List of universities and colleges in Lithuania

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List of universities and colleges in Lithuania is a listing of higher education (third level education) institutions in Lithuania.



There are 23 universities in Lithuania (14 of them are public, 8 are private, and one is a branch of a Polish university):

#English nameLithuanian nameTypeEstablishedLocationStudents
1 Academy of Business and Management*Verslo ir vadybos akademija (VVA)Private2003 Vilnius
2 Aleksandras Stulginskis University Aleksandro Stulginskio universitetasPublic1924 Akademija (Kaunas district)4717 (2016) [1]
3 European Humanities University**Europos Humanitarinis Universitetas (EHU)Private2006 Vilnius 1700
4Faculty of Economics and Informatics of the University of Bialystok*****Balstogės universiteto filialas "Ekonomikos-informatikos fakultetas"Private2007 Vilnius
5 International Business School at Vilnius University Tarptautinė verslo mokykla (TVM)Private1989 Vilnius 1939
6 ISM University of Management and Economics*ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetasPrivate1999 Vilnius 1695
7 Kaunas University of Technology Kauno technologijos universitetas (KTU)Public1922 Kaunas / Panevėžys 10 495 (2015) [2]
8 Kazimieras Simonavičius University Kazimiero Simonavičiaus universitetasPrivate2004 Vilnius 612
9 Klaipėda University Klaipėdos universitetas (KU)Public1991 Klaipėda ~4500 (2015) [3]
10 LCC International University***LCC tarptautinis universitetasPrivate1991 Klaipėda 614
11 Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademijaPublic1919 Vilnius / Kaunas 1026
12 Lithuanian Sports University Lietuvos sporto universitetas (LSU)Public1934 Kaunas 1878 (2016) [4]
13 Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences****Lietuvos edukologijos universitetasPublic1935 Vilnius 4120 (2015) [5]
14 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences****Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universitetasPublic1922 Kaunas 7930 (2015) [6]
15 Mykolas Romeris University Mykolo Romerio universitetasPublic1990 Vilnius / Kaunas 13 070 (2015) [7]
16 Telšiai Bishop Vincentas Borisevičius Priest Seminary Telšių Vyskupo Vincento Borisevičiaus kunigų seminarijaPrivate1926 Telšiai
17 The General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania Lietuvos karo akademija (LKA)Public1992 Vilnius 368
18 Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Vilniaus dailės akademija (VDA)Public1940 Vilnius 1944
19 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas (VGTU)Public1956 Vilnius 10 310 (2015) [8]
20 Vilnius St. Joseph Seminary Vilniaus šv. Juozapo kunigų seminarijaPrivate Vilnius
21 Vilnius University Vilniaus universitetas (VU)Public1579 Vilnius / Kaunas / Šiauliai 20 864 (2016) [9]
22 Vytautas Magnus University*Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas (VDU)Public1922 Kaunas / Vilnius 7709 (2015) [10]

* Study languages: English and Lithuanian;
** Study languages: Belarusian, Russian and English;
*** Study language: English;
**** Study languages: English, Lithuanian and Russian.
***** Study language: Polish.


There are 24 colleges in Lithuania (13 of them are public and 11 are private):

#English nameLithuanian nameTypeEstablishedLocationStudents
As of Oct 1, 2010
1 Alytus College Alytaus kolegijaPublic2000 Alytus 1361
2 International School of Law and Business*Tarptautinė teisės ir verslo aukštoji mokyklaPrivate2001 Vilnius 5415
3 Kaunas College Kauno kolegijaPublic2000 Kaunas / Kėdainiai / Mastaičiai (Kaunas district) / Druskininkai / Tauragė 7941
4 Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering Kauno miškų ir aplinkos inžinerijos kolegijaPublic2002 Girionys (Kaunas district)1064
5Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences Kauno technikos kolegija Public2002 Kaunas 1482
6 Klaipėda Business Higher School Klaipėdos verslo aukštoji mokyklaPrivate2001 Klaipėda
7 Klaipėda State College Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegijaPublic2002 Klaipėda 4380
8 Kolping College Kolpingo kolegijaPrivate2001 Kaunas 468
9 Lithuanian Maritime Academy Lietuvos aukštoji jūreivystės mokyklaPublic2001 Klaipėda 1218
10 Marijampolė College Marijampolės kolegijaPublic2001 Marijampolė 1539
11 North Lithuania College Šiaurės Lietuvos kolegijaPrivate2003 Šiauliai
12 Panevėžys College Panevėžio kolegijaPublic2002 Panevėžys / Rokiškis 2266
13 Social Sciences College*Socialinių mokslų kolegijaPrivate2001 Klaipėda / Telšiai / Vilnius 1880
14 St. Ignatius of Loyola College**Šv. Ignaco Lojolos kolegijaPrivate2011 Garliava (Kaunas district)
15 Šiauliai State College Šiaulių valstybinė kolegijaPublic Šiauliai 2684
16 Utena College Utenos kolegijaPublic2000 Utena 2437
17 Vilnius Business College Vilniaus verslo kolegijaPrivate2001 Vilnius
18 Vilnius College Vilniaus kolegijaPublic2000 Vilnius 8207
19 Vilnius College of Design Vilniaus dizaino kolegijaPrivate2005 Vilnius
20 Vilnius College of Technologies and Design Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolegijaPublic2002 Vilnius 3327
21 Vilnius Co-operative College Vilniaus kooperacijos kolegijaPrivate2000 Vilnius / Kaunas 1504
22 V. A. Graičiūnas Higher School of Management V. A. Graičiūno aukštoji vadybos mokyklaPrivate2004 Kaunas
23 Lithuania Business University of applied sciences Lietuvos verslo kolegijaPrivate2001 Klaipėda / Vilnius
24 Žemaitija College Žemaitijos kolegijaPublic2002 Rietavas / Telšiai / Mažeikiai 1561

* Study languages: English and Lithuanian;
** Study languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian and German.

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Lithuania Country in Europe

Lithuania, officially the Republic of Lithuania, is a country in the Baltic region of Europe. It is one of the Baltic states, and lies on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, to the southeast of Sweden and the east of Denmark, with Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east and south, Poland to the south, and Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia to the southwest. Lithuania covers an area of 65,300 km2 (25,200 sq mi), with a population of 2.7 million. Its capital and largest city is Vilnius; other major cities are Kaunas and Klaipėda. Lithuanians belong to the ethno-linguistic group of the Balts, and speak Lithuanian; one of only two living Baltic languages.

Vilnius Capital of Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and its largest city, with a population of 589,425 as of 2019. The population of Vilnius's functional urban area, which stretches beyond the city limits, is estimated at 706,832, while according to the Vilnius territorial health insurance fund, there were 732,421 permanent inhabitants as of October 2020 in Vilnius city and Vilnius district municipalities combined. Vilnius is in southeastern Lithuania and is the second-largest city in the Baltic states. It is the seat of Lithuania's national government and the Vilnius District Municipality.

Kaunas City in Lithuania

Kaunas is the second-largest city in Lithuania after Vilnius and an important centre of Lithuanian economic, academic, and cultural life. Kaunas was the biggest city and the centre of a county in the Duchy of Trakai of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Trakai Palatinate since 1413. In the Russian Empire, it was the capital of the Kaunas Governorate from 1843 to 1915.

Vilnius University

Vilnius University is a public research university, which is the oldest university in the Baltic states, one of the oldest and most famous in Eastern Europe, preceded only by the universities of Prague, Kraków, Pécs, Budapest, Bratislava and Königsberg. Today it is the largest university in Lithuania.

Vytautas Magnus University

Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) is a public university in Kaunas, Lithuania. The university was founded in 1922 during the interwar period as an alternate national university.


Klaipėda University DSC Žuvėdra is a dancesport formation dance team since 1995 affiliated with Klaipėda University, Klaipėda, Lithuania. It is a 7-time world champion and 9-time European champion. It was founded in 1965 by ballroom dancer Ona Skaistutė Idzelevičienė. She and her husband Romaldas Idzelevičius are the primary trainers.

Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences was a university in Vilnius, Lithuania, which specialized in preparing school teachers and other educators. As of March 2013 it had approximately 8,500 students and 528 members of academic staff.

Klaipėda University

Klaipėda University is a university in the Lithuanian seaport of Klaipėda.

Poles in Lithuania

The Polish minority in Lithuania, estimated at 164,000 people, according to the Lithuanian estimates of 2015, or 5.6% of the total population of Lithuania, is the largest ethnic minority in the country and the second largest Polish diaspora group among the post-Soviet states. Poles are concentrated in the Vilnius Region.

European Humanities University

European Humanities University is a private, non-profit liberal arts university founded in Minsk, Belarus, in 1992. Following its forced closure by the Belarusian authorities in 2004, EHU relocated to Vilnius (Lithuania) and thus continues its operations as a private university.

The first unofficial Lithuanian Chess Championship was held in Kaunas in 1921. The Champion's title was granted after victorious or drawn match between previous champion and challenger, mostly a winner of Championship of Kaunas in the period from 1922 to World War II. The first official Lithuanian championship was held in 1929. The next year, Lithuania joined FIDE, the World Chess Federation.

The first documented school in Lithuania was established in 1387 at Vilnius Cathedral. The school network was influenced by the Christianization of Lithuania. Several types of schools were present in medieval Lithuania – cathedral schools, where pupils were prepared for priesthood; parish schools, offering elementary education; and home schools dedicated to educating the children of the Lithuanian nobility. Before Vilnius University was established in 1579, Lithuanians seeking higher education attended universities in foreign cities, including Kraków, Prague, and Leipzig, among others. During the Interbellum a national university – Vytautas Magnus University was founded in Kaunas.

Saint Petersburg Roman Catholic Theological Academy

The Imperial Roman Catholic Theological Academy was an institution of higher education preparing Roman Catholic theologians in the Russian Empire. The Academy granted master's and doctorate degrees in theology and was designed to prepare officers for senior positions in the Catholic Church hierarchy. It originated at the Vilnius University, but was transferred to Saint Petersburg in the aftermath of the Uprising of 1831. The Tsarist authorities wanted to exercise greater control over the Academy and implement Russification policies. After the October Revolution in 1917, the Academy was moved to Poland where it became the Catholic University of Lublin. A new theological seminary was established in Moscow in 1993; it moved to the premises of the historical Saint Petersburg Academy in 1995.

The Lithuanian Women's Cup is the annual cup competition of women's football teams in Lithuania.

Kražiai College

The Kražiai College was a Jesuit college in Kražiai, Grand Duchy of Lithuania and later Russian Empire. Established in 1616 in hopes to educate new generations of anti-Protestants, the college was one of the major cultural and educational centers in Samogitia. In 1620–1742, it shared premises with the Samogitian Priest Seminary. In 1844, the college was transferred to Kaunas.

Elena Kubiliūnaitė Lithuanian athletics competitor and sports journalist

Elena Kubiliūnaitė-Garbačiauskienė was a Lithuanian athlete, sports journalist, one of the women's sports pioneers in Lithuania. She was one of the first tennis, basketball, athletics organizers and participants. Elena previously held Lithuanian 60 meters running, 200 meters running, long jump, high jump and shot put records.

Jonas Steponavičius was a Lithuanian Roman Catholic priest active in Lithuanian cultural and political life. He was ordained a priest in 1906 and earned Ph.D. in psychology in 1912. He returned to Lithuania and became a priest in the Church of St. Johns, Vilnius. He joined Lithuanian cultural life, becoming the first chairman of the Lithuanian Education Society Rytas which established and maintained Lithuanian-language one-room schools. His attempt at holding Lithuanian-language service at the Church of St. Johns caused Polish protests and he was reassigned to the Dominican Church of the Holy Spirit and later to Semeliškės. During World War I, he served as a military chaplain in the Caucasus Campaign. After returning to Lithuania, he joined the Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party and was elected four times to the Seimas (parliament) from 1920 to the December 1926 coup d'état that brought the regime of Antanas Smetona. He retired from politics and became a school director in Zarasai and a teacher in Utena. In mid-1944, Steponavičius was one of the organizers of the Fatherland Defense Force, a short-lived military unit formed to combat approaching Soviet forces. He retreated to Germany where he died in 1947.

Evaldas Kandratavičius is a Lithuanian professional athletic trainer, who has worked with some of the best professional basketball teams in Europe for multiple years, including: Lithuania men's national basketball team, Lithuania women's national basketball team, CSKA Moscow, Lietuvos rytas Vilnius and many famous Women's National Basketball Association players. He graduated Lithuanian Sports University and successfully defended his dissertation in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. He signed with BC Khimki in the summer of 2019.

Eduards Volters

Eduards Volters (1856–1941) was a linguist, ethnographer, archaeologist who studied the Baltic languages and culture. He was a long-time professor at the Saint Petersburg University (1886–1918) and Vytautas Magnus University (1922–1934).


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