List of trolleybus systems in the United Kingdom

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This is a list of trolleybus systems in the United Kingdom by Home Nation and by regions of England. It includes:


There are currently no operational trolleybus systems in the UK.

In the United Kingdom the first trolleybus systems were inaugurated on 20 June 1911 [1] in Bradford and Leeds, although public service in Bradford did not commence until 24 June. [1] Coincidentally, the UK's last trolleybus service also operated in Bradford, on 26 March 1972. [1] [2]

A Walsall trolleybus at the Black Country Living Museum BCLM Wallsall trolleybus.jpg
A Walsall trolleybus at the Black Country Living Museum

England (by region)

East Midlands

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Chesterfield 23 May 192724 March 1938See also Trolleybuses in Chesterfield.
  Derby 9 January 19329 September 1967See also Trolleybuses in Derby.
  Nottingham 10 April 192730 June 1966See also Trolleybuses in Nottingham.
Notts & Derby Traction CompanyNottingham7 January 193225 April 1953See also Trolleybuses in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

East of England

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Ipswich 2 September 192323 August 1963See also Trolleybuses in Ipswich.
  Southend-on-Sea 16 October 192528 October 1954See also Trolleybuses in Southend-on-Sea.

Greater London

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  London 1912-Demonstration
16 May 19318 May 1962See also Trolleybuses in London.

North East England

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Darlington 17 January 192631 July 1957See also Trolleybuses in Darlington.
  Hartlepool 28 February 19242 April 1953See also Trolleybuses in Hartlepool.
Tees-side Railless Traction Board Middlesbrough 8 November 19194 April 1971See also Trolleybuses in Teesside.
  Newcastle upon Tyne 1 October 19351 October 1966See also Trolleybuses in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  South Shields 12 October 193629 April 1964See also Trolleybuses in South Shields.

North West England

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
South Lancashire Transport Company Atherton 3 August 193031 August 1958See also Trolleybuses in South Lancashire.
  St Helens 11 July 19271 July 1958See also Trolleybuses in St Helens.
  Blackpool 1983 Demonstration.
Manchester Corporation Transport Manchester 1 March 193830 December 1966See also Trolleybuses in Manchester.
  Ashton-under-Lyne 26 August 192530 December 1966See also Trolleybuses in Ashton-under-Lyne.
  Oldham 26 August 19255 September 1926 
  Ramsbottom 14 August 191331 March 1931System closed officially in 1928.[ citation needed ] Occasional operation thereafter to 31 March 1931. [1] See also Trolleybuses in Ramsbottom.
  Stockport 10 March 191311 September 1920See also Trolleybuses in Stockport.
  Wigan 7 May 192530 September 1931See also Trolleybuses in Wigan.

South East England

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Brighton Corporation Transport (BCT) Brighton 23 December 1913

1 May 1939

16 September 1914

30 June 1961

See also Trolleybuses in Brighton.
Brighton, Hove & District Omnibus Company (BHC)Brighton3 March 194624 March 1959All Brighton trolleybuses were lettered "Brighton, Hove & District Transport".
See also Trolleybuses in Brighton.
Hastings Tramways Co. Hastings 1 April 192831 May 1959A wholly owned subsidiary of Maidstone & District Motor Services from 1935.
See also Trolleybuses in Hastings.
Maidstone Corporation Transport Maidstone 1 May 192815 April 1967See also Trolleybuses in Maidstone.
Portsmouth Corporation Transport Portsmouth 4 August 193427 July 1963See also Trolleybuses in Portsmouth.
Reading Corporation Tramways Reading 18 July 1936 [3] 3 November 1968See also Trolleybuses in Reading.

South West England

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Bournemouth Corporation Transport (BCT) Bournemouth & Christchurch13 May 193320 April 1969See also Trolleybuses in Bournemouth.

West Midlands

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Birmingham 27 November 192230 June 1951See also Trolleybuses in Birmingham.
  Wolverhampton 29 October 19235 March 1967See also Trolleybuses in Wolverhampton.
  Walsall 22 July 19313 October 1970See also Trolleybuses in Walsall.

Yorkshire and the Humber

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Bradford 20 June 191126 March 1972The last trolleybus system (apart from museum lines) in the UK. [2] See also Trolleybuses in Bradford.
  Doncaster 22 August 192814 December 1963See also Trolleybuses in Doncaster.
19851986 Demonstration
  Grimsby 3 October 19264 June 1960See also Trolleybuses in Grimsby.
  Cleethorpes 18 July 19374 June 1960See also Trolleybuses in Cleethorpes.
  Halifax 20 July 192124 October 1926See also Trolleybuses in Halifax.
Huddersfield Corporation Transport Trolleybuses Huddersfield 4 December 193313 July 1968See also Trolleybuses in Huddersfield.
  Keighley 3 May 191331 August 1932See also Trolleybuses in Keighley.
  Kingston upon Hull 23 July 193731 October 1964See also Trolleybuses in Kingston upon Hull.
  Leeds 20 June 191126 July 1928See also Trolleybuses in Leeds.
  Rotherham 3 October 19122 October 1965See also Trolleybuses in Rotherham.
Mexborough and Swinton Traction Company Mexborough 31 August 191526 March 1961 
York Corporation Tramways York 22 December 19205 January 1935 


Name of SystemLocationDate (From)Date (To)Notes
  Dundee 5 September 191213 May 1914First UK system to close. [1] See also Trolleybuses in Dundee
Glasgow Corporation Transport Glasgow 3 April 194927 May 1967See also Trolleybuses in Glasgow.


Name of SystemLocationDate (From)Date (To)Notes
  Aberdare 14 January 19141 July 1925See also Trolleybuses in Aberdare.
  Cardiff 1 March 194211 January 1970See also Trolleybuses in Cardiff.
  Llanelli 26 December 19328 November 1952See also Trolleybuses in Llanelli.
  Pontypridd 18 September 193031 January 1957See also Trolleybuses in Pontypridd.
  Rhondda 22 December 19141 March 1915See also Trolleybuses in Rhondda.

Northern Ireland

Name of SystemLocationDate (From)Date (To)Notes
  Belfast 28 March 193812 May 1968See also Trolleybuses in Belfast.

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Trolleybus Electric bus that draws power from dual overhead wires

A trolleybus is an electric bus that draws power from dual overhead wires using spring-loaded trolley poles. Two wires, and two trolley poles, are required to complete the electrical circuit. This differs from a tram or streetcar, which normally uses the track as the return path, needing only one wire and one pole. They are also distinct from other kinds of electric buses, which usually rely on batteries. Power is most commonly supplied as 600-volt direct current, but there are exceptions.

Trolleybuses in Leeds

The Leeds trolleybus system served the West Riding of Yorkshire city of Leeds in England between 1911 and 1928. In May 2016, plans to construct a new system, the New Generation Transport (NGT) project, were refused approval from the UK Department for Transport, following a negative report from the planning inquiry.

Trolleybuses in Bradford Bradford trolleybus system

The Bradford trolleybus system served the city of Bradford, Yorkshire, England for much of the 20th century. It was one of the first two trolleybus systems to be opened in the United Kingdom, along with the Leeds system.

Trolleybuses in London Trolleybuses serving the London Passenger Transport Area

Trolleybuses served the London Passenger Transport Area from 1931 until 1962. For much of its existence, the London system was the largest in the world. It peaked at 68 routes, with a maximum fleet of 1,811 trolleybuses.

Trolleybuses in Huddersfield

The Huddersfield trolleybus system once served the market town of Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, England. Opened on 4 December 1933, it gradually replaced the Huddersfield tramway network, which closed on Saturday, 29 June 1940.

Trolleybuses in Portsmouth

The Portsmouth trolleybus system once served the city of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. Opened on 4 August 1934, it gradually replaced the Portsmouth tramway network; the last trams ran on 10 November 1936.

Trolleybuses in Belfast

The Belfast trolleybus system served the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was the only trolleybus system built in Ireland. Opened on 28 March 1938, it gradually replaced the city’s tramway network.

Trolleybuses in Cardiff

The Cardiff trolleybus system once served Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. Opened on 1 March 1942, it gradually replaced the Cardiff tramway network.

Trolleybuses in Manchester

The trolleybus system in Manchester, England, opened on 1 March 1938, and gradually replaced certain routes of the Manchester tramway network. Manchester was a belated convert to trolleybuses having already started a programme of tram to diesel bus conversion in the mid-1930s and this, overall, continued to be the preferred option for tram conversion that was completed in 1949.

Trolleybuses in Ashton-under-Lyne

The Ashton-under-Lyne trolleybus system once served the market town of Ashton-under-Lyne, now in the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside, Greater Manchester, north west England.

Trolleybuses in Derby

The Derby trolleybus system once served Derby, the former county town of Derbyshire in central England. The trolleybus service started in 1932 and ran until 1967.

Trolleybuses in St Helens

The St Helens trolleybus system once served St Helens, Merseyside, north west England. Opened on 11 July 1927, it gradually replaced the St Helens tramway network.

The Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire trolleybus system once linked the city of Nottingham, in the county of Nottinghamshire, England, with Ripley, in the neighbouring county of Derbyshire. Opened on 7 January 1932, it replaced the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire tramway, between the same termini.

Trolleybuses in Teesside

The Teesside trolleybus system once served the conurbation of Teesside, in the North East of England. Opened on 8 November 1919, it was unusual in being a completely new system that was not replacing any previously operating tramway network.

Trolleybuses in Bournemouth Bournemouth trolleybus system

The Bournemouth trolleybus system once served the town of Bournemouth, then in Hampshire, but now in Dorset, England. Opened on 13 May 1933, it gradually replaced the Bournemouth tramway network.

Trolleybuses in Walsall

The Walsall trolleybus system once served the town of Walsall, then in Staffordshire, but now in West Midlands, England. Opened on 22 July 1931, it gradually replaced the Walsall Corporation Tramways network.

Trolleybuses in Grimsby

The Grimsby trolleybus system once served the seaport of Grimsby, in Lincolnshire, England. Opened on 3 October 1926, it gradually replaced part of the Great Grimsby Street Tramways, a tramway that had served both Grimsby and the neighbouring holiday resort of Cleethorpes. It was closed on 4 June 1960.

Trolleybuses in Hastings

The Hastings trolleybus system once served the town of Hastings, East Sussex, England. Opened on 1 April 1928, it gradually replaced the Hastings tramway network, with the first route to be converted that from the Fishmarket to Hollington, East Sussex and the last, the circular route. Tram replacement cost £1,383 per mile, but increased average speed from 7.5 to over 10 mph and cut costs from 13d to 10d per mile.

Trolleybuses in Brighton Brighton trolleybus system

The Brighton trolleybus system formerly served the town of Brighton, East Sussex, England. Opened on 1 May 1939, it gradually replaced the Brighton Corporation Tramways network.

Bradford Corporation Tramways were a tramway network in the city of Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England which operated trams from 1882 until 1950 and trolleybuses from 1911 until 1972. The track gauge of the tramways was 4 ft.



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