNK513ManderNK
St George's Cathedral Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St George 51°29′52″N0°06′28″W / 51.497830°N 0.107878°W / 51.497830; -0.107878 (Southwark RC Cathedral) CatholicSouthwarkNKNK1850NKNKNKNKNKNK723ComptonNK
Aldershot Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Michael and St George 51°15′36″N0°45′36″W / 51.260035°N 0.760117°W / 51.260035; -0.760117 (Aldershot Cathedral) CatholicIt is exempt, i.e. directly subject to the Holy See (not part of any ecclesiastical province).NKNK1972NKNKNKNKNKNK302HeleOrgan currently unusable
Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory [ citation needed ]Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory 51°30′40″N0°08′17″W / 51.51123°N 0.13792°W / 51.51123; -0.13792 CatholicN/ANKNK2013NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile, LondonCathedral Church of the Holy Family in Exile 51°30′48″N0°09′02″W / 51.513443°N 0.150644°W / 51.513443; -0.150644 (London Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral - Holy Family in Exile, Westminster) Ukrainian Greek CatholicN/ANKNK1968NKNKNKNKNKNKN/AN/AN/ANK
Syro-Malabar Cathedral of St. Alphonsa, Preston Cathedral Church of St Alphonsa 53°45′49″N2°41′48″W / 53.7637°N 2.6967°W / 53.7637; -2.6967 (Cathedral Church of St Alphonsa, Preston) Syro-Malabar CatholicN/ANKNK2016NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
London Cathedral Cathedral Church of St George 51°31′49″N0°08′40″W / 51.530273°N 0.144335°W / 51.530273; -0.144335 (London Antiochan Orthodox Cathedral) Antiochian Orthodox ChurchN/ANKNK1989NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
St. George's Cathedral, Stevenage Cathedral Church of St George 51°53′11″N0°10′48″W / 51.8862514°N 0.1798931°W / 51.8862514; -0.1798931 (Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Stevenage) Coptic Orthodox ChurchN/ANKNK2002NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Birmingham Orthodox Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God and St Andrew 52°28′58″N1°54′51″W / 52.482705°N 1.914185°W / 52.482705; -1.914185 (Birmingham Greek Orthodox Cathedral - Dormition of the Mother of God & St Andrew) Greek OrthodoxN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKN/AN/AN/ANK
Leicester Orthodox CathedralCathedral Church of St Nicholas and St Xenophon 52°37′22″N1°08′08″W / 52.622668°N 1.135446°W / 52.622668; -1.135446 (Leicester Greek Orthodox Cathedral) Greek OrthodoxN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Camden Town Orthodox Cathedral Cathedral Church of All Saints 51°32′20″N0°08′16″W / 51.538768°N 0.137812°W / 51.538768; -0.137812 (London Greek Orthodox Cathedral - All Saints, Camden Town) Greek OrthodoxN/ANKNK1991NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
St Sophia's Cathedral, London Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Sophia 51°30′45″N0°11′29″W / 51.512462°N 0.191459°W / 51.512462; -0.191459 (London Greek Orthodox Cathedral - St Sophia, Westminster) Greek OrthodoxN/ANKNK1922NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
London Orthodox Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God 51°36′04″N0°06′53″W / 51.601200°N 0.114718°W / 51.601200; -0.114718 (London Greek Orthodox Cathedral - Dormition of the Mother of God, Wood Green) Greek OrthodoxN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
London Orthodox CathedralCathedral Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God 51°28′31″N0°05′41″W / 51.475152°N 0.094789°W / 51.475152; -0.094789 (London Greek Orthodox Cathedral - The Nativity of the Mother of God, Camberwell) Greek OrthodoxN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
London Orthodox CathedralCathedral Church of St Andrew 51°32′44″N0°08′29″W / 51.545528°N 0.141309°W / 51.545528; -0.141309 (London Greek Orthodox Cathedral - St Andrew, Kentish Town) Greek OrthodoxN/ANKNK1970NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
London Orthodox CathedralCathedral Church of St Nicholas 51°30′15″N0°13′59″W / 51.504252°N 0.233100°W / 51.504252; -0.233100 (London Greek Orthodox Cathedral - St Nicholas, Shepherds Bush) Greek OrthodoxN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
London Orthodox CathedralCathedral Church of the Holy Cross and St Michael 51°34′26″N0°12′06″W / 51.573944°N 0.201724°W / 51.573944; -0.201724 (London Greek Orthodox Cathedral - Holy Cross & St Michael, Golders Green) Greek OrthodoxN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
London Orthodox Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Dormition and All Saints 51°30′02″N0°10′09″W / 51.500597°N 0.169121°W / 51.500597; -0.169121 (London Russian Orthodox Cathedral - The Dormition & All Saints, Knightsbridge) Russian OrthodoxN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
London Orthodox Cathedral Cathedral of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God and Holy Royal Martyrs 51°29′23″N0°16′34″W / 51.4896539°N 0.2760637°W / 51.4896539; -0.2760637 (London Russian Orthodox Cathedral - Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God and Holy Royal Martyrs, Hounslow) Russian OrthodoxN/ANKNK1999NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
St Thomas' Cathedral, East ActonCathedral Church of Saint Thomas 51°30′30″N0°14′47″W / 51.508367°N 0.246254°W / 51.508367; -0.246254 (St Thomas Syriac Orthodox Cathedral, East Acton) Syriac Orthodox ChurchN/ANKNK2012NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
London CathedralUkrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Transfiguration of our Saviour 51°30′15″N0°16′07″W / 51.504140°N 0.268588°W / 51.504140; -0.268588 (London Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral - Holy Transfiguration, Acton) Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox ChurchN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Stamford Hill CathedralGeorgian Orthodox Cathedral Church of the Nativity of Our Lord 51°34′24″N0°04′00″W / 51.5733797°N 0.0667173°W / 51.5733797; -0.0667173 (Ancient Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd) Georgian Orthodox ChurchN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Newcastle upon Tyne Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Willibrord and All SaintsNKAncient and Old Catholic ChurchN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Canterbury Anglican Catholic CathedralPro-Cathedral Church of St Augustine of Canterbury 51°16′49″N1°04′46″E / 51.2802952°N 1.0794293°E / 51.2802952; 1.0794293 (Anglican Catholic Church Pro-Cathedral, Canterbury) Anglican Catholic Church N/ANKNK2018NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Stoke-on-Trent CathedralCathedral Church of Our Lady of Grace 53°02′20″N2°12′15″W / 53.038860°N 2.204132°W / 53.038860; -2.204132 ("Stoke-on-Trent, Holy Catholic Cathedral (Anglican Rite)) Holy Catholic Church (Anglican Rite)N/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Putney CathedralPro-Cathedral Church of All Saints 51°27′41″N0°13′13″W / 51.461387°N 0.220346°W / 51.461387; -0.220346 ("Putney, Liberal Catholic Pro-Cathedral") Liberal Catholic ChurchN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Windlesham CathedralCathedral Church of St GeorgeNKTraditional Church of EnglandN/ANKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Bangor Cathedral Cathedral Church of St DeiniolNKAnglicanChurch in WalesNKNK456NKNKNKNKNKNK754ComptonNK
Brecon Cathedral Cathedral Church of St John the EvangelistNKAnglicanChurch in WalesNKNK1923NKNKNKNKNKNK503Hill, Norman and BeardNK
Llandaff Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul, St. Dyfrig, St. Telio and St. EuddogwyNKAnglicanChurch in WalesNKNK550NKNKNKNKNKNK784NicholsonNK
Newport Cathedral Cathedral Church of St WoolosNKAnglicanChurch in WalesNKNK1921NKNKNKNKNKNK454Hill, Norman and BeardNK
St Asaph Cathedral Cathedral Church of St AsaphNKAnglicanChurch in WalesNKNK553NKNKNKNKNKNK544Hill, Norman and BeardNK
St David's Cathedral Cathedral Church of St DavidNKAnglicanChurch in WalesNKNK580NKNKNKNKNKNK544Willis, HarrisonNK
Cardiff Cathedral Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St DavidNKCatholicCardiffNKNK1916NKNKNKNKNKNK483ComptonNK
Swansea Cathedral Cathedral Church of St JosephNKCatholicCardiffNKNK1987NKNKNKNKNKNK212WordsworthNK
Wrexham Cathedral Cathedral Church of Our Lady of SorrowsNKCatholicCardiffNKNK1907NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
St Machar, Aberdeen NK 57°10′11″N2°06′08″W / 57.1698°N 2.1021°W / 57.1698; -2.1021 (St Machar's Cathedral Aberdeen) Church of ScotlandNKNK1131
NKNKNKNKNKNK463Rushworth and DreaperNK
Brechin Cathedral NK 56°43′55″N2°39′42″W / 56.731944°N 2.661667°W / 56.731944; -2.661667 (Brechin Cathedral) Church of ScotlandNKNKc. 1250
NKNKNKNKNKNK383Rushworth and DreaperNK
Dornoch Cathedral NK 57°52′52″N4°01′47″W / 57.881128°N 4.029622°W / 57.881128; -4.029622 (Dornoch Cathedral) Church of ScotlandNKNKc. 1250
Dunblane Cathedral NK 56°11′22″N3°57′55″W / 56.189419°N 3.96525°W / 56.189419; -3.96525 (Dunblane Cathedral) Church of ScotlandNKNKc. 650
Dunkeld Cathedral NK 56°33′54″N3°35′23″W / 56.565°N 3.589722°W / 56.565; -3.589722 (Dunkeld Cathedral) Church of ScotlandNKNK1260
St Giles, Edinburgh NK 55°56′58″N3°11′27″W / 55.949444°N 3.190833°W / 55.949444; -3.190833 (St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh) Church of ScotlandNKNKc. 1150
Glasgow Cathedral NK 55°51′47″N4°14′05″W / 55.863°N 4.2346°W / 55.863; -4.2346 (St Mungo's Cathedral, Glasgow) Church of ScotlandNKNK1136
St Magnus, Kirkwall NK 58°58′56″N2°57′32″W / 58.982222°N 2.958889°W / 58.982222; -2.958889 (St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall) Church of ScotlandNKNK1137
St Moluag's Cathedral, Lismore NK 56°32′04″N5°28′50″W / 56.534444°N 5.480556°W / 56.534444; -5.480556 (St Moluag's Cathedral, Lismore) Church of ScotlandNKNK592
Aberdeen Cathedral NK 57°08′57″N2°05′34″W / 57.1490454°N 2.0928955°W / 57.1490454; -2.0928955 (St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen) AnglicanScottish EpiscopalNKNK1817NKNKNKNKNKNK293Rushworth and DreaperNK
Dundee Cathedral NK 56°27′40″N2°58′05″W / 56.4610153°N 2.9680869°W / 56.4610153; -2.9680869 (St Paul's Cathedral, Dundee) AnglicanScottish EpiscopalNKNK1855NKNKNKNKNKNK403HillNK
Edinburgh - St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral (Anglican) St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh 55°56′55″N3°12′59″W / 55.948595°N 3.216269°W / 55.948595; -3.216269 (St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh) AnglicanScottish EpiscopalNKNK1879NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Glasgow Cathedral NK 55°52′24″N4°16′30″W / 55.8734329°N 4.2749262°W / 55.8734329; -4.2749262 (St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow) AnglicanScottish EpiscopalNKNK1871NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Inverness Cathedral NK 57°28′28″N4°13′45″W / 57.4744737°N 4.2291141°W / 57.4744737; -4.2291141 (St Andrew's Cathedral, Inverness) AnglicanScottish EpiscopalNKNK1869NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Millport Cathedral NK 55°45′20″N4°55′27″W / 55.7555746°N 4.924171°W / 55.7555746; -4.924171 (The Cathedral of The Isles, Great Cumbrae) AnglicanScottish EpiscopalNKNK1882NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Oban Cathedral NKNKAnglicanScottish EpiscopalNKNK1864NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Perth Cathedral NKNKAnglicanScottish EpiscopalNKNK1850NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Aberdeen Cathedral Cathedral Church of St Mary of the Assumption 57°08′43″N2°06′23″W / 57.1453812°N 2.1064199°W / 57.1453812; -2.1064199 (St Mary's Cathedral, Aberdeen) CatholicSt Andrews and EdinburghNKNK1880NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Ayr Cathedral Cathedral Church of St MargaretNKCatholicSt Andrews and EdinburghNKNK1822NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Dundee Cathedral NK 56°27′27″N2°58′29″W / 56.4574399°N 2.9746985°W / 56.4574399; -2.9746985 (St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee) CatholicSt Andrews and EdinburghNKNK1782NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Edinburgh - St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral (Roman Catholic) TBD 55°57′22″N3°11′16″W / 55.956057°N 3.187827°W / 55.956057; -3.187827 (St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh) CatholicSt Andrews and EdinburghNKNK1814NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Oban Cathedral NKNKCatholicSt Andrews and EdinburghNKNK1932NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Glasgow Cathedral NK 55°51′20″N4°15′10″W / 55.855461°N 4.252897°W / 55.855461; -4.252897 (St Andrew's Cathedral, Glasgow) CatholicGlasgowNKNK1797NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Motherwell Cathedral NK 55°47′29″N3°59′13″W / 55.79128°N 3.98704°W / 55.79128; -3.98704 (Motherwell Cathedral) CatholicGlasgowNKNK1947NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Paisley Cathedral NK 55°50′51″N4°25′00″W / 55.847533°N 4.4165844°W / 55.847533; -4.4165844 (Paisley Cathedral) CatholicGlasgowNKNK1948NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Glasgow Orthodox Cathedral NKNKGreek OrthodoxN/ANKNK1954NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Armagh Cathedral NK 54°21′08″N6°39′37″W / 54.3522546°N 6.6603756°W / 54.3522546; -6.6603756 (Armagh Cathedral (RC)) CatholicArmaghNKNK1870NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Belfast Cathedral NK 54°35′57″N5°56′40″W / 54.5990382°N 5.9444082°W / 54.5990382; -5.9444082 (Belfast Cathedral (RC)) CatholicArmaghNKNK1866NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Cavan Cathedral NK 53°59′54″N7°21′40″W / 53.9984614°N 7.3610115°W / 53.9984614; -7.3610115 (Cavan Cathedral (RC)) CatholicArmaghNKNK1942NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Derry Cathedral NK 55°00′00″N7°19′42″W / 54.9999582°N 7.3284602°W / 54.9999582; -7.3284602 (Derry Cathedral (RC)) CatholicArmaghNKNK1873NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Letterkenny Cathedral NK 54°57′01″N7°44′24″W / 54.9502909°N 7.7399969°W / 54.9502909; -7.7399969 (Letterkenny Cathedral (RC)) CatholicArmaghNKNK1901NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Longford Cathedral NK 53°43′38″N7°47′47″W / 53.7272173°N 7.7962804°W / 53.7272173; -7.7962804 (Longford Cathedral (RC)) CatholicArmaghNKNK1840NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Monaghan Cathedral NK 54°14′41″N6°57′31″W / 54.2446477°N 6.958487°W / 54.2446477; -6.958487 (Monaghan Cathedral (RC)) CatholicArmaghNKNK1892NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Mullingar Cathedral NK 53°31′37″N7°20′47″W / 53.5269418°N 7.3462915°W / 53.5269418; -7.3462915 (Mullingar Cathedral (RC)) CatholicArmaghNKNK1936NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Newry Cathedral NK 54°10′29″N6°20′16″W / 54.1747441°N 6.3376522°W / 54.1747441; -6.3376522 (Newry Cathedral (RC)) CatholicArmaghNKNK1829NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Armagh Cathedral NK 54°20′51″N6°39′23″W / 54.3474522°N 6.6562557°W / 54.3474522; -6.6562557 (Armagh Cathedral (CI)) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK445NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Belfast Cathedral NK 54°36′10″N5°55′43″W / 54.6027733°N 5.9284759°W / 54.6027733; -5.9284759 (Belfast Cathedral (CI)) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK1904NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Clogher Cathedral NK 54°24′39″N7°10′19″W / 54.4107888°N 7.1719265°W / 54.4107888; -7.1719265 (Clogher Cathedral) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK1744NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Derry Cathedral NK 54°59′38″N7°19′23″W / 54.9938163°N 7.3230529°W / 54.9938163; -7.3230529 (Derry Cathedral (CI)) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK1633NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Down Cathedral NK 54°19′40″N5°43′16″W / 54.3278839°N 5.7211573°W / 54.3278839; -5.7211573 (Down Cathedral) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK1818NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Dromore Cathedral NK 54°24′53″N6°09′06″W / 54.4146743°N 6.151705°W / 54.4146743; -6.151705 (Dromore Cathedral) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK1609NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Enniskillen Cathedral NK 54°20′48″N7°38′28″W / 54.3465806°N 7.6410078°W / 54.3465806; -7.6410078 (Enniskillen Cathedral) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK1923NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Killala Cathedral NK 54°12′44″N9°13′15″W / 54.212222°N 9.220833°W / 54.212222; -9.220833 (Killala Cathedral (CI)) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNKc. 1650NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Kilmore Cathedral NK 53°59′35″N07°24′46″W / 53.99306°N 7.41278°W / 53.99306; -7.41278 (Kilmore Cathedral) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK1860NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Lisburn Cathedral NK 54°30′41″N6°02′30″W / 54.5112953°N 6.0417997°W / 54.5112953; -6.0417997 (Lisburn Cathedral) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK1662NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Raphoe Cathedral NK 54°52′26″N7°35′53″W / 54.8738165°N 7.5981617°W / 54.8738165; -7.5981617 (Raphoe Cathedral (CI)) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNKc. 850NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Sligo Cathedral NK 54°16′13″N8°28′38″W / 54.270152°N 8.4771109°W / 54.270152; -8.4771109 (Sligo Cathedral (CI)) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNK1874NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Tuam Cathedral NK 53°30′50″N8°51′19″W / 53.5139293°N 8.855238°W / 53.5139293; -8.855238 (Tuam Cathedral (CI)) Church of IrelandArmaghNKNKc. 1850NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Bodmin St Petroc's Church, Bodmin 50°28′17″N4°43′00″W / 50.4714°N 4.7168°W / 50.4714; -4.7168 NKNKNKNK833
Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex Chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall 51°44′07″N0°56′24″E / 51.735323°N 0.939876°E / 51.735323; 0.939876 NKNKNKNK654
Canterbury, Kent St Martin's Church, Canterbury 51°16′41″N1°05′38″E / 51.277989°N 1.093825°E / 51.277989; 1.093825 NKNKNKNK597
St Mary and St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street Collegiate Church of St Mary and St Cuthbert 54°51′21″N1°34′19″W / 54.855944°N 1.571972°W / 54.855944; -1.571972 NKNKNKNK883
NKNKNKNKNKNK262Harrison & HarrisonNK
Crediton Parish Church Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and the Mother of Him Who Hung Thereon 50°47′22.70″N3°39′8.21″W / 50.7896389°N 3.6522806°W / 50.7896389; -3.6522806 NKNKNKNK905
NKNKNKNKNKNK463Harrison & HarrisonNK
Dommoc NK 52°16′10″N1°41′11″E / 52.2694°N 1.6863°E / 52.2694; 1.6863

51°58′22″N1°22′48″E / 51.97280°N 1.380110°E / 51.97280; 1.380110

Dorchester Abbey Abbey Church of St Peter & St Paul 51°38′37″N1°09′51″W / 51.643631°N 1.164202°W / 51.643631; -1.164202 NKNKNKNK635
NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKLost cathedral status 660–675 and 685/737–875
DurhamThe White Church, Durham 54°46′24″N1°34′36″W / 54.77325°N 1.57679°W / 54.77325; -1.57679 NKNKNKNK998
ExeterThe Minster of Saint Mary and Saint Peter, Exeter 50°43′21″N3°31′52″W / 50.722507°N 3.531233°W / 50.722507; -3.531233 NKNKNKNK1050
Hexham Abbey Priory and Parish Church of St. Andrew 54°58′17″N2°06′10″W / 54.971494°N 2.102787°W / 54.971494; -2.102787 NKNKNKNK678
Hoxne Priory Church of Saint Peter and St Paul 52°21′08″N1°12′06″E / 52.352192°N 1.201719°E / 52.352192; 1.201719 NKNKNKNK950
Leicester, Leicestershire NK 52°38′07″N1°08′27″W / 52.635147°N 1.140914°W / 52.635147; -1.140914 NKNKNKNK679
Lindisfarne Priory NK 55°40′10″N1°48′07″W / 55.669389°N 1.801922°W / 55.669389; -1.801922 NKNKNKNK635
North Elmham NK 52°45′20″N0°56′41″E / 52.755532°N 0.944712°E / 52.755532; 0.944712 NKNKNKNK673
Padstow, Cornwall St Petroc's Church, Padstow 50°32′29″N4°56′34″W / 50.541269°N 4.942856°W / 50.541269; -4.942856 NKNKNKNK518
Ramsbury, Wiltshire NK 51°26′31″N1°36′22″W / 51.442°N 1.606°W / 51.442; -1.606 NKNKNKNK909
Repton NK 52°50′28″N1°33′06″W / 52.84115°N 1.551695°W / 52.84115; -1.551695 NKNKNKNK655
RiponMinster church of St Peter 54°08′06″N1°31′13″W / 54.135042°N 1.520161°W / 54.135042; -1.520161 NKNKNKNK679
St German's Priory NK 50°23′48″N4°18′35″W / 50.396686°N 4.309699°W / 50.396686; -4.309699 NKNKNKNKc. 925
Selsey Abbey Abbey Church of St Peter 50°45′18″N0°45′55″W / 50.754907°N 0.765173°W / 50.754907; -0.765173 NKNKNKNK681
Sherborne Abbey Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin 50°56′48″N2°31′00″W / 50.946693°N 2.516667°W / 50.946693; -2.516667 NKNKNKNK705
73NKNK18N/A33453Gray & Davison,

J.W. Walker & Sons,

John Coulson,

Bishop & Son,

Kenneth Tickell

Cathedral status removed in 1075, when the Bishopric was transferred to old Sarum.
Soham NK 52°20′01″N0°20′13″E / 52.333478°N 0.336942°E / 52.333478; 0.336942 NKNKNKNK630
Stow Minster Minster Church of St Mary 53°19′39″N0°40′38″W / 53.32750°N 0.67722°W / 53.32750; -0.67722 [3] NKNKNKNK680
Bishop's Tawton NK 51°03′08″N4°02′53″W / 51.0523°N 4.0481°W / 51.0523; -4.0481 NKNKNKNK905
Wells, Somerset Minster of St Andrew 51°12′36″N2°38′38″W / 51.210016°N 2.643953°W / 51.210016; -2.643953 NKNKNKNK909
Welsh Bicknor NK 51°51′22″N2°35′37″W / 51.8561°N 2.5935°W / 51.8561; -2.5935 NKNKNKNKc. 550
(c. 750)
Bath Abbey Priory Church of St Peter & St Paul 51°22′53″N2°21′32″W / 51.381458°N 2.358775°W / 51.381458; -2.358775 [4] NKNKNKNK1090
St John the Baptist's Church, Chester Collegiate Church of St John the Baptist 53°11′20″N2°53′09″W / 53.189013°N 2.885706°W / 53.189013; -2.885706 NKNKNKNK1075
Coventry St. Mary's Priory and Cathedral 52°24′32″N1°30′31″W / 52.4089°N 1.5085°W / 52.4089; -1.5085 NKNKNKNK1102
Glastonbury Abbey NK 51°08′44″N2°42′55″W / 51.145648°N 2.715318°W / 51.145648; -2.715318 NKNKNKNK1195
Old Sarum Cathedral NK 51°05′39″N1°48′23″W / 51.094278°N 1.806403°W / 51.094278; -1.806403 NKNKNKNK1075
Thetford Minster of St Mary the Greater 52°24′49″N0°44′40″E / 52.413527°N 0.744477°E / 52.413527; 0.744477 NKNKNKNK1072
Guildford Holy Trinity Church, Guildford NKAnglicanCanterburyNKNK1927
NKNKNKNKNKNK363Rushworth and DreaperNK
Liverpool Pro-Cathedral of St. Peter 53°24′18″N2°59′03″W / 53.4051°N 2.9842°W / 53.4051; -2.9842 AnglicanYorkNKNK1880
Osney Abbey Abbey Church of St Mary 51°44′59″N1°16′12″W / 51.74972°N 1.27000°W / 51.74972; -1.27000 NKNKNKNK1542
Westminster Abbey Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster 51°29′58″N0°07′39″W / 51.499457°N 0.127518°W / 51.499457; -0.127518 NKNKNKNK1540
St Mary Moorfields NK 51°31′7.64″N0°5′8.57″W / 51.5187889°N 0.0857139°W / 51.5187889; -0.0857139 CatholicWestminsterNKNK1852
Clifton, Bristol Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Apostles 51°27′23″N2°36′35″W / 51.456297°N 2.609720°W / 51.456297; -2.609720 NKNKNKNK1850
NKNKNKNKNKNK343Hill, Norman and BeardNK
Belmont Abbey, Herefordshire NK 52°02′22″N2°45′23″W / 52.03932°N 2.756412°W / 52.03932; -2.756412 (Belmont Abbey) [5] NKNKNKNK1854
Our Lady of Victories, Kensington NK 51°29′57″N0°11′52″W / 51.499038°N 0.197657°W / 51.499038; -0.197657 NKNKNKNK1869
Liverpool Pro-Cathedral of St. Nicholas 53°24′25″N2°58′30″W / 53.407°N 2.975°W / 53.407; -2.975 [6] NKNKNKNK1850
Middlesbrough Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour 54°34′48″N1°14′13″W / 54.580127°N 1.236844°W / 54.580127; -1.236844 NKNKNKNK1878
Plymouth Our Lady and St John the Evangelist Church 50°22′13″N4°09′33″W / 50.3703°N 4.1593°W / 50.3703; -4.1593 (St Mary's Church, Plymouth) NKNKNKNK1850
St Joseph's Church, Southampton St Joseph's Church 50°53′57″N1°24′21″W / 50.899072°N 1.405937°W / 50.899072; -1.405937 (St. Joseph's Church, Southampton) CatholicWestminsterNKNK1882
Southwark Archbishop Amigo Jubilee Hall 51°27′23″N2°36′35″W / 51.456297°N 2.609720°W / 51.456297; -2.609720 (Archbishop Amigo Jubilee Hall (former pro-cathedral)) NKNKNKNK1942
St George's Roman Catholic Church, York NK 53°57′18″N1°04′33″W / 53.9550°N 1.0758°W / 53.9550; -1.0758 [7] NKNKNKNK1850
York Oratory Oratory Church of St Wilfrid 53°57′43″N1°05′05″W / 53.961900°N 1.084700°W / 53.961900; -1.084700 [8] CatholicLiverpool186218641864
NKNKNKNK45NKNK3Forster and AndrewsNK
Abercorn NK 55°59′36″N3°28′24″W / 55.99334°N 3.47326°W / 55.99334; -3.47326 [9] NKNKNKNK685NKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNKNK
Abernethy, Perth and Kinross NK 56°19′59″N3°18′42″W / 56.333143°N 3.311670°W / 56.333143; -3.311670 [10] NKNKNKNK750
Birnie Kirk NK 57°36′41″N3°19′48″W / 57.61139°N 3.33000°W / 57.61139; -3.33000 [11] NKNKNKNK1140
Birsay (Orkney) St Magnus' Kirk 59°07′46″N3°18′59″W / 59.129444°N 3.316389°W / 59.129444; -3.316389 NKNKNKNK1050
Elgin Cathedral Cathedral of the Holy Trinity 57°39′02″N03°18′20″W / 57.65056°N 3.30556°W / 57.65056; -3.30556 NKNKNKNK1224
Fortrose Cathedral Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Boniface of Fortrose 57°34′51″N4°07′50″W / 57.580885°N 4.130495°W / 57.580885; -4.130495 NKNKNKNKc. 1250
(c. 1650)
Iona Abbey St Mary's Cathedral 56°19′34″N6°24′02″W / 56.326127°N 6.400438°W / 56.326127; -6.400438 NKNKNKNKc. 650
(c. 950)
Kinneddar Kirk of Kinneddar 57°42′34″N3°18′20″W / 57.709451°N 3.305645°W / 57.709451; -3.305645 NKNKNKNK1187
Lismore Kirk St Moluag's Cathedral, Lismore 56°32′4″N5°28′50″W / 56.53444°N 5.48056°W / 56.53444; -5.48056 NKNKNKNK1200
Dufftown St Moluag's Cathedral 57°26′27″N3°07′34″W / 57.44078°N 3.12613°W / 57.44078; -3.12613 NKNKNKNK1011
Rosemarkie Cathedral Church of St Peter 57°35′30″N4°06′55″W / 57.59162°N 4.11516°W / 57.59162; -4.11516 NKNKNKNK1124
(c. 1250)
St Andrews Church of St Regulus (or St Rule) 56°20′23″N2°47′11″W / 56.33965°N 2.786383°W / 56.33965; -2.786383 NKNKNKNK1070
(c. 1350)
St Andrews Cathedral NK 56°20′32″N2°47′29″W / 56.342138°N 2.791386°W / 56.342138; -2.791386 NKNKNKNK1350
Snizort Cathedral Church of St Columba 57°27′12″N6°18′21″W / 57.4532°N 6.3057°W / 57.4532; -6.3057 NKNKNKNKc. 1375
Elgin Holy Trinity Cathedral 57°40′21″N3°17′42″W / 57.672551°N 3.294929°W / 57.672551; -3.294929 NKNKNKNK1208
Whithorn The Candida Casa, dedicated to St Martin of Tours 54°43′59″N4°25′03″W / 54.733189°N 4.417525°W / 54.733189; -4.417525 NKNKNKNKc. 450
(c. 825)
Whithorn Priory Cathedral of St Martin of Tours and St Ninian 54°44′01″N4°25′03″W / 54.733500°N 4.417389°W / 54.733500; -4.417389 NKNKNKNK1130
Edinburgh St Paul's Church 55°57′24″N3°11′19″W / 55.956797°N 3.188558°W / 55.956797; -3.188558 AnglicanScottish EpiscopalNKNKc. 1825
Dumfries St Andrew's Cathedral 55°04′06″N3°36′24″W / 55.068352°N 3.606584°W / 55.068352; -3.606584 NKNKNKNK1878
Good Shepherd Cathedral, Ayr Good Shepherd Cathedral, Ayr 55°28′11″N4°35′57″W / 55.469842°N 4.599087°W / 55.469842; -4.599087 CatholicSt Andrews and EdinburghNKNK1957
Glasbury St Peter's Church 52°02′35″N3°12′09″W / 52.04297°N 3.20246°W / 52.04297; -3.20246 NKNKNKNKc. 550
(1055) [12]
Holyhead St Cybi's Church 53°18′41″N4°37′57″W / 53.3114°N 4.6326°W / 53.3114; -4.6326 NKNKNKNK540
St Padarn's Church, Llanbadarn Fawr St Padarn's Church, Llanbadarn Fawr 52°24′32″N4°03′40″W / 52.409°N 4.061°W / 52.409; -4.061 NKNKNKNKc. 550
(c. 750)
Llandeilo Fawr St Teilo's Church 51°52′54″N3°59′34″W / 51.88173°N 3.99285°W / 51.88173; -3.99285 NKNKNKNKc. 550
(c. 1050)
St Asaph Church of St Kentigern and St Asa 53°15′25″N3°26′43″W / 53.25705°N 3.44525°W / 53.25705; -3.44525 NKNKNKNKc. 550
(c. 1050)

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The Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St George, usually known as St George's Cathedral, Southwark, is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark, south London, and is the seat of the Archbishop of Southwark.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Religion in the United Kingdom</span>

Religion in the United Kingdom, and in the countries that preceded it, has been dominated for over 1,400 years by various forms of Christianity, replacing Romano-British religions, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon paganism as the primary religion. Religious affiliations of United Kingdom citizens are recorded by regular surveys, the four major ones being the national decennial census, the Labour Force Survey, the British Social Attitudes survey and the European Social Survey.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diocese of Bath and Wells</span> Diocese of the Church of England

The Diocese of Bath and Wells is a diocese in the Church of England Province of Canterbury in England.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Harrison & Harrison</span> British pipe organ manufacturer

Harrison & Harrison Ltd is a British company that makes and restores pipe organs, based in Durham and established in Rochdale in 1861. It is well known for its work on instruments such as King's College, Cambridge, Westminster Abbey, and the Royal Festival Hall.

Mander Organs Limited formerly N.P Mander Limited was an English pipe organ maker and refurbisher based in London. Although well known for many years in the organ building industry, they achieved wider notability in 2004 with the refurbishment of the Royal Albert Hall's Father Willis Grand Organ. The company filed for insolvency in 2020.

William Drake (1943–2014) was the founder of the firm of William Drake, Organ Builder that manufactures pipe organs in Buckfastleigh, Devon, England. He held a Royal Warrant as organ builder to Queen Elizabeth II.

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet is a suffragan bishop who fulfils the role of a provincial episcopal visitor in the Church of England. From its creation in 1994 to 2022, the Bishop of Ebbsfleet served conservative Anglo-Catholic parishes that reject the ordination of women as priests and bishops. From 2023, the bishop will serve conservative evangelical parishes that reject the ordination and/or leadership of women due to complementarian beliefs.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral</span> Church in Cardiff, Wales

The Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St David, also known as St David's Cathedral, Cardiff, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in the city centre of Cardiff, Wales, and is the centre of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cardiff. Located in Charles Street, the cathedral remains the focal point for Catholic life in Cardiff, and the country as a whole. It is one of only three Roman Catholic cathedrals in the United Kingdom that is associated with a choir school.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diocese of Meath and Kildare</span> Anglican diocese of the Church of Ireland

The United Dioceses of Meath and Kildare is a diocese in the Church of Ireland located in the Republic of Ireland. The diocese is in the ecclesiastical province of Dublin. Alone of English and Irish bishops who are not also archbishops, the Bishop of Meath and Kildare is styled "The Most Reverend".

<span class="mw-page-title-main">J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd</span>

J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd is a British firm of organ builders established in 1828 by Joseph William Walker in London. Walker organs were popular additions to churches during the Gothic Revival era of church building and restoration in Victorian Britain, and instruments built by Walker are found in many churches around the UK and in other countries. The firm continues to build organs today.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Grade I listed buildings in Somerset</span> Buildings of exceptional interest in Somerset

The Grade I listed buildings in Somerset, England, demonstrate the history and diversity of its architecture. The ceremonial county of Somerset consists of a non-metropolitan county, administered by Somerset County Council, which is divided into five districts, and two unitary authorities. The districts of Somerset are West Somerset, South Somerset, Taunton Deane, Mendip and Sedgemoor. The two administratively independent unitary authorities, which were established on 1 April 1996 following the breakup of the county of Avon, are North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset. These unitary authorities include areas that were once part of Somerset before the creation of Avon in 1974.

Frederick Arthur Walters (1849–1931) was a Scottish architect working in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, notable for his Roman Catholic churches.

John Harverd Davies is a British Anglican priest and theologian. From 2016 to 2023, he was the Dean of Wells, the priest first-among-equals at Wells Cathedral and the most senior priest in the Diocese of Bath and Wells. He had previously served as Dean of Derby from 2010 to 2016.


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