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This is a list of cities where trolleybuses operate, or operated in the past, as part of the public transport system. The original list has been divided to improve user-friendliness and to reduce article size. Separate lists—separate articles in Wikipedia—have been made for the following countries:


This page also provides references that are applicable to all parts of the complete list.

Bold typeface for a location city indicates an existing trolleybus system, currently in operation (temporary suspensions not counted), or a new system currently under construction.



Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  el-Jazair ولاية الجزائر /Algiers19341974
  Qusantînah قسنطينة /Constantine--Construction started 1914, not completed.
19211963 (?)
  Wahran وهران /Oran17 May 19391969 (?) 


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  el-Qāhirah القاهرة /Cairo195022 October 1981 


A trolleybus on the dual BRT system in Marrakesh BHNSMarrakech.jpg
A trolleybus on the dual BRT system in Marrakesh
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  ad-Dār al-Bayḍāʼ الدار البيضاء /Casablanca1932May 1972 
  Marrakesh مراكش 29 September 2017 [1] [2]  See also Trolleybuses in Marrakesh.
  Tétouan تطوان Apr 1950Nov 1975Suburban line to Martil.

South Africa

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Bloemfontein 16 December 1915Oct 1937 
  Boksburg 25 March 191410 October 1925 
  Cape Town 1930

21 December 1935


28 February 1964


See also Trolleybuses in Cape Town.

  Durban 24 February 193511 April 1968See also Trolleybuses in Durban.
  Germiston 19 August 19141918 
  Johannesburg 1930

26 August 1936


10 January 1986


See also Trolleybuses in Johannesburg.

  Pretoria 1 July 193921 February 1972See also Trolleybuses in Pretoria.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Tūnis تونس /Tunis19451970 



A Russian Trolza trolleybus in Rosario Trolza Megapolis Linea Q Leshi 04.jpg
A Russian Trolza trolleybus in Rosario
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
 (Bahía Blanca)  Completed 1954, not opened.
TBA Buenos Aires 4 June 194830 April 1966 
Emir SA, TECSA, TAMSE Córdoba 7 May 1989 See Trolleybuses in Córdoba.
  La Plata December 195425 December 1966 
  Mar del Plata 19561963 (?) 
EPTM, STM Mendoza 16 October 1913

14 February 1958

1915 (?)

February 2021

See Trolleybuses in Mendoza.
EMTR, DMT, M. Fierro, Ecobus, SEMTUR Rosario 24 May 1959 Operation suspended 1 January 1993 – 25 January 1994, during transition to a new operator and fleet.
See also Trolleybuses in Rosario.
Dirección Provincial del Transporte. Tucumán 23 July 195528 April 1962 Three routes, fleet of 25 Henschel coaches.


Busscar trolleybus in Sao Paulo, Brazil Trolleybus Low Floor 4 1500 - Sao Paulo, Brazil.JPG
Busscar trolleybus in São Paulo, Brazil


One of Vancouver's New Flyer E60LFR articulated trolleybuses Vancouver trolley bus - New Flyer E60LFR.jpg
One of Vancouver's New Flyer E60LFR articulated trolleybuses


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Valparaíso 31 December 1952 Operation suspended 1 December 1981 - circa May 1982, reopened after sale to a new, private operator. [3] [4]
See also Trolleybuses in Valparaíso.
ENT/ETCE Santiago 31 October 1947ca. November 1978Also experimental operation in 1940 [5] with a single vehicle. [6]
ETS24 December 19919 July 1994 [7]


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Bogotá 12 April 194815 August 1991 
  Medellín 12 October 19291951An experimental trolleybus line, using one vehicle, operated on the campus of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana from 30 November 2011 until December 2012. [8] A trolleybus system for Medellín is proposed (as of 2013). [9]


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
 (La Habana /Havana)(18 September 1949) ?Test operation, see note.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Quito 18 December 1995 See Trolleybuses in Quito


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Sistecozome Guadalajara 15 December 1976 [10]  Limited, free service initially; full service began on 9 January 1977. [10] See Trolleybuses in Guadalajara.
STE Ciudad de México /Mexico City9 March 1951 See note. See also Trolleybuses in Mexico City.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Lima July 192813 June 1931 

Trinidad and Tobago

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Port of Spain 1 October 194131 December 1956 

United States

A dual-mode bus operating as a trolleybus in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, in 1990 Breda dual-mode bus at Westlake station in Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, 9-17-1990.jpg
A dual-mode bus operating as a trolleybus in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, in 1990
A San Francisco Muni trolleybus (ETI 14TrSF) climbing Nob Hill San Francisco Nob Hill 2.jpg
A San Francisco Muni trolleybus (ETI 14TrSF) climbing Nob Hill
Trolleybus in Cambridge, Massachusetts Trolleybus4120.Harvard.agr.JPG
Trolleybus in Cambridge, Massachusetts


Name of companiesLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
AMDET (1951–1976)
COOPTROL (1975–1992)
Montevideo 28 March 195126 January 1992 


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Transbarca(Barquisimeto)  Partially constructed, 2006–2012 (not continuous­ly), and very limited demonstration service operated on one section from November 2012 to circa early 2013, but system did not open for regular service, and project was cancelled in July 2013. [13] See Trolleybus usage by country#Venezuela for more information.
Tranvías Eléctricos de Caracas Caracas July 19371949 (?) 
Tromerca Mérida 18 June 2007c. mid-2016 [14] Introductory service, Sundays only, started 26 November 2006. System opened (regular, daily service) on 18 June 2007. [15] Service gradually converted to diesel bus operation in 2015–16; no formal closure announcement, but trolleybus service not expected to resume. [14] See Trolleybuses in Mérida.
  Valencia 19411947 (?) 



Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Kabul کابل Feb 19791993See also Trolleybuses in Kabul


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Gyumri Գյումրի 29 November 1962Autumn? winter? 2005 
  Yerevan Երեւան 15 August 1949 See Trolleybuses in Yerevan.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Bakı /Baku5 December 194130 June 2006See also Trolleybuses in Baku.
  Gəncə /Ganja1 May 1955Autumn? 2004See also Trolleybuses in Ganja, Azerbaijan.
  Mingaçevir /Mingachevir15 April 198931 March 2006See also Trolleybuses in Mingachevir.
  Nakhchivan (city) 3 November 1986April 2004 [16] See also Trolleybuses in Nakhchivan (city).
  Sumqayıt /Sumqayit28 April 196131 December 2005See also Trolleybuses in Sumqayit.


Trolleybus sign in China WGDC.png
Trolleybus sign in China
Youngman JNP6183BEV trolleybus in Beijing 9525461 at Andingmen (20200612150603).jpg
Youngman JNP6183BEV trolleybus in Beijing
Name of systemCityProvinceDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Anshan Liaoning 1 January 19751 July 2000 
  Beijing 26 February 1957 See Beijing Bus.
  Benxi Liaoning 1 July 19601 May 1998 
Baoding Hebei 29 December 2018 [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] As of 2021, Trolleybuses temporarily replaced by diesel vehicles due to construction. [25]
  Changchun Jilin 1 July 19601 May 2001 
Wuyang Meikuang (五阳煤矿) Trolleybus [26] Changzhi Shanxi An independent system owned by Lu'an Environmental Energy Development Co., Ltd. serving Wuyang Coal Mine and nearby areas
  Chengdu Sichuan 1 January 196210 January 1996 
  Chongqing 24 December 195523 May 2004 
  Dalian Liaoning 1 October 1960  
  Fuzhou Fujian 28 September 198314 March 2001 
  Guangzhou Guangdong 30 September 1960  
  Hangzhou Zhejiang 26 April 1961  
  Harbin Heilongjiang 31 December 195826 June 2008 
  Jilin City Jilin 1 October 19602000 
  Jinan Shandong 1 January 1977 See Trolleybuses in Jinan.
Xiaohengshan Meikuang (小恒山煤矿) Trolleybus Jixi Heilongjiang 2016An independent system owned by Jixi Mining Group Co., Ltd. serving Xiaohengshan Coal Mine and nearby areas
  Lanzhou Gansu 1 January 19596 May 2008 
  Luoyang Henan 1 October 1984  
  Nanchang Jiangxi 1 July 1971 [27] 20 June 2009 
  Nanjing Jiangsu 1 August 196010 January 1996 
  Qingdao Shandong 21 October 1960  
  Qiqihar Heilongjiang 16 February 195914 March 2002 
  Shanghai 15 November 1914 See Trolleybuses in Shanghai.
  Shenyang Liaoning 1 November 195120 June 1999
Yangzhuang Meikuang (杨庄煤矿) Trolleybus Feicheng / Tai'an Shandong An independent system owned by Shandong Energy Feicheng Mining Group Co., Ltd. serving Yangzhuang Coal Mine and nearby areas.
  Taiyuan Shanxi 1 May 1960 Taiyuan Public Transport Holdings, Ltd. owned system
Xishan Meidian (西山煤电) Trolleybus Taiyuan Shanxi Guandi / 官地线 end at 5 May 2016A two routes (Guandi / 官地线 and Duerping / 杜儿坪线) independent system owned by Xishan Coal Electricity Group Co., Ltd. serving the factory and nearby areas.
  Tianjin 1 July 195115 July 1995 
  Tianshui Gansu 10 July 19581961 
Wuhan Hubei 20 September 1958 Wuhan Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. owned system
Wuhan Gangtie (武汉钢铁) Trolleybus Wuhan Hubei 1 October 19622006 [28] An independent system owned by Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Co. [28] [5] serving the factory and nearby areas
  Xi'an Shaanxi 1 October 195914 January 2009 
  Zhengzhou [29] Henan 1 May 1979

2020 (BRT)

15 January 2010 (original system)New eBRT trolleybus being introduced along BRT Route B2. [30] [31]
Chaohua Meikuang (超化煤矿) Trolleybus Xinmi/Zhengzhou Henan March 2016An independent system owned by Zhengzhou Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. serving Chaohua Coal Mine and nearby areas
Niu'erzhuang Meikuang (牛儿庄煤矿) Trolleybus Niu'erzhuang/Handan Hebei January 2010An independent system owned by Jizhong Energy Group serving Niu'erzhuang Mine and nearby areas
Xingtai Meikuang (邢台煤矿) Trolleybus Xingtai Hebei March 2012An independent system owned by Jizhong Energy Group serving Xingtai Mine and nearby areas


ZiU-9 trolleybus in Gori Gori-ZiU-9-42.jpg
ZiU-9 trolleybus in Gori
Skoda 14Tr trolleybus in Tbilisi Tradbuss Tbilisi.jpg
Škoda 14Tr trolleybus in Tbilisi
Name of SystemLocationDate (From)Date (To)Notes
  Batumi ბათუმი 6 November 19782005?Included two interurban lines to Makhinjauri and Khelvachauri.
  Chiatura ჭიათურა 7 November 1967Summer? 2008Interurban line to Sachkhere საჩხერე.
  Gori გორი 30 April 197224 March 2010Included interurban lines to the villages Tiniskhidi and Ortasheni.
 (Kobuleti ქობულეთი)  Construction started 1990 - 1991 of interurban line to Makhinjauri (terminus of a line from Batumi ბათუმი), not completed.
  Kutaisi ქუთაისი 11 September 194925 July 2009Service suspended 14 January 2007 – November 2007
  Ozurgeti ოზურგეთი 27 November 1980June 2006Included interurban line to Dvabzu village.
  Poti ფოთი 20 January 1980December 2004Included interurban line to Maltakva village.
  Rustavi რუსთავი 16 February 197124 September 2009Service suspended in 2000
  Samtredia სამტრედია 28 August 19822000?Included interurban line to Kulashi village.
  Sokhumi სოხუმი 3 January 1968 Service suspended August 1992 - 1995
  Tbilisi თბილისი 21 April 19374 December 2006 [32]
  Tskhinvali ცხინვალი 25 June 198211(?) December 1990 
 (Zestaponi ზესტაფონი)  Construction started 1990 - 1991, not completed.
  Zugdidi ზუგდიდი 24 February 1986July 2009Service suspended 1992 - 1995


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Delhi दिल्ली 19351962 
  Mumbai मुंबई 11 June 196224 March 1971 


Trolleybus in Tehran Tehran trolleybus 20.jpg
Trolleybus in Tehran
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Tehran تهران 14 September 1992 [33]  Service suspended from 2013 to 2016. [34] See Trolleybuses in Tehran.


Trolleybus on tunnel line in Tateyama Tateyama tunnel trolley bus 01.jpg
Trolleybus on tunnel line in Tateyama
Underground trolleybus in Kurobe Dam Kurobe Dam station platform.jpg
Underground trolleybus in Kurobe Dam
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Shin-Hanayashiki Onsen-tochi
Hanayashiki (花屋敷)1 August 1928April 1932Hanayashiki is part of Kawanishi, Hyogo
Kawasaki-shiei Trolleybus
Kawasaki 1 March 195130 April 1964 [36]
Kanden Tunnel Trolleybus Ōgizawa StationKurobe Dam 1 August 196430 November 2018Trolleybuses have been replaced with autonomous electric buses from April 2019.
Tateyama Tunnel Trolleybus Daikanbō Murodō 23 April 1996 See note.
Kyōto-shiei Trolleybus
Kyoto 1 April 193230 September 1969 [35]
Nagoya-shiei Trolleybus
Nagoya 10 May 194315 January 1951 [36]
Ōsaka-shiei Trolleybus
Osaka 1 September 195314 June 1970 [35]
Toei Trolleybus
Tokyo 20 May 195228 September 1968 [36]
Yokohama-shiei Trolleybus
Yokohama 16 July 195931 March 1972 [36]

Notes for the two tunnel trolleybus lines:

Both lines are part of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. This passes through Chūbu-Sangaku National Park (also known in English as "Japan Alps National Park").


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Aqtobe 11 August 1982July 2013Service suspended February 4 until 12 June 2013. [37]
  Almaty [38] 20 April 1944  
  Astana (now Nur-Sultan) 18 January 198330 September 2008 
  Atyrau 4 September 199629 April 1999 
  Novaya Bukhtarma 1 January 19751980 Trolleybus to cement plant, closed because of inconvenience as line was built to terminate 900 meters away from the plant. [39]
  Petropavl 25 December 1971 [40] 1 June 2014 Closed due to bankruptcy. [41]
  Karaganda 30 May 196720 April 2010 
  Qostanay 28 December 19892005Closed in 2005; [42] contact network fully dismantled in 2011. [43]
  Shymkent 11 January 1969October 2005Some operation reported during 2005, none during 2006. [42]
  Taraz 10 April 1980 December 2013Service suspended from the December 2013 under the pretext of water infrastructure repairs. Fully dismantled 13/3/2017. [44]


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
(Balykchy) [45] Trolleybus infrastructure built along a 5.8 km long path from 1992-1994, never operated.
  Bishkek 13 January 1951 [46]   
(Jalal-Abad) [47] Work terminated in 1991.
  Naryn 30 October 1994 [48]  Service suspends every summer, June till September.
  Osh 1 November 1977 [49]   


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  George Town 19 Mar 1924 [5] :8431 July 1961 [5] See Trolleybuses in George Town, Penang.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Ulaanbaatar 29 October 1987 [50]   


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Yangon 17 August 1936by 1942 [51]  


Trolleybus in Kathmandu in 1993 Kathmandu trolleybus 1993.jpg
Trolleybus in Kathmandu in 1993
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Kathmandu काठमाडौं 28 December 1975November 2008 [52] Service suspended 19 December 2001 – 1 September 2003. See Trolleybuses in Kathmandu.

North Korea

Chollima-091 trolleybus in Pyongyang Chollima-091-193.jpg
Chollima-091 trolleybus in Pyongyang
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Anju 안주 (安州) [53]  1987 (Anju to Namhung Youth Chemical Complex)

24 August 1993 (Anju to near Sinanju Chongnyon station) [54]

 2000 (Namhung Youth Chemical Complex to Anju) [53] Assumed route

Segment around Namhung Youth Chemical Complex is a one way, counter-clockwise loop, closed around 2000. Poles remain in parts of the route.

Some trolleybuses are mothballed in depot and the line appears to be out of service. [55]

  Ch'ŏngjin 청진 (淸津) [56] 20 October 1970 3 lines; trolleybus formerly duplicated part of tram route on main road, later removed. [57]
  Hamhŭng 함흥 (咸興) [58] Yokchon-Hungdok27 July 1991 [58]   Assumed routes

Another branch to Ryongsung existed, for a total length of about 15 km. It was dismantled in the early 2000s. [58]

Hoeyang-Toksong1973 [59] Trolleybus lines in Hamhung are split, though a road with overhead wires exists between them.
Hŭich'ŏn 희천 (熙川) 7 km long line, [60] has at least two new Chollima-321 trolleybuses.
  Hochon County 허천 (虛川) [61] 1993 trolleybuses removed since 2020Connects Sangnong-rodongjagu with Sangnong mine. [62] Assumed route. Two trolleybus seen in 2002, only one thereafter. No trolleybus seen in 2020 imagery.
  Jonchon 전천 (前川) [63] possible late 2000sA line serving February 8 General Machine Factory. A trolleybus was located within the machine plant between 2011-2014. A depot was built in 2017, but its roof was destroyed in 2021, revealing two trolleybuses. [63]
  Kanggye 강계 (江界) [64] 17 April 1992 A single trolleybus line via a riverbank. Assumed route
  Kimch'aek 김책 (金策) [65] 17 May 1985 Long distance line (9.1 km) from Kimchaek–Sinpyong-dong–Haksong-dong–Jangbong with the depot in Sinpyong. The line was truncated to just Kimchaek to the depot at Sinpyong-dong between 2011 and 2012, to a length of 4.4 km. [65]
Manpo 만포 (滿浦) [66] December 2019 [67] [68] 5 km line opened in 2019, first stage from Kunmak-dong to Pyolo-dong. [67] [68]
  Nampo 남포 (南浦) [69]  Trolleybus service was normalised in 2021. [70]
Onsong County 온성 (穩城) [71] 15 January 1996 [72] before 2004Connects Onsong railway station to the Wangjaesan Grand Monument. Bidirectional line with only one set of overhead wires. Line is likely mothballed, no trolleybuses seen in satellite imagery.
 Pyongsong Transport Company [73] P'yŏngsŏng 평성 (平城) [74] 4(?) Aug 1983 One line within Pyongsong. [75] Other line usually considered to be part of Pyongsong Assumed route
  P'yŏngyang 평양 (平壤) 30 April 1962 See Trolleybuses in Pyongyang.
Unjong-guyok: Paesan-dong to Kwangmyong-dong [76] Originally built 1990s

Split between 1996-2005

The district is now part of Pyongyang, it was split off from Pyongsong's network during that period of time into its own, completely separate line.
  Sangwŏn 상원 (祥原) [77] 29 March 1995 [78]  Connects two residential districts to Sangwon cement plant. Sangwŏn-gun was split off into North Hwanghae Province from Pyongyang. Line has only one set of overhead wires.

4 trolleybuses seen from 2004 to 2014, 2016–2019, 5 trolleybuses in 2015 and only 2 since 2020.

  Sariwon 사리원 (沙里院) [79]  19 June 1999 [80] Assumed route. Served by two Ikarus 280 converted articulated trolleybuses only. Other three vehicles stored.
Sinhung 신흥군 (新興) trolleybuses removed since 2017A 4.1km bidirectional, one way line serving Sinhung Workers' District. The line had three trolleybuses, but by 2013 two of them were no longer operational and did not move. The third vehicle most likely remained operational until its closure. All three trolleybuses were removed around 2017.

Oddly, a passing loop was seemingly installed around the midpoint of the line between 2013-17.

The line is currently mothballed. [81]

Sinpyong County 신평(新坪) Likely closed since 2000s [82] One 2 km line serving Mannyon-rodongjagu, likely with overhead on only one side of the road. [83]
  Sinŭiju 신의주 (新義州) [84] 1978 [59]  

late 1980s (to Ragwon Machine Complex)

 2005-2009 (Sinuiju Chongnyon station to Ragwon Machine Complex)Operation suspended 2018 to October 2020, restarted with Chollima-321 bodied trollebuses that were likely to be rebuilds based on Chollima-82 chassis.

Current line is a one way loop around city.

9km long interurban line existed from late 1980s until closed between 2005 and 2009 during reconstruction of highway. Services replaced by buses. [85]

Sudong 수동 (水洞) 1979 [59] Trolleybuses never observed on satellite imageryAs South Korea does not recognise geographical changes within north Korea, it is labeled as Kowon sometimes. [59] It was split from Kowon County in 1990. A trolleybus is said to exist for Kowon coal mine, with an unknown state of operation. [86] Black and white 2011 google earth imagery shows a plausible trolleybus loop and 800m of poles along the eastern side of a roadway that disappear under the train station due to cloud cover. No trolleybuses are visible.

Received Chollima 9.11 from Pyongyang for opening [87]

Tanchon 단천 (端川市) 1986No trolleybuses visible after 2011, loop near Kumgol station demolished before 2015. [88] A line in Kumgol-1-dong to Kumgol-3-dong for miners and residents serving the Komdok mine. [89] 6.2 km long. 3 trolleybus seen near Kumgol station in 2011, none after.

Northern loop still exists.

Probably closed due to 2012 North Korean floods.

Tŏkch'ŏn 덕천 (德川) 27 April 1990around 2014Trolleybus movements were no longer observed after 2014. Prior to that, satellite imagery captured trolleybus movement in the city. [90]
  Wŏnsan 원산 (元山) [91] 8 September 1988A single line via city's main thoroughfare. Assumed route. Route extended in 2019–2020, received new Chollima-321 trolleybuses. [92] Two more lines under construction.

Note: Due to the incredibly limited streetview in North Korea and limited information, the main sources for trolleybus systems are national articles, tourist-related media, or satellite images. Some previously speculated systems in the central areas of Hyesan 혜산 (惠山), Sunchon, Rajin 라진 (羅津) (Sonbong county), Songrim 송림 (松林), Kusŏng 구성 (龜城), and Haeju were largely disproven by available photos and videos, which show no trolleybuses of any kind. Some smaller systems may still be undiscovered. There is some unverified evidence of trolleybuses in the following towns:

Confirmation is lacking (Tarkhov and Merzlov).


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Manila Feb 1929Dec 1941 

Saudi Arabia

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Riyadh 23 April 2013 [96]  System in the campus of the King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences. [96]


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Singapore 14 August 192615 December 1962See also Trolleybuses in Singapore.

Sri Lanka

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Colombo Colombo sinhala.jpg 22 July 19531 December 1964 


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Dushanbe / Душанбе 2 May 1955 See Trolleybuses in Dushanbe.
  Khujand / Хуҷанд / Khodzhent3 November 1970September 2010Service suspended 15 May 2008 – 17 August 2009. Since ~2006 service extremely unstable due to power outages. Officially service closed in April 2013.


The trolleybus system of Malatya opened in 2015 and uses vehicles that were mostly Turkish-built Malatya trolleybus 4403 at Bugday Pazari in 2017.jpg
The trolleybus system of Malatya opened in 2015 and uses vehicles that were mostly Turkish-built
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Ankara 19461981 
İstanbul Elektrik Tramvay ve Tünel İşletmeleri Genel Müdürlüğü Istanbul 27 May 196116 July 1984Trolleybuses operated only on European side. [97]
  İzmir July 1954Sep 1992See Trolleybuses in Izmir.
Trambüs Malatya 10 March 2015 
Sanliurfa   New system under construction (2019). [98]


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Aşgabat /Ashgabat19 October 19641 January 2012See Trolleybuses in Ashgabat.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Andijon /Andijan30 April 1970March 2002 [99]  
  Buxoro /Bukhara1 December 1987September 2005 [100]  
 Buxoro - Kagan  Reported as complete but not yet open (Trolleybus Magazine).
  Jizzax /Jizzakh26 August 19973 January 2010 
  Farg'ona /Ferghana23 February 1971July 2003Service suspended 1999 - March 2002.
 Farg'ona /Ferghana - Margilan 19711999? 
  Qorako‘l /KarakulA single line under construction since 1995. Project abandoned in 1997.
  Namangan 4 April 19733 January 2010In service ~2001? - 2010 only interurban line (see below)
 Namangan - Turaqorgon / Turakurgan ~2001?3 January 2010Construction started in 1996
  Nuqus /Nukus14 December 1991July 2007 
  Olmaliq /Almalyk20 December 1967February 2009Service closed after serious accident at a electricity substation. In the last few years of operation, the condition of vehicles deteriorated and work cars were used on routes. [101]
  Samarqand /Samarkand20 December 1957Summer? 2005 
  Toshkent /Tashkent7 November 194730 April 2010 
  Urganch /Urgench - Xiva / Khiva20 October 1997 See Trolleybuses in Urgench.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Hà Nội (河内) /Hanoi15 December 198615 July 1993Trolleybuses replaced previously liquidated tram network; a total of 19 trolleybuses were built on the chassis of various trucks. Throughout its operation, the condition of the system was poor, with vehicles running at 5 to 10 km/h. [102]



Solaris Trollino 18 in Salzburg 12-11-02-bus-am-bahnhof-salzburg-by-RalfR-24.jpg
Solaris Trollino 18 in Salzburg
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Elektrischer Oberleitungs-Automobil-Verkehr der Stadt Gmünd / Trolejbusová doprava v Gmündu Gmünd 12 July 190714 July 1916See also Elektrischer Oberleitungs-Automobil-Verkehr der Stadt Gmünd (in German); city divided after World War I; see České Velenice Czech Republic
Grazer Verkehrsbetriebe O-Bus Graz 1 October 194129 June 1967 
O-Bus Innsbruck Innsbruck 8 April 1944

17 December 1988

29 February 1976

25 February 2007

. [103]
Gleislose Bahn Judenburg Judenburg 10 December 19101914See also Gleislose Bahn Judenburg (in German).
Oberleitungsbus Kapfenberg Kapfenberg 1 July 194431 March 2002System included line extending to Bruck an der Mur; see also Oberleitungsbus Kapfenberg (in German).
Oberleitungsomnibus Klagenfurt Klagenfurt 1 August 194416 April 1963 
Elektrischer Oberleitungs-Automobil-Betrieb der Gemeinde Weidling Klosterneuburg 22 May 1908Dec 1919See also Elektrischer Oberleitungs-Automobil-Betrieb der Gemeinde Weidling (in German), connected Klosterneuburg and Weidling railway station
Oberleitungsbus Leoben Leoben 1 March 194913 July 1973See also Oberleitungsbus Leoben (in German)
Elektrische Oberleitungsbahn Liesing–Kalksburg Liesing 17 July 19098 January 1920 (Suspended 16.09.1918-14.03.1919 inclusive)See also Elektrische Oberleitungsbahn Liesing–Kalksburg (in German), connected Liesing and Kalksburg, today part of Vienna.
Obus Linz - Linz Linien Linz 15 May 1944  
Obus SLB Salzburg 1 October 1940 See Trolleybuses in Salzburg.
  Wien /Vienna:   
Gleislose Bahn Pötzleinsdorf–Salmannsdorf♦ Pötzleinsdorf - Salmannsdorf14 October 190830 October 1938See also Gleislose Bahn Pötzleinsdorf–Salmannsdorf (in German)
Oberleitungsbus Wien♦ Währinger Gürtel - Salmannsdorf9 October 19462 December 1958See also Oberleitungsbus Wien (in German)

Goods (freight) line (trolleytruck):

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Sankt Lambrecht 16 November 194521 April 1951Limited passenger service operated .


AKSM-420 Vitovt in Minsk AKCM-420 in Minsk - 04.jpg
AKSM-420 Vitovt in Minsk
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Бабруйск / Бобруйск (Babruysk / Bobruysk)30 August 1978  
  Брэст / Брест (Brest)20 April 1981 See Trolleybuses in Brest, Belarus.
  Гомель (Homyel / Gomel)20 May 1962  
  Гродна / Гродно (Hrodna / Grodno)5 November 1974  
Косiна/ Косино (Kosino)1950sA cargo trolleybus system in the 'Pobeda' collective farm, Lahoysk. [104]
  Магілёў / Могилёв (Mahilyow / Mogilev)19 January 1970  
  Мінск / Минск (Minsk)19 September 1952 The second network in world (after Moscow); see Trolleybuses in Minsk
Сноў (Snov)1950s1960sA cargo trolleybus system in the Kolkhoz named after Kalinin. [105]
  Віцебск / Витебск (Vitsyebsk / Vitebsk)1 September 1978  

Баранавiчы / Барановичи (Baranavichy / Baranovichi)

Барысаў / Borisov (Barysaw / Borisov)

Ліда / Лида (Lida)

Маладзечна / Молодечно (Maladzechna / Molodechno)

Наваполацк / Новополоцк (Navapolatsk / Novopolotsk)

Орша (Orsha)

Пінск / Пинск (Punsk)

Полацк / Полоцк (Polatsk / Polotsk)

Салігорск / Солигорск (Salihorsk / Soligorsk)

(Trolleybus Magazine)

Belgium (by province)

Trolleybus in Ghent Trolleybus Sint-Michielsbrug.JPG
Trolleybus in Ghent

Antwerp (Antwerpen)

Name of SystemLocationDate (From)Date (To)Notes
  Antwerp 14 August 192931 March 1964 


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Brussels 18 April 193915 February 1964 

East Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen)

Name of SystemLocationDate (From)Date (To)Notes
  Ghent 24 March 198914 June 2009Operation suspended 9 April 2004 – 17 October 2005.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Liège 31 July 19309 November 1971 
RELSE♦ Liège - Seraing 15 May 193631 August 1964This system operated a unique group of double-ended trolleybuses with driving positions at both ends. [106]


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
GRAS Sarajevo Sarajevo 23 November 1984 Operation suspended April 1992 - 27 November 1995 because of war.


Skoda trolleybus in Varna VarnaTrolley.JPG
Škoda trolleybus in Varna
LocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Blagoevgrad / Благоевград   Construction started during the late 1980s, not completed.
Burgas / Бургас 25 September 1989 See also Trolleybuses in Burgas.
Gabrovo / Габрово 17 April 198724 March 2013 [107]  
Gorna Oryahovitsa / Горна Оряховица   Construction started during the late 1980s, partially completed but never in service. The line was supposed to connect the towns of Gorna Oryahovitsa and Lyaskovets with planned connection to the system in Veliko Tarnovo.
Dimitrovgrad / Димитровград   Construction started during the late 1980s, partially completed but never in service.
Dobrich / Добрич 9 September 198730 June 2014 
Haskovo / Хасково 1990  
Kazanlak / Казанлък 1 May 198610 January 1999 
Pazardzhik / Пазарджик 1 June 1993  
Pernik / Перник 20 September 198730 March 2015 
Pleven / Плевен 7 October 1985  
Plovdiv / Пловдив 6 January 1956October 2012See also Trolleybuses in Plovdiv.
Rousse (Ruse) / Русе 9 September 1988 See also Trolleybuses in Ruse.
Shumen / Шумен   Construction started during the late 1980s, partially completed but never in service.
Sliven / Сливен 24 May 1986  
Sofia / София 14 February 1941

1 May 1948

9 September 1944


See also Trolleybuses in Sofia.
Stara Zagora / Стара Загора November 1987 See also Trolleybuses in Stara Zagora.
Varna / Варна 1 January 1986 See also Trolleybuses in Varna.
Veliko Tarnovo / Велико Търново 199131 March 2009See also Trolleybuses in Veliko Tarnovo.
Vidin / Видин  Construction started during the late 1980s, partially completed but never in service.
Vratsa / Враца 1988  
Yambol / Ямбол   Construction started during the late 1980s, not completed.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Rijeka 27 October 195116 August 1969 
  Split 19441972 

Czech Republic

Skoda 27Tr Solaris trolleybus in Plzen Trolejbus 27Tr.jpg
Škoda 27Tr Solaris trolleybus in Plzeň
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Brno 30 July 1949  
until 1914: Gleislose Bahn Budweis, modern system: Dopravní podnik města České Budějovice (trolejbusová síť) České Budějovice 19091914First of three systems. For the first system, see Gleislose Bahn Budweis (in German), the German name for the first system, because České Budějovice was part of Austria-Hungary until 1918.
28 October 194824 April 1971 
2 May 1991  
Trolejbusová doprava v Gmündu / Elektrischer Oberleitungs-Automobil-Verkehr der Stadt Gmünd České Velenice 16 July 190714 July 1916See also Trolejbusová doprava v Gmündu (in Czech)
  ChomutovJirkov 1 September 1995  
  Děčín 6 January 195014 December 1973 
  Hradec Králové 2 May 1949  
  Jihlava 19 December 1948  
  Mariánské Lázně 27 April 1952 See also Trolleybuses in Mariánské Lázně.
  Most, and Most - Litvínov 194831 January 1959 
 ♦ Litvínov6 December 194631 January 1959 
  Opava 24 August 1952  
  Ostrava 9 May 1952  
  Pardubice 20 January 1952  
  Plzeň 9 April 1941  
  Praha / Prague29 August 193615 October 1972See also Trolleybuses in Prague.
15 October 2017 Single 1-km-long testing track built in 2017 to evaluate feasibility of a new trolleybus system [108]

See also Trolleybuses in Prague.

  Teplice 1 May 1952  
  Ústí nad Labem 1 July 1988  
  Zlín Otrokovice 27 January 1944  


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
KS København /Copenhagen21 May 1938

2 August 1993 (dual-mode [109] )

15 October 1963

Oct 1998

Also 1902 demonstration. [110] [111]
NESA Hellerup, København1 February 192717 October 1971 
OS Odense 8 August 193919 November 1959 [112]


Solaris T18AC in Tallinn SolarisT18ACInTallinn.jpg
Solaris T18AC in Tallinn
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Tallinna Trammi- ja Trollibussikoondis (TTTK) Tallinn 6 July 1965  [113]
  Tartu 19361936Demonstration/test line. [114]


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Helsinki /Helsingfors5 February 1949

7 April 1979

14 June 1974

30 October 1985

[115] [116]
  Tampere 8 December 194815 May 1976 [117]


Irisbus Cristalis in Limoges Irisbus Cristalis ETB 12 ndeg115 TCL Place Carnot.jpg
Irisbus Cristalis in Limoges
Bombardier TVR in Nancy Bombardier TVR ndeg11 STAN Essey Roosevelt.jpg
Bombardier TVR in Nancy



A trolleybus in Athens in 2009 Athens Neoplan N6216 trolleybus 8073.jpg
A trolleybus in Athens in 2009
Preserved vintage FIAT trolleybus in Piraeus 20090412-Piraeus-FIAT-704.JPG
Preserved vintage FIAT trolleybus in Piraeus
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
OSY formerly IEM, ILPAP Athens 27 December 1953  
IEM, ILPAP Piraeus 1948 [5]  Service connection with Athens network built 1988. Piraeus system now operated as part of Athens system.


Ziu-9 trolleybuses in Debrecen Dziu.jpg
Ziu-9 trolleybuses in Debrecen
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Budapest 16 December 1933

21 December 1949

21 September 1944


  Debrecen 2 July 1985  
  Szeged 1 May 1979  


Van Hool Exquicity 18T in Parma Parma - TEP - Van Hool Exquicity 18 T.jpg
Van Hool Exquicity 18T in Parma


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Rīgas satiksme Rīga 6 November 1947 See Rīgas Satiksme. [118]


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Kauno autobusai Kaunas 31 December 1965  [5] [119]
Vilniaus viešasis transportas Vilnius 27 November 1956  [5] [120] See Trolleybuses in Vilnius.


Trans-Alfa "Lider" (VMZ-5298.00) in Balti Trolley beltsy.jpg
Trans-Alfa "Lider" (VMZ-5298.00) in Bălți
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Î.M. Direcția de troleibuze Bălți Bălți /Balti12 June 1972 See Transport in Bălți
Regia Transport Electric Chișinău (RTEC) Chişinău /Chisinau12 October 1949 See Trolleybuses in Chișinău
  Solonceni 1 May 19923 January 19942.9-km line connecting residential area of Solonceni village to administrative and employment centers. [121]
  Tighina / Тигина (Russian: Bendery / Бендеры)1996  
  Tiraspol 1 November 1967  
 ♦ Tiraspol - Tighina 19 June 1993  

The Netherlands


Trolleybus in Arnhem Trolleybus Arnhem.jpg
Trolleybus in Arnhem
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Arnhem 5 September 1949 See Trolleybuses in Arnhem.
  Nijmegen 9 July 195229 March 1969 


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Groningen 27 June 19279 November 1965 

South Holland (Zuid-Holland)

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
 (Rotterdam)  see note.
  • Note for Rotterdam: Trolleybus overhead installed in the Maas tunnel in 1941, on instructions from German military authorities. Not used.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Tide Bergen 24 February 1950  [122] See Trolleybuses in Bergen.
Drammen Kommunale Trikk Drammen 15 December 190910 June 1967 [123] See Trolleybuses in Drammen.
AS Oslo Sporveier Oslo 15 December 194015 February 1968 [124] See Trolleybuses in Oslo.
Stavanger Buss-Selskap Stavanger 26 October 194712 January 1963 [125] See Trolleybuses in Stavanger.


Solaris Trollino trolleybus in Tychy Trolleybus Solaris Trollino 12 TLT in Tychy, Poland.jpg
Solaris Trollino trolleybus in Tychy
A trolleybus in Lublin Solaris trolleybus, Plac Lokietka, Lublin, Poland 01.jpg
A trolleybus in Lublin
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Bydgoszcz 194327 January 1945 
  Dębica 12 November 1988Oct 1990See also Trolleybuses in Dębica.
  Gdańsk 18 September 19431945 
  Gdynia 18 October 1943 Two lines extend to the adjoining town of Sopot.
See also Trolleybuses in Gdynia.
  Gorzów (Wielkopolski) 23 July 194330 January 1945 
  Jelenia Góra 19441945 
  Legnica 10 November 1943

15 September 1949

January 1945

31 December 1956

  Lublin 21 July 1953  
  Olsztyn 1 September 1939

10 December 1946


31 July 1971

  Poznań 12 February 1930

1 March 1946

20 January 1945

29 March 1970

  Słupsk 22 July 198517 September 1999See also Trolleybuses in Słupsk.
  Tychy 1 October 1982 See also Trolleybuses in Tychy.
  Wałbrzych 27 October 194430 June 1973 
  Warszawa /Warsaw5 January 1946

1 June 1983

29 June 1973

31 August 1995

See Trolleybuses in Warsaw.
  Wrocław 16 March 19121914 


Trolleybus in Coimbra Coimbra trolley.jpg
Trolleybus in Coimbra
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Braga 28 May 196310 September 1979 
  Coimbra 16 August 1947 See Trolleybuses in Coimbra.
  Porto 1 January 195927 December 1997 


Irisbus Agora trolleybus in Cluj-Napoca Bus-Cluj1.jpg
Irisbus Agora trolleybus in Cluj-Napoca

First trolleybus system in Romania opened in Chernivtsi on 1 February 1939. Today, the city is part of Ukraine.

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
SC Urbis SA Baia Mare 16 February 1996  
SC Brăicar SA Brăila 23 August 19891999 
part of the RAT network Brașov 1 May 1959  
STB București 10 November 1949  
CTP Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca 7 November 1959  
RATC Constanța Constanța 5 July 19593 December 2010 [126] System included interurban lines to Mamaia.
RAT Craiova Craiova 9 May 1943Oct 1944New trolleybus system was planned in 2008, [127] but the plans have not come to fruition.
Transurb Galați Galați 23 August 1989  
RATP Iași Iași 1 May 19854 March 2006 
SC Meditur Mediaș Mediaș 22 December 1989  
SC Troleibuzul SA Piatra Neamț 22 December 199520 September 2019 [128] System included suburban lines to Dumbrava Roșie and Săvinești.
RATP Ploiești Ploiești 1 September 1997  
SC Transurban SA Satu Mare 15 November 19949 March 2005 
SC Tursib SA Sibiu 4 August 190418 October 1904See also Gleislose Bahn Hermannstadt (in German) for the old system, the German name for the first system, because this part of Romania was part of Austria-Hungary until 1918.
17 August 198314 November 2009 [129] See also Tursib, the system's operator after mid-1998.
SC Loctrans SA Slatina 30 May 199631 March 2006 
SC Transport Public Local SA Suceava 15 August 19872 April 2006 
SC Transport Public SA Târgoviște 4 January 1995August 2005 
SC Transloc SA Târgu Jiu 20 June 1995 System includes interurban line to Bârsești.
RATT Timișoara 15 November 1942  
SC Transurb SA Vaslui 1 May 1994 Closed in July 2009, but with reopening planned. Underwent a complete reconstruction in 2011–2016. Test runs carried out in spring 2016, [130] but as of October 2017 regular operation has not yet begun. [131]



New Belgrade trolleybus Terzaije Trolejbus.jpg
New Belgrade trolleybus
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
GSP Belgrade Beograd / Београд /Belgrade22 June 1947 See Trolleybuses in Belgrade.


Skoda 31Tr SOR in Bratislava 6821 201 Komarovska.jpg
Škoda 31Tr SOR in Bratislava
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Banská Bystrica 24 August 1989 Operation was suspended 1 January 2006 – 10 November 2007.
Name of the first system Gleislose Bahn Preßburg–Eisenbrünnl Bratislava 19 July 1909

31 July 1941



see Gleislose Bahn Preßburg–Eisenbrünnl (in German), the German name for the first system, because Slovakia was part of Austria-Hungary until 1918.
  Košice 27 September 199330 January 2015System's closure was initially a suspension of service due to major road construction in city center, but it was later decided not to reopen the system. [132]
However, the system reopened on 10 March 2019, with limited passenger service (only on Sundays).[ citation needed ]
Gleislose Bahn Poprád–Ótátrafüred Poprad 2 August 1904August 1906See also Trolejbusová doprava vo Vysokých Tatrách (in Slovak) or Gleislose Bahn Poprád–Ótátrafüred (in German), the German name for the first system, because Slovakia was part of Austria-Hungary until 1918.
  Prešov 13 May 1962  
  Žilina 17 November 1994  


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Ljubljana 6 October 19514 September 1971 
Gleislose Bahn Pirano–Portorose Piran 24 October 190919 July 1912See also Piranski trolejbus (in Slovene) or Gleislose Bahn Pirano–Portorose (in German), the German name for the first system, because Slovenia was part of Austria-Hungary until 1918, the first trolleybus system on the Balkans.


Trolleybus in Castellon de la Plana Trolebus-Castellon-300416.jpg
Trolleybus in Castellón de la Plana


Trolleybus in Landskrona Tradbuss Landskrona.JPG
Trolleybus in Landskrona
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Göteborg /Gothenburg2 October 194014 November 1964 .
  Landskrona 27 September 2003  [133] .
  Stockholm 20 January 194130 August 1964 .
  Västerås 11 November 193819481 km demonstration line .



See Asia section of list, above. Although trolleybuses served the European part of Istanbul, the country's three other trolleybus systems (and a fourth under construction currently) were or are all located in the Asian part of Turkey.


United Kingdom



Adelaide in Australia had a trolleybus system from 1937 to 1963. Adelaide trolleybus number 472 - 1953.jpg
Adelaide in Australia had a trolleybus system from 1937 to 1963.

New South Wales

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
  Sydney:  See also Trolleybuses in Sydney.
 ♦ City22 January 193412 April 1948 
 ♦ Kogarah3 July 193729 August 1959 


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Brisbane City Council Brisbane 2 August 195113 March 1969See also Trolleybuses in Brisbane.

South Australia

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Municipal Tramways Trust Adelaide 2 March 1932

5 September 1937

11 August 1934

12 July 1963


See also Trolleybuses in Adelaide.


Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Hobart City Council; Municipal Tramways Trust Hobart 29 October 193524 November 1968See also Trolleybuses in Hobart
Launceston City Council; Metropolitan Transport Trust Launceston 21 December 195126 July 1968See also Trolleybuses in Launceston, Tasmania.

Western Australia

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Western Australian Government Tramways
(1 October 1933 to June 1960)
Metropolitan (Perth) Passenger Transport Trust
(June 1960 to 29 August 1969)
Perth 1 October 193329 August 1969See also Trolleybuses in Perth.

New Zealand

A trolleybus in Wellington, New Zealand 'Go Wellington'-trolley bus passing in front of Wellington Cenotaph (Oct 2017).jpg
A trolleybus in Wellington, New Zealand
Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Farmers Trading Company Auckland 19 December 1938 Private; absorbed by ATB 1960s
Auckland Transport Board, then Auckland Regional Authority Auckland 24 September 194926 September 1980 
Christchurch Tramway Board Christchurch 5 July 19318 November 1956
New Plymouth City Council New Plymouth 30 October 19507 October 1967
Dunedin City Transport & Electricity Department Dunedin 24 December 195031 March 1982World's southernmost trolleybus system.
Wellington City Council Wellington 29 September 1924
20 June 1949
May 1932
31 October 2017
See also Trolleybuses in Wellington.

United States (territories only, in Oceania)

Hawaii (Territory of)

Name of systemLocationDate (from)Date (to)Notes
Honolulu Rapid Transit Company Limited Honolulu 1936-Demonstration
1 January 193822 June 1957 

See also

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The Shenyang trolleybus electrocution accident happened at 15:50 on 12 August 1998, when a trolley pole fell off the trolley wires and connected onto a 11kV high-voltage cable, resulting in 5 deaths and 9 injuries. This accident had a devastating consequence to trolleybus operation in Shenyang, ultimately resulting in the complete removal of the trolleybus network in Shenyang.


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